Blue Guardian Review

Blue Guardian Review

Blue Guardian is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

Blue Guardian is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

  • Excellent Trustpilot Rating of 4.7/5
  • Three Distinctive Finance Initiatives
  • Dashboard for Professional Traders
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Scaling Plan
  • Guardian Protection Function
  • Bi-weekly Payouts
  • News Trading Allowed
  • Maximum Daily Drawdown Based on Equity
  • Maximum Initial Drawdown of 8% for Infinite Guardian
  • Following Destroy on Rapid Guardian

What is Blue Guardian?

logo of Blue Guardian

Blue Guardian, a proprietary trading organization founded in June 2019 & publicly listed in September 2021, provides traders with the chance to trade with a maximum capital of $2,000,000, offering an 85% profit share. 

Iconic Exchange Limited, also known as Blue Guardian, is headquartered in Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They have partnered with Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles as its brokers.

Blue Guardian prop firm

Blue Guardian prioritizes the achievement of traders by highlighting the significance of discipline, risk management, and consistent long-term performance among its clientele. Traders can handle account sizes of up to $200,000 and receive 85% of the profits while participating in trading activities across diverse markets such as FX pairs, commodities, indices, & cryptocurrencies. 

The company’s dedication to promoting controlled trading and providing significant profit-sharing prospects establishes it as a prominent participant in the field of proprietary trading.

Blue Guardian Discount Code: C41752

Sean Baiton (Chief Executive Officer) at Blue Guardian 

Sean Baiton presents as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blue Guardian, emphasizing his vast experience and specialized knowledge in the area of proprietary trading enterprises. Sean Baiton’s extensive trading experience lends him an in-depth understanding of the sector, which he brings to Blue Guardian. 

Under his guidance, a wide range of services were offered, including signal provision and the utilization of sophisticated methods like machine learning and quantitative analysis to create trading bots.

Sean Baiton’s position as CEO encompasses more than just his trading skills; he plays a crucial role in formulating and implementing Blue Guardian’s strategic vision and purpose. The individual’s leadership plays a crucial role in developing and executing the company’s objectives, both in the immediate and distant future. 

Sean’s contribution to Blue Guardian highlights his crucial role in the company’s expansion, underlining his dedication to guiding the firm towards success in the competitive field of proprietary trading.

Blue Guardian Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Blue Guardian provides traders with a selection of three funding program accounts to pick from:

  1. Unlimited Guardian Evaluation
  2. Elite Guardian Evaluation
  3. Rapid Guardian Evaluation

Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program Accounts

$200,000 Balance Phase 1 Phase 2 Guardian Trader 
Trading PeriodUnlimited Unlimited Indefinite 
Minimum Trading Days 0-days 0-days 
Profit Targets $16,000(8%)$8,000(4%)
Maximum Loss $16,000(8%)$16,000(8%)$16,000(8%)
Maximum Daily Loss $8,000(4%)$8,000(4%)$8,000(4%)
Account Leverage 1:100 Maximum Leverage  1:100 Maximum Leverage  1:100 Maximum Leverage  
Profit Split 85%85%85%
Refundable Fee$947Free Refund 

The objective of Blue Guardian’s limitless guardian assessment program account is to find skilled and dedicated traders who are rewarded for their consistent performance during the two-phase evaluation period. The basic guardian evaluation program account enables trading with a leverage ratio of 1:100.

Account SizePrice

The first phase of the evaluation requires meeting an 8% profit objective while following the 4% limit on daily losses and the 8% limit on overall losses. There are no specific restrictions for the minimum or maximum number of trading days. To advance to phase two, one must achieve the identical 8% profit objective while adhering to the prescribed constraints on losses.

During the succeeding phase two review, traders strive to achieve a profit target of 4%, while adhering to the regulations of a maximum daily loss of 4% and a maximum overall loss of 8%. Additionally, there are no limitations on the number of trading days. To transition to a funded state, it is essential to meet the 4% profit target while staying under the prescribed maximum daily and maximum loss restrictions.

After completing all assessment rounds, traders are rewarded with a funded account that does not have any profit targets. The only condition is that they must follow the regulations of a maximum daily loss of 4% and a maximum loss of 8%. The first payout is made 14 days after opening the funded account, with a profit split of 85% based on the earned profit.

Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program Account Scaling Plan

Guardian evaluation program accounts with unlimited access also have a scalability strategy. Traders must achieve a profit goal of at least 12% within a three-month timeframe, with two out of the three months being profitable. They will be granted a 30% increase in the account balance.

