Alpha Capital Group Review

Alpha Capital Group Review

Alpha Capital Group is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

Alpha Capital Group is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

  • Free trial with a highly rated Trustpilot score of 4.6/5
  • Offering a substantial capital allocation of up to $2,000,000
  • Zero commission costs
  • An 80% profit share
  • Bi-weekly payouts
  • Permission for overnight and weekend holdings
  • News trading
  • A scaling account option
  • A professional trading dashboard with 1:100 leverage
  • Restricted trading options include Forex pairs
  • Commodities
  • Indices with lot size limits
  • Minimum average trade duration requirement of 2 minutes

What is Alpha Capital Group?

logo of Alpha Capital Group

Formed on November 2, 2021, Alpha Capital Group’s main office is at 10 Lower Thames Street, Billingsgate, London.

The company is privately owned and has offices in London, UK (EC3R 6AF), which is in England. Alpha Capital Group lets traders get up to $2,000,000 in cash, with 80% of the profits going to the dealers. 

They’re proud of their in-house unique execution brokerage, ACG Markets, which makes sure that their clients have the best trading conditions possible. The site has learning materials, market data, trading strategies, coaching, and special technology to help traders become funded. 

FX pairs, commodities, and indices are all things that traders can do. Traders with accounts up to $200,000 can get an 80% return split.

Alpha Capital Group Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

When looking for prop firms that fit the forex trading style, it’s important to see if their trade requirements are realistic. A business may offer a good profit split for a well-funded account, but it might be hard to be successful if it needs to make big monthly profits while keeping losses to a minimum.

Getting money from Alpha Capital Group is a very practical choice, especially because its Evaluation program accounts for it. The chances of getting funds are good because the profit goals aren’t too high 8% in phase one and 5% in phase two and the rules for the biggest losses are fair: 5% per day and a total of 10%.

Alpha Capital Group gives many ways to get money, such as five different account sizes with different trade goals and reward standards.

Which brokers does Alpha Capital Group use?

ACG Markets is the trade server that Alpha Capital Group uses. They are a brokerage that is completely owned by Alpha Capital Group and focuses on making investing very easy.

Traders can get the following from ACG Markets:

  • Trading Experience in a Business Setting
  • Prime Liquidity Very Little Latency
  • The target execution time is less than 30 milliseconds.
  • The raw spreads start at 0.1. 
  • Traders can trade Forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

Alpha Capital Group lets people trade on both MetaTrader 5 and cTrader.

Alpha Capital Group Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Alpha Capital Group gives traders a choice of five different account sizes for their review programs.

Evaluation Program Accounts

Alpha Pro Phase 1 Phase 2 Funded 
Max Trading Days Unlimited Unlimited N/A
Profit Target  $16,000 (8%)10,000 (5%)N/A
Profit ShareN/AN/A80%
Max Drawdown $20,000(10%)$20,000(10%)$20,000(10%)
Max Daily Drawdown $10,000(5%)$10,000(5%)$10,000(5%)
Max Capita Growth $2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Minimum Trading Days 3 Days3 Days5 Days
0% Commission YesYesYes
Trade Through News YesYesYes
Hold Over The Weekend YesYesYes
Fee Fully Refunded N/AN/AYes

Beta Capital Group’s assessment program account is meant to find skilled and dedicated traders who will be rewarded for their consistent performance during the two-phase evaluation time. A leverage ratio of 1:100 is allowed for dealing with the evaluation program account.

Account Size Assets 

Traders must make a profit of at least 8% during the first round of the evaluation while also making sure that their daily losses do not go over 5% or their total losses do not go over 10%. There are no specific requirements for trading every day, but traders must trade for at least three days in a row before they can move on to step two.

In phase two, traders need to make a 5% profit and can’t lose more than 5% per day or 10% total. There are no special requirements for trading every day. But traders should have at least three trade days in a row before they can move on to a funded account.

After all the steps of the evaluation process are done, traders are given a loaded account with no profit goals. But they have to strictly follow the rules that say they can only lose 5% per day and 10% total. 

There is a 14-day wait between the first position being put and the first payment being made. If traders agree, then the firm will be charged every two weeks, on the 14th and 28th of each month. The 80% earnings split is based on the account that was funded.

Evaluation Program Account Scaling Plan

When a trader’s account goes up by 10%, the assessment tool has a scaling feature that can be used. Traders will be able to scale up by 10% of the amount in their paid account. 

Most importantly, traders can take out all of their profits from a funded account while still making it bigger. This way, they don’t have to give up profits to make their account amount bigger.

In program accounts, traders can use FX pairs, commodities, and indices as trading tools.

