Finotive Funding Review

Finotive Funding Review

Finotive Funding is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

Finotive Funding is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

  • Three funding program choices are available
  • Redeposit without fees for one-time funded accounts with negative balances
  • Outstanding Trustpilot rating of 4.3/5
  • Enjoy unlimited evaluation retries without any charges
  • Profit-sharing options of up to 95%
  • News trading is allowed/li>
  • Support for EAs (Expert Advisors) and bots
  • Scaling account option available with aggressive instant funding, up to $3,200,000
  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • A diverse range of trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Risk Policy
  • No complimentary trial offered

What is Finotive Funding?

Logo of Finotive Funding.

Finotive Funding, founded by Oliver Newland on April 23, 2021, has been actively involved in its project far in advance of its official establishment. The company, based in Budapest, Hungary, offers traders the chance to work with a significant balance of $11,410,000, with profit splits that range from 75% to 95%. 

Furthermore, Finotive Funding has established its brokerage, Finotive Markets, and intends to achieve full regulatory compliance by the latter half of 2023. The company’s headquarters is located at Honved UTCA 8, 1st floor, 1054 Budapest, Hungary.

At Finotive Funding, traders are not merely participants, but rather they are actively encouraged to flourish and succeed in their professional endeavors. Clients primarily expect a methodical and controlled approach to managing risks. 

The company offers traders the opportunity to utilize account sizes of up to $200,000, with the potential to increase this amount to a maximum of $11,410,000. This allows traders to earn profit splits ranging from 75% to 95%. 

One can achieve this potential for success by engaging in trading activities involving a range of financial assets such as Forex pairs, commodities, indices, as well as cryptocurrencies.

Address of Finotive Funding

Oliver Newland CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at Finotive Funding 

Oliver Newland holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Finotive Funding. It should be noted that we will be providing additional details regarding their Chief Executive Officer in the coming days. 

Finotive Funding Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Finotive Funding provides traders with a selection of three distinct funding schemes to select from:

  1. Two-step evaluation program accounts
  2. Instant funding program accounts
    1. Standard instant funding program accounts
    2. Aggressive instant funding program accounts
  3. One-step evaluation program accounts

Two-step evaluation program accounts

Account SizeLeveragePrice (Standard)Price (Swap-Free)

The objective of Finotive Funding’s two-step evaluation program is to identify skilled and dedicated traders who demonstrate consistent performance throughout the two-phase review period and are subsequently rewarded. The evaluation program account offers leverage ranging from 1:100 to 1:400, depending on the chosen account size.

During the initial evaluation phase, traders are required to attain a profit target of 7.5%, while ensuring that their daily losses do not exceed 5% and their overall losses do not exceed 10%. It is worth mentioning that there are no explicit criteria for the minimum or maximum number of trading days during this phase. 

Advancing to phase two requires achieving a 5% profit goal while adhering to the maximum daily and maximum loss regulations.

In the second evaluation phase, traders strive to achieve a 5% profit objective while abiding by the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss limitations. Like phase one, there are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum number of trading days. To achieve funded status, one must attain a 5% profit target while staying under the prescribed daily or maximum loss limits.

After completing both evaluation processes, traders are rewarded with a funded account that does not have any predetermined profit targets. Instead, they are alone obligated to adhere to the 5% limit daily loss and 10% maximum loss regulations. 

Traders are free to request their initial withdrawal if they establish profitability in their funded account, as there are no specific constraints on the timing of the first payout. Payouts are made weekly, and the percentage of earnings shared varies from 75% to 95%, depending on the amount of profit created in the funded account.

Two-step evaluation program account scaling plan

Two-step evaluation program accounts also have a scaling strategy. Traders must achieve a specified profit goal, which varies depending on the phase of scaling their funded account. 

For instance: 

The $100,000 account has a profit target of 8%.

During the first week, there is a 4% increase in the gains.

During the second week, there is a 7% increase in overall gain.