After 3 months, if the trader possesses an account with a balance of $200,000, the balance on the account will experience an increment and reach a total of $260,000.

Within the next three months, the balance of $260,000 will rise to $320,000.

Following the next three months, the balance of $320,000 will rise to $380,000.

Furthermore, the trading instruments available for the limitless guardian assessment program accounts include currency pairings, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program Account Rules

The fundamental principles of trading prerequisites and the accompanying hazards.

  • Profit Target: It refers to a predetermined percentage of profit that traders need to attain to successfully finish an evaluation phase, withdraw their earnings, or expand the size of their account. Phase 1 necessitates achieving an 8% profit objective, whereas phase 2 entails reaching a 4% profit objective. Funded accounts, however, do not have any profit objectives.
  • Maximum Daily Loss: It refers to the highest permissible amount of loss that can occur in a single day before an account is deemed to be in violation. The maximum daily loss is capped at 4% for accounts of all sizes.
  • Maximum Loss: It refers to the highest total loss that can be incurred before the account is deemed to be in violation. Every account, regardless of its size, has a maximum loss restriction of 8%.
  • Third-Party Copy Trading Risk: Traders who utilize third-party copy trading services should exercise caution, as adopting the same trading strategy as others may result in the rejection of a funded account or withdrawal if the maximum capital allocation regulation is violated.
  • Third-Party EA Risk: Traders who use third-party Expert Advisors (EAs) are exposed to a risk known as Third-Party EA Risk. This risk arises when multiple traders apply the same trading methods using the same EA. If the maximum capital allocation regulation is surpassed, it may lead to the disapproval of a funded account or withdrawal.

Elite Guardian Evaluation Program Accounts

$200,000 Balance Phase 1 Phase 2 Guardian Trader 
Trading PeriodUnlimited Unlimited Indefinite 
Minimum Trading Days 5-days 5-days 
Profit Targets $16,000(8%)$8,000(4%)
Maximum Loss $20,000(10%)$20,000(10%)$20,000(10%)
Maximum Daily Loss $8,000(4%)$8,000(4%)$8,000(4%)
Account Leverage 1:50 Maximum Leverage  1:50 Maximum Leverage  1:50 Maximum Leverage  
Profit Split 85%85%85%
Refundable Fee$1090Free Refund 

Blue Guardian’s Elite Guardian Evaluation Program seeks to recognize skilled and disciplined traders, rewarding them for their consistent performance across a comprehensive two-phase evaluation period. Additionally, the Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program account offers traders the opportunity to engage with 1:50 leverage.

Account SizePrice

To move to the next phase of evaluation for trading, the trader must meet certain criteria. During phase one, they need to make a profit of 8%, while not exceeding their maximum daily loss of 4% or maximum loss of 10%. Traders are not limited by the number of trading days, but they must trade for at least five days to proceed to phase two. 

In phase two, they must reach a profit target of 4%, while not exceeding their maximum daily loss of 4% or maximum loss of 10%. Again, there is no maximum limit on the number of trading days, but they must trade for at least five days to move to the funded account. Once they complete both evaluation phases, they will be awarded a funded account with no profit targets. 

They will only be required to follow the maximum daily loss of 4% and maximum loss of 10% rules. Their first payout will be 14 calendar days after they place their first position on the funded account. The profit split will be 85%, based on the profit they make on the funded account.

Rapid Guardian Evaluation Program Accounts

$200,000 Balance Phase 1 Guardian Trader 
Trading PeriodUnlimited Indefinite 
Minimum Trading Days 0-days 
Profit Targets $20,000(10%)
Maximum Loss $12,000(6%)$6,000(6%)
Maximum Daily Loss $8,000(4%)$8,000(4%)
Account Leverage 1:100 Maximum Leverage  1:100 Maximum Leverage  
Profit Split 85%85%
Refundable Fee$947Refund 

Blue Guardian’s Rapid Guardian Evaluation Program identifies experienced and disciplined traders who are rewarded for their consistency during the one-phase evaluation period. The Rapid Guardian Evaluation Program allows traders to trade with 1:100 leverage.

Account SizePrice

During the assessment period, traders are required to meet a profit target of 10% while following the regulations of a maximum daily loss of 4% and a maximum trailing loss of 6%. There are no specific conditions for the minimum or maximum number of trading days. The only need for moving to a funded account is achieving the profit target successfully.

After finishing the evaluation process, traders are given a funded account that does not have any profit goals. However, they are required to follow the rules of a maximum daily loss of 4% and a maximum trailing loss of 6%. 