Evaluation Program Account Rules

  • Profit target: It is the exact amount of profit that needs to be made to finish an evaluation process, take out profits, or grow an account. The profit goal for phase one is 8%, the profit goal for phase two is 5%, and there are no profit goals for sponsored accounts. 
  • Maximum daily loss: This number shows the biggest daily loss that can happen before the account is breached. No matter how big or small their account is, they can only lose 5% per day. The maximum loss is the biggest loss that can happen to any account, which is set at 10% for all account types.
  • Minimum trading days: This tells traders how many trading days they have to go before they can finish an evaluation phase or ask for a refund. For both steps, they need at least three trading days. Funded accounts, on the other hand, don’t need to trade every day. 
  • Lot size limits: These limits are based on the trader’s original account balance and keep them to certain lot sizes for different trading instruments. 
  • No martingale allowed: Traders are not allowed to use martingale tactics because of the policy. 
  • Average trade duration: Traders are required by rule to hold deals for a set amount of time, which is two minutes. 
  • Third-party copy trading risk: It says that if traders use copy trading services and go over the maximum capital allocation rule, their account or withdrawal could be denied. 
  • Third-party EA risk: This shows the same risk that traders face when they use external EAs with the same trading methods. This risk could lead to the rejection of a funded account or withdrawal.

Alpha Capital Group Proof of Payment:

Alpha Capital Group was set up on November 2, 2021. Traders will get rewards every two weeks as soon as they get funded, and there are no minimum profit requirements. Every month on the 14th and 28th, traders can ask for a withdrawal in particular. There are two cases of payout verification below for everyone to see:



Alpha Capital Group Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Trading Commission

Assets Fee Terms 
Forex 0 USD/LOT
Commodities 0 USD/LOT 
Indices 0 USD/LOT 

Education & Support for traders

Alpha Capital Group is going to help traders reach their full potential by giving them training courses and strategies. Interested people can join a school called Alpha Academy. 

In addition, they have several Automated Trading Systems that are made just for their users. On Forex Factory, there is a thread where people can talk about Alpha Capital Group and what it does. 

Unfortunately, Alpha Capital Group does not have a thread on Forex Factory. Instead, they are talked about in a thread by MasterrMind called “PROP FIRM HUB.” This thread talks about them several times.

Additionally, this prop firm stands out by offering a rare opportunity for a free trial before engaging in the evaluation challenge. This allows traders to adequately prepare themselves and minimize the likelihood of errors when they eventually opt to purchase the challenge.

They offer a meticulously organized dashboard that is accessible to all their clients, facilitating the management of risk by their statistical goals.

What Makes Alpha Capital Group Unique? 

Alpha Capital Group is different from other well-known prop firms because it offers five two-step review account sizes with clear rules. The profit goals for each part of these accounts are very low, and traders are free to trade on news, hold positions overnight, and trade on weekends.

Alpha Capital Group’s review program is split into two parts. In the first part, traders must meet profit goals of 8%, and in the second part, they must meet profit goals of 5%. Besides that, the highest daily loss and maximum loss limits are set at 5% and 10%, respectively. 

Before either party can be funded, there must be at least three trading days. The program also has an expansion plan. Alpha Capital Group is different from other top prop firms because it has clear trade goals, profit targets, and rules that everyone can understand.

If traders want to get a better idea, they should look at the differences between Alpha Capital Group and E8 Funding.

Training ObjectivesAlpha Capital Group E8 Funding (Normal)
Phase 1 Profit Target8%8%
Phase 2 Profit Target5%5%
Maximum Daily Loss5%5%
Maximum Loss10%8% (Scaleable to 14%)
Minimum Trading Days3 Calendar DaysNo Minimum Trading Days
Maximum Trading PeriodPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: UnlimitedPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split80%80%

Alpha Capital Group Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


Alpha Capital Group has a rate of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, which means that customers are very happy with them. Comes with 771 customer reviews.

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#1. Omar Boozea said that the best transactions have constant price cuts, an easy-to-use website, and a high level of dependability. Expressions of gratitude. It shows that the company cares about skilled traders and their interests, not just making sales, by giving them free accounts with money already in them. He wants to have the same experience again. He’s also grateful and thanks again.


#2. Abdul Majeed says that Alpha Capital is a prop company that is becoming more well-known right now. They offer better business conditions for trading than any other company in the same line of work. He trades indices a lot, and the prop company he works for gives him the best leverage on indices in the business, at 1:100. In addition, their spreads work well together.

