My Flash Funding offers a unique two-step 100k challenge to traders. You’ll need to achieve a 6% profit target and maintain a 4% daily loss limit.

The maximum loss threshold is 8% in the challenge.

There are no limits regarding the trading days.

In the My Flash Funding 100k challenge, all you have to do is accomplish the 6% profit milestone while avoiding crossing the daily loss limit.

Once you have completed the two-step challenge, you no longer need to meet the 6% profit target.

Here’s a more detailed overview of the program:

Account Size100k
Phase 1 Profit Target6%
Drawdown MethodStatic
Trading Days LimitNo Limit
Max. Leverage1:100
Max Total DrawdownYes
Copy TradingYes
Profit to Drawdown Ratio1:067
Weekend HoldingYes

Overview of My Flash Funding Two-step Challenge:

MyFlashFunding presents traders with a choice between two distinctive programs:

  1. Two-Step Evaluation Accounts
  2. One-Step Evaluation Accounts

MyFlashFunding’s evaluation account approach unfolds in two phases, designed to identify steadfast and disciplined traders while offering leverage of up to 1:100. Let’s delve into the specifics of each phase:

Phase One:

In the initial phase of evaluation, traders are tasked with reaching a 6% profit milestone. Crucially, they must do so while rigorously adhering to a 4% daily loss limit or an overarching 8% loss threshold. This phase is characterized by its flexibility; there are no mandatory minimum or maximum trading day requirements. Advancing to the subsequent phase is contingent solely upon achieving the 6% profit objective without exceeding the stipulated daily loss parameters.

Phase Two:

In the second evaluation phase, traders face a similar challenge: achieving a 6% profit target while maintaining strict adherence to the 4% daily loss limit and the overarching 8% loss threshold. Like the first phase, there are no constraints regarding the minimum or maximum number of trading days. Transitioning to the fund accounts entails merely accomplishing the 6% profit milestone while upholding fidelity to the maximum daily loss and maximum loss thresholds.

Successful completion of both evaluation phases leads to the grant of a funded account devoid of profit targets. Traders are now obligated to adhere to a 4% daily loss limit and the overarching 8% loss threshold. The initial payout occurs 30 calendar days after the first position enters the funded account. Subsequently, all payouts follow a weekly schedule. The profit-sharing arrangement consists of an 80% split, with gains realized within your funded account forming the basis for this division.

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