The first payout is made 14 calendar days after the first position is initiated on the funded account. Following that, payouts are scheduled every two weeks from the date of the first payout. Traders are entitled to an 85% profit division, which is determined by the profits generated in their funded account.

Blue Guardian Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

It is crucial to assess the feasibility of the trading needs when evaluating prop firms that align with the forex trading approach. For instance, a company that promises a substantial percentage of profit sharing on a well-funded account may seem appealing. However, if they also want consistently high monthly percentage increases while maintaining a low percentage of maximum drawdowns, the likelihood of achieving success becomes almost negligible.

Obtaining funding from unrestricted guardian evaluation programs is highly feasible due to their modest profit goals (8% in phase one and 4% in phase two) and strict regulations regarding maximum daily loss (4%) and maximum overall loss (8%). Furthermore, there is no minimum trading day restriction for completing both assessment phases, and they have an unrestricted maximum trading day duration to do so.

Obtaining funding from elite guardian evaluation programs is feasible mostly because of their modest profit goals (8% in phase one and 4% in phase two) coupled with strict limits on maximum loss (4% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss). Furthermore, they have the flexibility to complete both evaluation processes within an unrestricted trading day period.

Obtaining funding from Swift Guardian assessment programs is feasible mostly due to their 10% average profit objective and their regulations limiting maximum daily loss to 4% and maximum trailing loss to 6%. Furthermore, there are no minimum trading day obligations and no restrictions on the maximum duration of the trading term during the assessment phase.

Considering these factors, Blue Guardian is an optimal candidate for funding due to its three evaluation program accounts that offer attainable trading objectives and payout conditions.

Blue Guardian Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Trading Commission:

AssetsFee Terms

Education and Support for Traders 

Established in 2019, Blue Guardian initially operated as a Forex Signal provider and educational institution. A significant shift occurred in 2021 when the decision was made to rebrand and introduce proprietary firm evaluations, providing an opportunity for all traders to secure funding.

Notably absent from ForexFactory, Blue Guardian has garnered recognition in the ‘PROP FIRM HUB’ thread created by user Mastermind, where discussions about the platform have been prevalent.

Unfortunately, Blue Guardian does not offer a complimentary trial option. However, potential users have the option to create a trial account with their associated brokers, Eightcap or Purple Trading Seychelles, to evaluate the trading conditions provided by the brokerage.

Although Blue Guardian does not provide a free trial, it makes up for it by delivering a meticulously structured dashboard that is available to all clients. This feature enhances effective risk management by consolidating crucial facts and objectives in a concentrated area, hence optimizing the user experience.

Blue Guardian Proof of Payment:

Blue Guardian was established in June 2019. Nevertheless, it had its initial public offering in September 2021. Upon any of their three financing programs, acquiring a funded account, and generating a profit, one becomes eligible to apply for a withdrawal from them. 

Note- Please be aware that anyone can initiate the first withdrawal request after a period of 14 consecutive calendar days, and all subsequent withdrawals will similarly be accessible every two weeks.

Payment proof is predominantly available on their telegram channel, where the majority of their community actively distributes it.

Blue Guardian Customer Support: 

Blue Guardian is also present on several social media platforms which are as follows: 

  • Instagram: 

Blue Guardian has a flourishing presence on Instagram, boasting a following of 15.7k. This platform delivers a visually immersive experience into the realm of trading, offering a distinctive viewpoint on the company’s operations and accomplishments. It serves as a catalyst for traders’ creativity and a means of maintaining connectivity with the community.

Blue Guardian reviews on IG
  • Twitter:

Blue Guardian has cultivated a community of 34.3k followers on Twitter. This platform is a dynamic environment for immediate updates, news, and engagements with the trading community. Traders can get up-to-date information and participate in discussions with individuals who share similar interests by subscribing to their Twitter accounts.

Blue Guardian reviews on Twitter
  • YouTube 

Blue Guardian has an informative and engaging YouTube channel with 5.52k subscribers. The channel hosts seven uploaded videos that serve as a valuable resource for traders of all levels. From educational content to insights into the trading world, the YouTube channel provides a visual dimension to Ment Funding’s offerings.

  • FAQs Page and Support 
  • Blue Guardian offers a FAQ page for easy access to missing information.
  • Contact the support team through their social media channels or directly via email at
  • Live chat support is available on their website during business hours, Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM GMT+1.

What Makes Blue Guardian Unique? 

Blue Guardian differentiates itself from the majority of top proprietary trading firms by providing three unique funding packages that do not impose limitations on the trading approach. Blue Guardian caters to a wide range of trading preferences, whether traders prefer trading during news events, holding positions overnight, or even over weekends.

