FTUK is a forex prop firm with an attractive One-step challenge. They offer up to $90,000 in funding to traders.

FTUK is a forex prop firm with an attractive One-step challenge. They offer up to $90,000 in funding to traders.

  • Standard MT4 is user-friendly for platform-switching
  • Offering low-risk and aggressive programs
  • Beginners get risk-free capital for a fee
  • Enabling immediate start without demo/testing
  • CDesigned for beginners, it is crafted to assist those new to Forex Trading
  • Profit-sharing agreement of 50%
  • £1,000,000 of secured funding
  • Earning with borrowed capital is not as lucrative
  • Failure to meet profit targets results in program removal
  • The incomplete Academy is unsuitable for comprehensive education initiation

What is FTUK?

FTUK forex prop firm

FTUK acts as an intermediary between new participants in the forex trading market along with the industry itself, to offer a way for beginners to increase their earnings with a relatively reduced level of risk. 

FTUK allows trading on behalf of individuals, using their capital, without incurring platform usage charges or hiring skilled traders. 

This strategy allows users to enhance their comprehension of the market while reducing the dangers involved with trading independently. Despite being based in London, the platform is globally accessible, enabling users from across the world to register and take part in FX trading.

FTUK Prop Firm offers a wide range of advantages, such as instant funding, real money for trading, advantageous leverage, and practical trading conditions. These benefits are enhanced by a strong reputation & an easy-to-use program interface.

By making a single payment, buyers are granted access to a genuine account that is equal to 25% of the size of the account they have obtained. A novel strategy entails acquiring the complete account size upon reaching the profit objective, hence obviating the necessity for prolonged periods invested in a trial account.

The proposal includes a profit-sharing agreement of 50%, £1,000,000 of secured funding with a flexible plan, achievable profit goals, and a prudent limit of 5% for withdrawing funds from low-risk accounts. 

The profit distribution by 50% adheres to industry standards but is marginally lower than those of Lux Trading Firm & DT4X Trader, which are its equivalents.

Account types have varying leverage considerations, with low-risk accounts having restricted leverage of 1:10 as well as aggressive accounts having a leverage ratio of 1:30. It is recommended to exercise caution while considering the low-risk choice unless a trader plans to participate in more frequently occurring yet minimally dangerous deals.

Trading is conducted using the MetaTrader 4 platform, renowned for its intuitive interface. Although not the most sophisticated, it is enough for the bulk of retail dealers. Several MT4 users, especially the author, enhance their technical charting requirements by utilizing platforms such as making charts TradingView. 

FTUK Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

FTUK Trading Programs

  • 5% Step Out 

Every program has a predetermined stop-out level. Once the equity level of the particular account drops below the predetermined stop-out threshold, the corporation will promptly terminate all existing deals and restrict trading & access. The stop-out level is a predetermined value associated with each funding level. It signifies that any revenue generated by the trader contributes to the loss reserve.

  • Aim for a 10% Target at Stage 1 

It is mandatory to attain a 10% profit goal within a continuous period of 30 days, while strictly following all other requirements without any infractions. The countdown commences immediately upon their initiation of the initial transaction.

  • 5% Target in Phase 2

Every individual is required to achieve a profit objective of 5% for 60 consecutive days while ensuring compliance with all other regulations. The countdown begins as soon as someone can initiate the deal.

  • Minimum of 10 Trading Days Required

To complete the evaluation, users are required to engage in trading activities for a minimum duration of 10 trading days.

  • No Restrictions in Trading 

Engage in trading according to your preferences, with the ability to choose your desired volume and trade at any given moment. FTUK Prop Firm imposes no limitations on individuals’ trading activities. Nevertheless, we advise you to uphold uniformity and give particular consideration to risk mitigation, since this is crucial for achieving sustained success in the long run.

Evaluation Program 

The Evaluation program allows you to start trading on a real account, with any earnings being allocated to you. The organization offers four investment alternatives, with amounts that range from £10,000 to £70,000. Upon commencement, you are granted 25% of the selected sum, while the balance of seventy-five percent is distributed once the first objective is accomplished.