The trader’s overall profits have achieved a growth rate of 11%, surpassing the required 8% profit threshold, thereby qualifying them for a scale-up. Given that have achieved a profit that is 3% higher, they can initially withdraw this 3% profit. Subsequently, they may request to increase the size of their account with the remaining 8% profit that is necessary.

The trading products available for the two-step evaluation program accounts include currency pairings, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Two-step evaluation program account rules

  • Profit Targets and Evaluation Phases: Profit targets are specific percentages of profit that traders must achieve to complete evaluation phases, withdraw profits, or scale their accounts. In the first evaluation phase, traders aim for a 7.5% profit target, while the second phase requires reaching a 5% profit target. Funded accounts do not have predefined profit targets. 
  • Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Loss: Maximum daily loss is the highest allowable loss for a trader within a single day before the account is compromised. All account sizes share a common maximum daily loss limit of 5%. Similarly, the maximum loss denotes the highest overall loss a trader can incur before the account is violated, and all account sizes adhere to a 10% maximum loss. 
  • Risk Rule and Evaluation Program: The Risk Rule restricts the total risk on all open positions to a specific percentage of the previous trading day’s closed balance. In the two-step evaluation program, the total risk limit is set at 5% of the previous day’s closing balance. 
  • Third-Party Copy Trading Risk: Engaging in third-party copy trading services introduces the risk of duplicating trading strategies already in use by other traders. If the maximum capital allocation rule is exceeded, the potential denial of a funded account or withdrawal may occur. 
  • Third-Party EA Risk: Utilizing third-party EAs involves the risk of employing identical trading strategies as other traders using the same EA. This choice may lead to the potential denial of a funded account or withdrawal if the maximum capital allocation rule is surpassed.

Instant funding program accounts

  1. Standard instant funding program accounts
Account SizePrice (Standard)Price (Standard Swap-Free)Price (Standard Limitless)

The Finotive Funding basic rapid funding program account enables traders to bypass the evaluation process entirely and commence earning profits right now. Traders must adhere to the 5% maximum daily and 8% maximum loss regulations. They will receive a profit split ranging from 55% to 75% depending on the profit they generate when trading with a leverage ratio of 1:100.

  1. Aggressive instant funding program accounts
Account SizePrice (Aggressive)Price (Aggressive Swap-Free)Price (Aggressive Limitless)

Finotive Funding offers a fast and assertive rapid funding platform that enables traders to bypass the review process and begin generating profits right away. It is imperative to concentrate solely on adhering to the 10% maximum daily and 16% maximum loss regulations. They will receive a profit split ranging from 60% to 75% based on the profits they generate when trading with a leverage ratio of 1:100.

One-step evaluation program accounts

Account SizeLeveragePrice (Standard)Price (Swap-Free)

Finotive Funding’s single-step evaluation program account is designed to recognize dedicated and skilled traders, rewarding them for their performance within the streamlined evaluation phase. This program provides traders with the opportunity to operate with leverage ranging from 1:100 to 1:400, contingent on the chosen account size.

During the assessment phase, traders must strive to attain a profit target of 10% while ensuring that they do not surpass the maximum daily loss limit of 4% or the maximum loss limit of 7.5%. 

There are no explicit criteria for the minimum or maximum number of trading days for the evaluation account. The only need to move to a funded account is to achieve the specified profit target.

After completing the evaluation step, traders are given a funded account without any predetermined profit goals. Instead, they are obligated solely to comply with the 4% maximum daily loss or 7.5% maximum loss regulations. 

Traders are free to request their initial withdrawal if they establish profitability in their funded account, as there are no restrictions on the timing of the first payout. The following payments are made weekly, with the distribution of profits ranging from 75% to 95%, depending on the profits achieved in the funded account.

Finotive Funding Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

When assessing proprietary trading firms that match the forex trading style, it is essential to evaluate the practicality of their trading criteria. Although a corporation may present an attractive profit-sharing arrangement for a well-funded account, the practicality of this offer decreases if they need substantial monthly percentage gains while limiting the maximum allowable loss, making the likelihood of success exceedingly unlikely.

