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Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $240,000 in funding to traders.

Is Audacity Capital a legit forex prop firm? What is their discount code and evaluation program? Read Audacity Capital reviews to learn more.

  • Outstanding Trustpilot rating: 4.6/5
  • Access to capital up to $500,000
  • Unlimited Trading Period for the Ability Challenge
  • Profit split ranging from 75% to 85% on the Ability Challenge
  • Flexible scaling plan with no time constraints
  • Overnight holding permitted (Monday-Friday)
  • Fixed absolute drawdown set at 10</li
  • Comprehensive trading guides provided
  • Overnight Trading
  • Achieving a 10% profit target doubles the account and enables withdrawal requests
  • No provision for a free trial period
  • Restrictions on weekend holding and initiation of new trades
  • Profit split fixed at 50% for the Funded Trader Program
  • Incurrence of monthly platform fees

What is Audacity Capital?

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Audacity Capital is a privately owned trading firm that was founded in 2012 and formally registered on January 28, 2014. The organization is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and offers traders a distinctive option to utilize a maximum of $2,000,000 in money. 

The company collaborates with a top-tier liquidity provider & operates through a broker that provides excellent replicated real market trading circumstances, including narrow spreads.

Audacity Capital’s main objective is to empower traders to attain success in their professional endeavors. Traders are offered the chance to trade with a significant amount of up to $2,000,000, enabling them to potentially earn higher profits. 

To secure funding, traders must effectively negotiate Audacity Capital’s unique three-step assessment phase or complete a two-step evaluation challenge, which distinguishes it from conventional proprietary company tasks.

Upon meeting the criteria and completing the review process, traders are eligible for substantial incentives. The profit percentages vary between 50% and 85% based on the selected funding program. Audacity Capital’s dedication to fostering and incentivizing traders’ achievements is exemplified by its distinctive methodology.

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Audacity Capital Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements

Audacity Capital provides traders with a selection of two distinct funding schemes to select consisting of:

  • Funded Trader Program 
  • Ability Challenge

Funded Trader Program account

First Stage Second Stage Third Stage Fourth Stage Fifth Stage Sixth Stage 
Account Size $15,000$30,000$60,000$120,000$240,000$480,000
Lot Size 0.5124816
Drawdown 10%10%10%10%10%10%
Target 10% Target- $1,50010% Target- $3,00010% Target- $6,00010% Target- $12,00010% Target- $24,00010% Target- $48,000
Tradable Assets Forex Forex Forex, Indices & Commodities  Forex, Indices & Commodities  Forex, Indices & Commodities  Forex, Indices & Commodities  
Weekend Positions Available on request Available on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on request
News Events No No No No No No 
Time Restrictions Not ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Audacity Capital provides a distinctive program for traders, known as the sponsored trader program, which offers an excellent chance. The program consists of a three-step evaluation process that enables participants to actively participate in trading with a leverage ratio of 1:5.

To participate in the funded trader program, it is necessary to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that entails inquiries regarding the trading expertise and approach. Upon submission of the application, anyone will proceed to the subsequent stage, which entails a customized interview. 

If anyone is located in London, then they have the option to participate in an in-person interview on their trading floor. Nevertheless, if they are situated outside of London, a telephonic interview will be undertaken to get further information about their trading expertise.

The concluding stage of the funded trader program entails expeditious dissemination of the outcomes within a 24-hour timeframe after approval. Once approved, a contract will be dispatched to finalize the paperwork. 

Simultaneously, anyone will receive account credentials, funds will be allotted to their trading account, and they will be prepared to commence trading. To begin this process, they will need to pay a one-time membership charge of £298, as well as a monthly fee of £99.

After completing all three procedures, which include handling documentation and settling the relevant fees, they will be granted access to trade with a $15,000 account. Traders enjoy the advantage of not having any limits on the minimum or maximum number of trades they may make in a day, as long as they adhere to the rule of not exceeding a 10% loss.

Upon achieving the 10% profit goal, profits can be taken out, and they will be divided equally, with a 50% share based on the earnings generated in the funded account. This complete strategy equips traders with a distinct framework to actively engage in trading, effectively handle risk, and attain positive results.

Audacity Capital funded trader programme

Funded Trader Program Account Scaling Plan

The funded trader program account incorporates a scaling plan. To reach the 10% profit target, everyone needs to attain a level of profitability that allows them to withdraw their portion of the profits and double their account balance.