Benefits of the Evaluation Program 

  • Profit split up to 80/20
  • Complimentary retake
  • Personalized 1-1 support
  • Swift scaling
  • Ability to hold trades overnight and over the weekend
  • Accommodating all trading styles

Evaluation Trading Levels 

Evaluation Levels £10 000£30 000£40 000£70 000
Level 2 funding£10 000£30 000£40 000£70 000
Level 3 funding£20 000£60 000£80 000£140 000
Level 4 funding£40 000£120 000£160 000£280 000
Level 5 funding£80 000£240 000£320 000£560 000
Level 6 funding£160 000£480 000£640 000£1 000 000
Level 7 funding£320 000£960 000£1 000 000
Level 8 funding£640 000£1 000 000
Level 8 funding£1 000 000

Features of Evaluation Funding Programs 

Target10% Phase 1 – 5% phase 2
Absolute drawdown5%
Maximum Trading Days30 days Phase 1 – 60 days Phase 2
Minimum trading days10 trading days
Guaranteed funding£1,000,000

Instant Funding 

FTUK Prop Firm offers prompt finance choices ranging from £10,000 to £70,000. By making a single payment, buyers receive access to a live account equal to 25% of the amount they obtained. 

Once the profit targets are met, the entire account amount is distributed, providing a unique funding method that removes the necessity of spending long periods on a demo account.

Benefits of the Instant Funding Program 

  • Profit split of up to 80/20
  • A complimentary retake
  • Personalized 1-1 support
  • Rapid scaling
  • The ability to hold trades overnight and over the weekend
  • Accommodating all trading styles.

Funding Levels 

  1. Low-Risk 

Low-Risk Level for £10,000 Accounts

Program Levels  Funding Balance Milestone Target Maximum Loss Leverage Profit Split Max Stoploss 
Level 1£2500£250£1251:1050/50£38
Level 2£10,000£1000£5001:1050/50£150
Level 3£20,000£2000£10001:1060/40£300
Level 4£40,000£4000£20001:1060/40£600
Level 5 £80,000£8000£40001:1070/30£1200
Level 6£160000£16,000£80001:1070/30£2400
Level 7 £320,000£32,000£16,0001:1080/20£4800
Level 8 £640,000£64,000£32,0001:1080/20£9600
Level 9 £1,000,000N/A£50,0001:1080/20£15,000

Features of Low-Risk Funding Program

Instant Funding £2,500£7,500£10,000£17,500
Absolute drawdown5%
Maximum Time90 days
Profit SplitUp to 80%
Guaranteed funding£1,000,000
Refundable one-time payment£200£450£575£950
  1. Aggressive 

Aggressive Risk Level For £10,000 Accounts 

Program Levels  Funding Balance Milestone Target Maximum Loss Leverage Profit Split Max Stoploss 
Level 1£2500£625£1251:3050/50Not Required
Level 2£10,000£2,500£5001:3050/50Not Required
Level 3£20,000£5,000£10001:3060/40Not Required
Level 4£40,000£10,000£20001:3060/40Not Required
Level 5 £80,000£20,000£40001:3070/30Not Required
Level 6£160000£40,000£80001:3070/30Not Required
Level 7 £320,000£80,000£16,0001:3080/20Not Required
Level 8 £640,000£160,000£32,0001:3080/20Not Required
Level 9 £1,000,000N/A£50,0001:3080/20Not Required

Features of Aggressive Funding Program 

Instant Funding £2,500£7,500£10,000£17,500
Absolute drawdown5%
Maximum Time90 days
Profit SplitUp to 80%
Guaranteed funding£1,000,000
Refundable one-time payment£200£450£575£950

FTUK Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Trading Platform 

FTUK Prop Firm prioritizes the performance of trades rather than solely focusing on the trading platform. Although traders prioritize the trading process, it is important to highlight that they still have access to a comprehensive set of software tools that are crucial for efficient and successful trading activities.

This devotion is evidenced by the utilization of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform as the standard. MT4 is widely recognized for its straightforward and efficient user interface, which enables traders to quickly and easily execute trades. 

Compared to specialist software or more complex tools, MT4 provides a smooth onboarding experience, making it easier for both rookie and experienced traders to transfer quickly.

Furthermore, the adaptability of MT4 also extends to its ability to work with mobile devices, thereby improving the ease and convenience of trading activities. Mobile compatibility guarantees that traders can easily participate in the market and effectively handle their portfolios, regardless of their whereabouts. 

Enabling mobile trading enhances the adaptability and promptness of FTUK Prop Firm, in line with the ever-changing nature of the financial markets.