Acquiring funds through two-step evaluation programs is highly practical due to their comparatively moderate profit goals (7.5% in phase one and 5% in phase two) in addition to the typical limitations on maximum daily loss (5%) and maximum overall loss (10%).

Likewise, it is possible to get funds through instant funding programs, as these direct funding programs allow to begin generating income instantly without the need for profit targets. Withdrawal requests can be submitted weekly.

One-step evaluation programs offer a practical opportunity to secure funding, particularly due to their modest profit goal of 10% and their stricter regulations for maximum daily loss (4%) and maximum overall loss (7.5%).

Considering all relevant elements, financial funding stands itself as an exceptional option for obtaining funding. Traders are provided with three separate funding programs that offer attainable trading goals and requirements for getting payments.

Which broker does Finotive Funding use?

Finotive Funding conducts its brokerage services through its subsidiary, Finotive Markets, and is currently working towards achieving complete regulatory compliance by 2023. Traders who use their services have the option to choose MetaTrader 5 as their preferred trading platform.

Finotive Funding Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Trading Commission:

Assets Fees Terms 
Forex0 USD / LOT; 4 USD / LOT on funded account
Commodities0 USD / LOT; 4 USD / LOT on funded account
Indices0 USD / Contract; 4 USD / Contract while funded
Crypto0 USD / LOT; 4 USD / LOT on funded account

Education and Support for Traders 

Finotive Funding’s website does not offer any instructional material.

Although Finotive Funding does not have a dedicated discussion thread on ForexFactory, it has been referenced multiple times in a different forum titled “PROP FIRM HUB” created by a user named Mastermind.

In addition, they provide a contemporary dashboard that enables traders to monitor their performance:

Finotive Funding Proof of Payment:

Finotive Funding was established by Oliver Newland on April 23, 2021, it also provides payout eligibility through multiple avenues, such as the two-stage evaluation, one-stage evaluation, or fast funding, enabling one to commence earning right from the start.

Payment confirmations can be authenticated on their Instagram account, specifically in the area called “Payouts,” or on their Discord channel in the category titled “Payout proof.”

To observe a graphic representation of the initial profit distribution from their immediate funding initiative, please consult the accompanying images below:


Finotive Funding offers Funding accounts with various options, including different account sizes and types. The flexibility is designed to cater to traders with diverse styles and risk tolerances, catering to both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the trading arena.

Classic Challenge Account

Trading Capital $2,500$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000$100,000$200,000
Price $50$75$100$150$300$500$950

One-Step Challenge Account

Trading Capital $2,500$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000$100,000$200,000
Price $60$90$120$180$360$600$1140

Instant Funding (Standard)

Trading Capital $2,500$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000$100,000
Price $95$190$335$525$1,055$2,100

Instant Funding (Aggressive)

Trading Capital $2,500$5,000$10,000$25,000$50,000$100,000
Price $165$330$660$1,340$2,400$5,280

Finotive Funding Customer Support: 

Finotive Funding is also present on several social media platforms.

  1. Facebook

Finotive Funding has created a community of 1.8K followers on Twitter. This platform provides real-time updates, news, and interactions with the trading community. By following their Facebook page, traders can stay informed about the latest developments and engage in discussions with like-minded individuals.

Finotive Funding Facebook
  1. Instagram 

Finotive Funding has a thriving presence on Instagram with 21.3k followers. Their platform offers a visual journey into the world of trading, providing a unique perspective on the firm’s activities and achievements. It serves as a source of inspiration for traders and an avenue for staying connected with the community.

Finotive Funding Instagram
  1. FAQs and Support 
  • FAQ Section:
    • Check the Finotive Funding website’s FAQ section for potentially missing information.
  • Social Media and Email Support:
    • Reach out to the support team via their social media channels.
    • Directly contact the support team through email at
  • Live Chat Support:
    • Utilize the live chat support feature on the website.
    • Contact them through live chat for prompt assistance and information.
  1. Registration process 

To register with Finotive Funding, traders will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Sign up 
  1. Choose the account 
  1. Access the dashboard to view the login credentials and account statistics.
  1. To initiate a withdrawal, traders should navigate to the payments area. Withdrawals can be made every week.