Account Stage Account Size 
First Stage $15,000
Second Stage $30,000
Third Stage $60,000
Fourth Stage $120,000
Fifth Stage $240,000
Sixth Stage $480,000

The forex pairs are the trading instruments used in the sponsored trader scheme. Once anyone has increased their account balance to $120,000, they will have the opportunity to seek authorization for trading in commodities as well as indices.

Funded Trader Program Account Rules

  1. Profit Target: A predetermined percentage of profit that traders must reach before progressing to the assessment phase, making profit withdrawals, or expanding the size of their account. To be eligible for scaling and withdrawal requests, all traders must achieve a profit target of 10%.
  1. Maximum Loss: It refers to the upper limit of acceptable overall loss that a trader can experience without breaking the rules of their account. The maximum potential loss is limited to 10%, guaranteeing effective risk management within predetermined limits.
  1. Lot Size Limit: Traders must comply with predetermined lot sizes for specific trading instruments. The determination of lot sizes is often based on the starting account balance of the proprietary company account.
  1. No News trading: Traders are forbidden from carrying out trades during periods of high-impact news releases. Stringently implemented to reduce risks linked to unpredictable market situations during major news occurrences.
  1. No Weekend holding: It is prohibited for traders, meaning they are not allowed to have open positions during weekends. Although weekend holding is normally prohibited, exceptions might be made upon request.

Ability Challenge Accounts

Challenge Verifications Live Account 
Period Unlimited Unlimited 
Minimum Trading Time 4 Days 4 Days 4 Days 
Maximum Dally D.D 7.5%5%5%
Maximum Absolute D.D15%10%10%
Target 10%10%
Profit Share Upto 85%

Audacity Capital’s ability challenge account is designed to find traders who demonstrate solid and disciplined trading strategies. These traders are awarded based on their performance during the two-phase evaluation period. The capacity for challenge offers the opportunity to engage in trading with a leverage ratio of 1:100.

Account Size Price 

In the first part of the ability challenge, traders must achieve a profit objective of 10% without exceeding their maximum daily loss limit of 7.5% or the maximum loss limit of 15%. 

To advance to phase two on their ability challenge account, individuals must engage in trading for a minimum of four consecutive calendar days and achieve their profit target within an unrestricted trading period.

In the second part of the ability challenge, traders must achieve a profit objective of 10% without exceeding their daily loss limit of 5% or the overall loss limit of 10%. To advance to funded status on their ability challenge account, customers must engage in trading for a least 4 consecutive calendar days and achieve their profit target within an unrestricted trading session.

Upon completing both phases of the ability challenge, participants are granted a funded account that does not need them to meet any profit targets. They are obligated solely to adhere to the regulations of a 5% cap on daily losses and a 10% limit on overall losses. 

The initial payment will be sent 30 days after the individual open their first position on their funded account. To comply with the current regulations, it is necessary to engage in trading for a minimum of 4 consecutive calendar days, using constant lot sizes. Their profit allocation will be 75% of the profit generated from their financed account. 

However, if they manage to get a minimum of 10% profit throughout a one-month trading term, their profit share will be elevated to 85% just for that particular trading month.

Ability challenge Account Scaling Plan

The ability to challenge accounts also possesses a scaling strategy. Traders can increase the size of their accounts every three months, with a maximum limit of $2,000,000. 

To accomplish this, it is necessary to attain a monthly profit of over 2.5% and ensure that the trader has received at least one payout.

The trading products available for challenging accounts include currency pairings, commodities, along indices.

Ability Challenge Account Rules

Profit target: It is a predetermined percentage of profit that a trader must achieve to successfully finish an evaluation phase, extract earnings, or increase the size of their account. The profit target for phase one is set at 10%, whilst for phase two it is set at 5%. Funded accounts do not have predetermined profit objectives.

Maximum Daily Loss: It refers to the most amount of money a trader can lose in a single day without violating the account’s limits. In phase one, the maximum daily loss restriction is set at 7.5%. In phase two, it is reduced to 5%. Furthermore, a 5% maximum daily loss limit applies to their funded account.

Maximum Loss: The most amount of financial loss that a trader can experience before their account is breached. The loss threshold is capped at 15% during phase one, 10% during phase two, and 10% for their funded account.