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#3. Buzer Shaikh said that this prop company is good, but there are some problems with how it pays out. The company only accepts funds through Rise and Wise and bank wire transfers. But keep in mind that these ways of paying aren’t available in all places. It can also take up to four days for bank wire withdrawals to get to their account. 

The company also pays out every two weeks, so it takes a total of 14 days for the money to be sent out. Taking into account the four-day delay in the bank wire payment, the total time needed to receive the payout is 18 days. 

Another problem is that they don’t offer cryptocurrency rewards, even though most prop companies do now. In general, the experience was good, but the payment options for payouts could be better.

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#4. Tom Benjamin said that Alpha Capital is a trustworthy company that has confirmed its dependability by processing payouts successfully. Nevertheless, he did bring up one problem that needs our attention: the automation process needs to be made better. It’s specifically what he wants: once Phase 1 is finished, an automatic email should be sent to make setting up Phase 2 easier. 

After making a payment, a person needs to email the team to get their account reset. It’s pretty upsetting to think that the account hasn’t been reset in five days after the exit. The next withdrawal is planned for five business days from now, which makes the scenario even scarier. So, because of this delay, one person has been denied five days of trade. 

It’s time for the company to deal with this problem and make its automation process better. Thanks a lot. Further, he would like to praise their satisfactory payout and general performance. Thank you for your efforts. Thanks a lot. To keep customers from being upset, the company needs to put a high priority on developing computer systems.

Alpha Capital Group complaints

#5. At first, James Crossley had a great experience with Alpha Capital Group, but lately, it has been much worse. During the five days he gave them, he told them to test his Expert Advisor (EA) on a demo account. He did this perfectly. After a close look at the data, it was decided that he did not break any rules. 

That being said, he was told that he couldn’t use it. When he asked ACG exactly why no one had replied, they denied all knowledge. There is no reason to impose restrictions on the EA.

Alpha Capital Group reviews on Trustpilot 2

#6. Mollen Kaigongi said that he was known as account 1313571. People should be able to send screenshots to Trust Pilot as proof that these kinds of companies exist. Having just started working for the company, he is having technical issues with his MT5. 

He sent emails with pictures of what was on his computer screen, and even though their brokers’ names and affiliations could be seen at the top, they were still rude enough to say that he was using a different broker. He doesn’t think the customer service team can understand and handle the problems they’re dealing with. 

No sane person would answer such questions by asking for the same details. This is annoying. The company also didn’t give them a phone.

The thirteenth email will likely have good news or comments. He might come back and change his grade.

Alpha Capital Group reviews on Trustpilot

Alpha Capital Group Customer Support: 

Alpha Capital Group knows how important it is to be accessible and involved in the trading business. Its strong presence on many social media platforms is proof of this.

Alpha Capital Group can be reached and found in several ways, including

I. Twitter:

27.6K people follow Alpha Capital Group on Twitter, making it a group. This site gives people a place to get updates, and news, and talk to other traders in real-time. Traders, Those who follow Alpha Capital Group’s Twitter account can stay up to date on the latest news and interact with other people who share their interests.

Alpha Capital Group reviews on X

II. YouTube:

Alpha Capital Group has a YouTube account with 5.37k subscribers that is both educational and fun to watch. This channel has seven movies that have been made public, making it a great resource for traders of all levels. 

Alpha Capital Group reviews on YouTube

III. FAQs Page and Support:

  • Alpha Capital Group’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) page has a lot of rules and information about its own trading company and funding program.
  • If buyers have any more questions, they can talk to their live chat support team on their website. Their customer service team is very reliable and can help them with any problem.
  • Social media pages for the company and email addresses for the customer service team can be found at
  • Finally, they can talk to their support team through their Discord channel, which is also a place where they can talk to other people in their group.


This article makes it clear that Alpha Capital Group is a real private trading company that gives traders the choice of five different two-step evaluation account sizes, each with clear and simple trading rules.

Alpha Capital Group’s evaluation programs include a two-part challenge that traders must finish to get money and be eligible for profit sharing. 

It is thought that the profit goals of 8% in phase one and 5% in phase two can be reached, especially since limits have been put in place that limit daily losses to 5% and total losses to 10%. 

These review programs give traders the chance to get an 80% share of the profits, and they can also choose to make their accounts bigger.

The author advises that people who are looking for a proprietary trading firm with clear trading rules think about Alpha Capital Group. Alpha Capital Group is a new company, but it already has good terms for a lot of traders with different ways of dealing. 

Due to the wide range of services it offers, Alpha Capital Group is one of the best private trading firms in the business.

Alpha Capital Group Review Details

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Account size up to:
Profit Split Up to 80%
*Choose your account type and start trading

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