FTUK prioritizes the fundamental aspects of trading. However, the decision to use the MetaTrader 4 platform highlights the acknowledgment of the need to have a user-friendly yet efficient set of tools to assist traders in attaining their financial objectives. 

The incorporation of MT4, with its ease of use and adaptability to mobile devices, demonstrates the dedication to equipping traders with the essential tools for a smooth and efficient trading encounter.

FTUK Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Upon registration on the FTUK Prop Firm site, traders may anticipate a variety of features and possibilities meticulously crafted to augment their trading experience. The following items are included:

1. Trading with Provided Capital: New participants in foreign exchange (FX) trading frequently encounter difficulties when allocating their cash to a field they may not possess comprehensive knowledge of. FTUK tackles this worry by providing traders with the option to utilize the platform’s capital. 

Traders might commence their trading endeavors by utilizing a predetermined sum of £200, employing the esteemed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) software. The platform establishes a standard initial capital threshold of £2,500, enabling new traders to enter the market with an acceptable and predetermined financial foundation.

2. Performance based on profit: Irrespective of whether traders choose an aggressive or low-risk program, they must achieve particular profit goals to retain their status as traders. The utilization of a 1:30 leverage ratio is crucial in attaining these profit objectives. 

FTUK assists traders in their development by gradually boosting their capital through successful trading results. The percentage targets stay unchanged, by the selected program style.

3. Profit Distribution via Monthly Payouts: Profits earned by traders utilizing FTUK are distributed through monthly payouts. The platform implements a clear and incentivizing mechanism that offers a 50% payout on all winnings. This mutually beneficial symbiotic structure enhances the platform and its users, cultivating a collaborative atmosphere where successful trading is good for both parties. 

As traders improve their performance, the service guarantees that their allotted capital will increase proportionally. This demonstrates the platform’s dedication to helping and motivating traders.

To summarize, the distinguishing features of the FTUK Prop Firm platform include granting access to funds, creating realistic profit targets, and implementing a well-organized payout system. The platform attempts to foster a climate that is favorable for traders to prosper and achieve success, with a primary focus on promoting growth and profitability throughout the trading process.

FTUK Proof of Payment:

The financial services sector is experiencing a swift transformation. The foreign exchange market, with a daily transaction volume above $7.5 trillion, is one of the largest and most liquid marketplaces globally. 

It is the most fashionable and prosperous business in the world. Every moment, numerous individuals have the potential to augment their financial assets by engaging in currency market investments. The fee structure of Forex Trading UK’s program is notable for its emphasis on traders’ comfort & profitability.

  • Over the Counter (OTC) and exchange-traded: Traders can engage in currency trading by utilizing Forex brokers and trading platforms.
  • The interbank market: It is a platform where banks engage in trade activities.
  • A Forex Trading UK merchant account: It is essential as forex merchants are required to handle substantial volumes of credit or debit card deposits daily. 

FTUK Customer Support: 

FTUK acknowledges the significance of accessibility and active involvement in the trading industry, which is shown by its significant presence on various social media platforms.

Below are the platforms where you can locate and engage with FTUK through many channels:

  • The customer support hours for FTUK are Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00 GMT.
  • Forex traders can contact us using the following channels: – +44 (20) 8798 2605 – Email: support@ftuk.com

Instagram Page:

FTUK Prop Firm is a captivating and enjoyable Instagram page boasting a substantial following of 15.2k followers. This page boasts a substantial following of 462 posts and acts as a valuable resource for traders of varying levels of expertise. The webpage provides a visual depiction of FTUK’s academic content and valuable knowledge about the world of trading.

FTUK forex prop firm reviews


FTUK Prop Firm has developed a community of 936 followers and 26 followers on Twitter. This platform serves as an evolving environment for current information, information, and interaction with the trading community. Traders can stay informed about the most recent advancements and engage in conversations with like-minded people by subscribing to their Twitter accounts.

FTUK prop firm reviews

YouTube Channel: 

The YouTube channel FTUK Prop Firm is characterized by its instructive and interesting content, attracting a substantial subscriber base of 703. This channel comprises 92 videos about trading and is facilitated by people who donate videos, rendering it a useful tool for traders of all proficiency levels. 

The YouTube channel complements FTUK’s services by delivering educational material that offers graphical insights into the global field of trading.

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What Makes FTUK Unique? 