What Makes Finotive Funding Unique? 

Finotive Funding distinguishes itself from other companies in its field by providing three distinctive funding programs: the Two-Step Evaluation, Instant Funding, and One-Step Evaluation programs. This proprietary trading firm imposes few limitations on trading styles, hence permitting activities such as news trading and maintaining holdings overnight and over weekends.

To be eligible for financing, the Two-Step Evaluation program necessitates the successful completion of two distinct phases. Phase one entails attaining profit targets of 7.5%, whereas phase two necessitates obtaining 5%. In addition, the maximum loss that can occur in a single day is limited to 10%, while the maximum drawdown that can occur in a single day is limited to 5%. 

There are no specific criteria for the minimum or maximum number of trading days that need to be met during each evaluation stage. The evaluation programs are accompanied by a scaling plan. Finotive Funding has comparatively modest profit goals and removes any time limitations, distinguishing itself from other prominent players in the field.

For instance- A comparison between financial funding and Funding Pips

Trading ObjectivesFinotive FundingFunding Pips
Phase 1 Profit Target7.5%8%
Phase 2 Profit Target5%5%
Maximum Daily Loss5%5%
Maximum Loss10%10%
Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading Days
Maximum Trading PeriodPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: UnlimitedPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split75% up to 95%80% up to 90%

Finotive Funding Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


On Trustpilot, Finotive Funding has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 with a total of 364 customer reviews. They are a verified company on the platform and their reputation is good.

Finotive Funding Trustpilot

#1. Tre claims to have been employed at Finotive for several months. They remain his preferred Proprietary Trading Firm. He has received multiple compensations. Every payment was quickly disbursed.

Following legal troubles faced by a prominent Proprietary Trading Firm, a payment processor ceased conducting business with all other Proprietary Trading Firms. Finotive promptly provided a resolution to ensure that its traders who were making profits could withdraw their earnings. He is an ardent admirer of financial funding. 

Finotive Funding reviews

#2. Ivan expressed that everything is excellent. He is quite satisfied with the customer assistance, consistently receiving prompt responses on Instagram. The size of targets is comparatively less in comparison to other proprietary corporations. He had a somewhat negative experience with obtaining a refund for the price after finishing the challenge. 

This was due to the lack of information on the website regarding the requirement to generate earnings within 30 days of finishing the task. Despite this, he patiently awaited the return for about 30 days, following a few email exchanges. Aside from that, there have been no issues thus far. Cryptocurrency payouts are highly efficient.

Finotive Funding review

#3. According to Fatboi Kinder, the proprietary trading firm appears impressive, but its community is populated with extremely poor traders and individuals who boast excessively. This reflects poorly on the company, as they employ some of the most pitiful individuals he has ever encountered. 

He does not even want to discuss their trading ability, as it is so abysmal that he cannot find words to describe it. Therefore, if someone is seeking a reputable firm with a community of inexperienced individuals, this would be the most suitable choice. 

Finotive Funding complaints

#4. Brian Hernandez argues that he fails to see the downside of the SL rule, as it ensures that every trader ensures their risk. However, the drawback of this prop firm lies in the total risk rule, particularly when the spread widens. If a trader needs to slightly increase their SL while the spread is expanding, it may result in a violation of the rule.

Another drawback is the abysmal quality of customer service. While it used to be prompt, it has significantly deteriorated. The available FAQs are limited, and when seeking assistance, there are sometimes delays or even instances when no response is received. These unfavorable indicators suggest a bleak outlook for the future of this prop firm. Exercise caution when handling this.

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Ultimately, Finotive Funding distinguishes itself as a reputable and adaptable proprietary trading company, providing three unique funding plans specifically designed to accommodate various trading approaches. 

The two-step evaluation, quick financing, and one-step evaluation programs offer attainable trading goals with profit splits that can reach as high as 95%. Finotive Funding is a prominent proprietary trading firm that offers clear and attractive terms, making it a highly recommended option for traders.

Finotive Funding Review Details

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Account size up to:
Profit Split Up to 95%
*Choose your account type and start trading

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