Minimum Trading Days: The shortest duration during which they must engage in trading activities before they are eligible to conclude an assessment phase or make a withdrawal. Both the ability challenge phases and the funded account require a minimum of 4 trading days.

No News trading: This refers to the restriction imposed on traders, preventing them from engaging in trading activities during periods of significant news releases. News trading is only permitted during the two ability challenge phases.

Weekend holding: This refers to the prohibition of traders from maintaining open positions over the weekends. Please be aware that weekend holding might be arranged upon request. Individuals are only allowed to maintain positions over the weekend throughout both ability challenge phases.

The Consistency Rule: It mandates that traders maintain uniform position sizes, implement effective risk management strategies, and manage both losses and gains consistently. Implying that the attributes of the account outcomes should not exhibit significant variations.

NOTE– It is important to be aware that Audacity Capital’s Funded Trader Program, which consists of a three-phase evaluation, and the Ability Challenge, which involves a two-step challenge, both have their dedicated website.

Audacity Capital Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

When assessing proprietary trading firms to match the forex trading style, it is essential to evaluate the feasibility of their trading needs. Although a company may provide an attractive profit split percentage for a well-funded account, the appeal disappears when they require high monthly percentage increases and impose low maximum drawdown percentages. This significantly reduces the chances of achieving success.

The attainment of capital through Audacity Capital’s Funded Trader Program is highly feasible, particularly for seasoned traders. Merely showcasing the past performance and trading approach during an interview increases the likelihood of obtaining clearance and funding without encountering more obstacles.

Similarly, acquiring funding through the Ability Challenge is a feasible opportunity, considering its adherence to established standards in the sector. The program includes profit targets that are considered to be within the average range (10% in Phase One and 5% in Phase Two), along with restrictions that set the maximum allowable loss at levels higher than the average (Phase 1: maximum daily loss of 7.5% and maximum loss of 15%; Phase 2: maximum daily loss of 5% and maximum loss of 10%).

Considering these reasons, Audacity Capital stands out as an exceptional finance option. Audacity Capital’s attractiveness as a preferred choice for traders is highlighted by the presence of two separate financing programs, each with achievable trading goals and payoff criteria.

Audacity Capital does not engage in trading with mainstream broker brands. The company has formed a partnership with a very reputable liquidity provider, who offers the most accurate and realistic trading circumstances in the market. This supplier also offers competitive spreads.

Audacity Capital Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Regarding trading platforms, one has the option to engage in trading activities using MetaTrader 4.

Trading Fees 

Assets Fees Terms 
Forex5 USD/LOT 
Commodities 5 USD/LOT 
Indices 5 USD/LOT 

Audacity Capital Proof of Payment:

Audacity Capital was established in 2012 and officially registered on January 28, 2014.

Payment proof is predominantly showcased on their Youtube channel, featuring interviews with successful traders.

Audacity Capital Customer Support: 

Audacity Capital is present on other social media platforms.

They possess a:

  • Facebook page with 6.7 thousand followers and 6.2K likes. 
  • Twitter profile with a following of 2,794 individuals.
  • LinkedIn profile with a substantial following of 4,332 individuals and around 200 to 500 employees working in the organization. 
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  • Instagram account has 10,600 followers.
  • The Youtube channel has amassed 6.19K subscribers and has released a total of 778 videos.
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  • FAQs

Audacity Capital provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that may provide the information anyone can look for.

The support team can be reached through their social media channels, or anyone can contact them immediately by filing an inquiry on their official website via the provided link. 

To establish direct contact, people may utilize email and reach out to them at

An alternative method of contacting them is through telephone communication using the following number: +44 20 8050 1985.

What Makes Audacity Capital Unique? 

Audacity Capital distinguishes itself from other prominent proprietary firms by offering two separate funding programs: the Funded Trader Program & the Ability Challenge account. Their regulations are intentionally crafted to be easily understood and have few limitations for dealers to traverse.

Audacity Capital distinguishes itself from traditional proprietary trading businesses by offering a distinctive Funded Trader Program. This program involves a comprehensive three-step assessment procedure, which includes a pivotal interview to examine the trader’s eligibility for overseeing the firm’s capital. 

The program has established a profit target of 10%, which allows traders to make requests for withdrawals and could see their account balances double.