FTUK Prop Firm distinguishes itself from its competitors through several unique characteristics:

Potential for Growth

The organization actively seeks traders who are both reasonable and consistently lucrative, demonstrating a desire to offer opportunities to individuals who are getting close to their profit targets without exceeding the defined risk limits during the 90-day challenge. This approach exemplifies a favorable and inclusive feature of the industry, a trait that is not frequently encountered among several rivals.

Prolonged Period

Challenges faced by Forex Traders in the UK endure for a significant period of 90 days, without any specified minimum time. The duration of this timeframe is threefold more than the average duration observed in comparable companies, hence increasing the likelihood of success and securing investment for participants.

Instant Financing

By agreeing to an obstacle from FTUK, traders are granted instant access to trading funds. Although it may not encompass the entire trading capital, the ability to immediately begin trading with actual funds is a significant benefit that simplifies the process of starting for traders.

Scaling Strategy

FTUK provides a structured program that expedites the growth of traders’ accounts at a faster rate compared to trying to increase individual trading capital. When the goal of a 25% increase in profit is reached, the amount of money available for trading is multiplied by two. This strategy technique allows traders to see a substantial capital increase within a few months, perhaps reaching up to £1 million, an extraordinary opportunity.

Weekend withdrawals are permitted

Unlike several prominent support firms that restrict weekend trading, FTUK distinguishes itself by allowing traders to maintain positions throughout the weekend. This adaptability accommodates the requirements of swing traders and day traders, granting them the chance to obtain funds even if they are not actively participating in trading at the market’s closure on weekdays.

FTUK sets itself apart by offering a longer challenge duration, immediate access to money, and a distinctive strategy for increasing trading capital. The company’s dedication to accommodating traders and promoting their success distinguishes it as a progressive and trader-friendly platform in the competitive trading market.

FTUK Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


FTUK Prop Firm has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on reviews from 207 consumers. They have obtained verification as a company on Trustpilot. The organization is thriving on this platform.

FTUK reviews

#1. As per Marcus Jarryjohn, he possesses multiple accounts in FTUK and holds a strong affinity for it. He has experienced multiple withdrawals without any complications. He has never encountered any problems with trading circumstances or other comparable matters. Their customer care promptly addresses any inquiries they may have, displaying a high level of politeness and friendliness. If one is seeking an equitable proprietary trading firm, FTUK stands out as the foremost contender, and this distinction is not without justification!

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#2. Keith Schultheiss claimed that Instant Funding was his preferred option because of its simplicity in setup, absence of exaggerated features, and prompt availability of funds. He attributed his success as a trader to this choice. Commenced with a size insufficient for conducting a thorough examination. he was dissatisfied with the previous business model of the prop company and desired to disassociate myself from it.

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#3. According to Doug, he stated that he will provide a concise evaluation. His primary concern with FTUK is that he received a 10% reward, but they refused to pay him out, claiming that he had violated the regulations. Although he understands that their regulations are their own, it is worth noting that he generated a profit of $2250 for them due to the active status of their accounts. 

Consequently, they retained the entirety of these profits. The FTUK website revolves around the concept of mutual benefit, emphasizing that their success is tied to the success of their traders. They actively seek out traders who are capable of generating profits. He was a profitable trader who employed a robust system with built-in emergency stops, as any prudent trader would. 

Throughout 2-3 months, there was a lack of communication or notification from them on my trading plan. Ultimately, I give them a rating of 2 stars due to their provision of a refund. However, I express disappointment in their decision to retain all the earnings and not facilitate a sustained collaboration that would have been advantageous for both sides.

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#4. Alfred reported that he recently discovered that the FTUK Group was dissolved on December 5th, 2023. It is crucial to know of them. The validity of this information can be confirmed by consulting the UK Companies Registry, also known as Companies House. The FTUK Registry number associated with this entity is 13793849. Before making any investment, his primary rule is to thoroughly examine the company profile including filing history on the public company registry.

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FTUK is a platform with minimal risk where you may gain practical experience in trading. It is an ideal choice for anyone. If anyone follows the requisite regulations and complies with the basic prerequisites, this platform can serve as an excellent avenue to commence forex trading.

An inherent drawback of this business is its recent establishment and limited recognition within the sector. Without additional testimonials, sufficient time, and increased visibility, it is difficult to ascertain the trustworthiness and long-term viability of the organization. It suggests remaining inactive and observing for the upcoming months until the organization and merchants initiate the process of withdrawing funds from their accounts.

FTUK Details

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Account size up to:
Profit Split Up to 50%
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