Blue Guardian provides a distinctive service called the Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program, which consists of a two-phase assessment procedure that traders must successfully pass to be eligible for payouts. Traders set a first profit objective of 8%, which is then followed by a second phase target of 4%. 

The program integrates a collection of regulations, which encompass a 4% threshold for daily losses and an 8% threshold for overall losses. It is important to note that there are no specified minimum or maximum trading day requirements throughout any phase of the review process. In addition, the program includes a scaling strategy.

Blue Guardian’s profit targets are relatively conservative compared to other prominent proprietary trading organizations. What sets it different is the lack of any minimum or maximum trading day restrictions. 

When compared to True Forex Funds, Blue Guardian’s approach is distinctive because it combines funding programs and flexible trading circumstances uniquely.

Trading ObjectivesBlue GuardianTrue Forex Funds (Limitless)
Phase 1 Profit Target8%8%
Phase 2 Profit Target4%5%
Maximum Daily Loss4%5%
Maximum Loss8%10%
Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading Days5 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading PeriodPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: UnlimitedPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split85%80%

Blue Guardian Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


Blue Guardian has received overwhelmingly positive comments in reviews. Trustpilot boasts a diverse network of users that provide favorable feedback, resulting in an outstanding rating of 4.8/5 based on 789 reviews. Blue Guardian has experienced significant growth following its rebranding and the implementation of new improvements for its community.

Blue Guardian Trustpilot

#1. Sandra claimed that Blue Guardian Propfirm is the premier propfirm available. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing exceptional assistance in resolving any issues that may encounter. We ensure stress-free and prompt payouts and work with reputable brokers who offer the lowest spreads in the market. Feel free to provide us with the names of brokers they have in mind. Ensure they seize the opportunity to collaborate with Blue Guardian, esteemed proprietary traders.

Blue Guardian reviews on Trustpilot

#2. According to Anthony Gerard, he encountered a minor problem with the payout. However, Blue Guardian promptly rectified the error and fulfilled the payout, which he received within a few days. In his view, Blue Guardian is a trustworthy firm. In the future, he will continue to remain loyal to them.

Blue Guardian discord review

#3. Nale remarked that he must possess an extraordinary amount of misfortune. Despite encountering numerous positive remarks about the quality of customer assistance, he has posed a question twice, once on Wednesday 28th, and again on Monday 2nd, and has not received any response. There is no information or content. However, all of these remarks contradict that statement. Peculiar. He is quite skeptical about the comments in this part. Beware, people, things are not as they appear!

Blue Guardian reviews and complaints

#4. Tony Arellano expressed his strong annoyance towards scammers who deceive him by displaying a notice on his screen falsely claiming that the market is closed on a Tuesday at 4 pm, just when he attempts to close out his deal on the NZD/USD currency pair. Despite the significant difference between the price and his stop loss, he was nevertheless forced to exit the trade. This raises concerns about the excessive slippage experienced in this situation.

Three days ago, he initiated the 10k challenge by placing a transaction on the NZD/USD currency pair. However, when he attempted to complete his trade, he received a notification indicating that the market was closed. 

This is the initial indication that either the proprietary trading firm or broker is engaging in manipulation or fraudulent activities, exploiting the situation for their benefit.

Even more exasperating is the inability to close the transaction oneself, as the platform prevents it. However, rest assured that the broker and proprietary firm ensured the trade was closed on its behalf without triggering any stop loss. This resulted in a financial loss equivalent to if the trade had reached the stop loss level, even though it never actually did.

He will continue to complete this challenge despite the possibility of his detecting further manipulation, as he may choose to publish another review containing the specific information. If he does not encounter any further troubles, he will retract his review. 

However, at present, it is unjustifiable that he was unable to terminate his trade and incurred losses automatically, even though it never reached a stop loss. Nonetheless, he suffered financial consequences as if it had. It is advisable to adhere to established prop firms such as ftmo and the financed trader, rather than avoiding any new ones.

Blue Guardian reviews


To summarize, Blue Guardian is a well-regarded proprietary trading service that offers traders the option to select from three different evaluation program accounts, allowing them to trade in their preferred style without limitations. Blue Guardian caters to a wide range of preferences, whether it be trading during news, holding positions overnight, or over weekends.

Blue Guardian is highly suggested for individuals in need of a proprietary trading firm that offers unambiguous and direct trading regulations, particularly for traders who own well-established and reliable tactics. Blue Guardian is recognized as one of the leading proprietary trading organizations in the industry due to its strong reputation and advantageous conditions for traders with different styles.

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