The Audacity Capital Ability Challenge is a thorough assessment program consisting of two phases. Completion of all phases is required to be eligible for payments. During the initial phase, a profit objective of 10% is set, along with limitations that limit daily losses to a maximum of 7.5% and overall losses to a maximum of 15%. 

Phase two adheres to a 5% profit objective, with a maximum daily limit of 5% and a maximum loss limit of 10%. Traders must participate in at least four consecutive trading days in every stage to be eligible for funding. 

The Ability Challenge has a scaling strategy that sets profit targets along with minimum trading days in line with the marketplace, making it comparable with other top proprietary enterprises.

Audacity Capital Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


Audacity Capital has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on reviews from 1,129 consumers. They have obtained verification as a company on Trustpilot. The company is thriving on this platform.

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#1. Saad Salman expressed his enthusiasm in sharing his great experience with Mr. Rahat, who served as his FX instructor. Mr. Rahat’s proficiency and captivating instructional approach have played a crucial role in facilitating his comprehension of intricate ideas effortlessly. 

He has consistently exhibited a high degree of demonstrativeness in elucidating concepts and applying them in real-time trading scenarios. He consistently demonstrates a great level of accommodation in addressing his inquiries by providing thorough explanations and additional instruction. He strongly suggest Mr. Rahat to anyone who is enthusiastic about learning and trading forex.

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#2. According to Tayo’s explanation, he expressed his contentment and stated that he can now engage in immediate capital trading effortlessly, giving him an advantage over other proprietary firms.


The author of the previous review about Audacity Capital has been contacted by the company. They engaged in a productive conversation and addressed the issue of allegedly withheld information. As a result, the author is now satisfied and recommends Audacity Capital. It is advised that potential customers seek clarification on any unclear aspects before making a purchase.

He is pleased that they may now engage in quick capital trading without difficulty, giving them an advantage over other proprietary firms.

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#3. Nathan expressed his opinion that the organization is futile. Furthermore, he spent his entire day idling with this company and deposited funds into his account, just to discover that they provide a limited range of trading pairs. Their philosophy is heavily centered around dictating what should be traded, rather than catering to the preferences of traders. 

Their approach can be summarized as “take it or leave it”. Fortunately, they promptly reimbursed his funds as soon as he recognized that he was not in agreement with their stance. Ultimately, he opted to join their rival company.

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#4. According to the testimony of a customer named Uni Verse, swing traders tend to avoid. It is highly unlikely for anyone to generate any income due to the unfavorable corporate policy that intentionally hinders their trading activities by closing over the weekend. 

When the economic calendar indicates that a position should be closed, it is done regardless of anyone’s plan. Engage in financial transactions using personal funds. An account with a balance of 1k will consistently provide greater results each week, as the user can withdraw a profit of 1k from their account. This implies a 100% return on investment every week. 

However, despite these gains, the user has not been successful in making 15k due to a fraudulent system. Furthermore, there are attempts to suppress the user’s negative review, since most of the positive reviews are paid and phony. Mathew is a impolite individual who may be reached via Whatzaqq to engage in bullying behavior.

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Audacity Capital is a respected proprietary trading organization that offers traders the chance to receive live funding based on their proven track record performances. Upon acceptance and funding, traders are required to pay a one-time fee as well as a monthly platform fee to operate with a capital of $15,000. The company employs two assessment methods – the Funded Trader Program & the Ability Challenge.

The Funded Trader Program entails a three-step evaluation process, which encompasses an interview to evaluate the trader’s eligibility for overseeing the firm’s capital. 

The profit objective is established at 10%, and traders have the option to make withdrawal requests, potentially multiplying their accounts and attaining a maximum amount of $480,000.

The Ability Challenge consists of a two-phase evaluation process, which traders must successfully pass to get financed and qualify for profit splits. During phase one, traders must attain a profit objective of 10%, while in phase two, they must attain a profit objective of 5%. 

By participating in assessment programs, traders have the opportunity to receive profit splits that range from 75% to 85%. Additionally, they can increase the size of their accounts up to a maximum balance of $2,000,000.

To summarize, Audacity Capital is a reputable and long-standing proprietary firm with explicit and minimum restrictions. It is advisable for individuals looking for a wide range of services and stands out as one of the top proprietary trading companies in the field.

Visit Audacity Capital today and get funding for your prop account.

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