Funded Engineer Review

Funded Engineer Review

Funded Engineer is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

  • Opportunity for profit share up to 90%
  • Adaptable scaling with a maximum drawdown allowance of 20%
  • Intuitive dashboard designed for effortless navigation
  • No time limits imposed
  • Features a DrawDown Blocker Tool
  • Backed by a 1-Step Turbo Challenge
  • A monthly salary option offered
  • No free trials are offered
  • Minimal support options are available
  • Some account difficulties involve expensive purchase fees

What is a Funded Engineer?

Funded Engineer is a leading proprietary trading firm in the sector, headed by the renowned trader ‘Trader Tristian’. Trader Tristian has established the ethos of a Funded Engineer through his reliable top performances and substantial payouts from different companies. The company prioritizes unmatched scaling tactics, lack of time limitations, and fair challenge limits, which represent brilliance in proprietary trading.

Trader Tristian’s proficiency is crucial in driving the firm, enabling Funded Engineer to provide traders with a thorough scaling plan that is not limited by time constraints. The company provides its traders with a variety of evaluation challenges to help them progress toward becoming a funded trader. These difficulties offer significant experience and knowledge, helping traders work towards securing funding within the organization.

logo of Funded Engineer

Funded Engineer Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Funded Engineer have created three challenges to enhance traders’ talents and expand their trading capabilities. The tasks include the 2-Step Standard Challenge, 2-Step Superior Challenge, and 1-Step Turbo Challenge, each with distinct aims and chances. The challenges offer traders adaptable criteria that enable them to navigate without the confines of rigid time limits or minimum trading requirements, such as holding trades over weekends.

Funded Engineer offers a 2-Step Standard Challenge.

  • The challenge offers participants the freedom to operate within a flexible framework without strict time constraints or required minimum trading days. Traders can strategize and execute deals at their own pace due to this freedom.
  • The 2-Step Standard Challenge includes two phases, each with its profit target. Traders need to attain an 8% profit in phase one and a 5% profit in phase two, leading to a gradual improvement in skills.
  • Risk management rules are clearly outlined in the challenge to reduce risk. Traders are required to adhere to a 10% maximum overall loss threshold and a 5% maximum daily loss restriction to maintain sensible risk management techniques.
  • Traders can leverage up to a ratio of 1:50, allowing them to tactically amplify their bets and split profits. Profit sharing ranges from 80/20% to 90/10%, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the trader and the platform.
  • Withdrawal Schedule: Participants can access their earnings at regular intervals, with withdrawals processed every 14 days, maintaining a consistent flow of capital.
  • Trading Parameters: Traders can participate in news trading and use expert advisors (EAs), expanding the range of trading techniques available to efficiently manage market dynamics.
  • Funded Engineer offers traders a capital pool ranging from $6,000 to $500,000 to accommodate various trading preferences and risk tolerances. After reaching the initial profit share, the trader gets reimbursed the challenge cost, making participation more appealing.
  • The Funded Engineer’s 2-Step Standard Challenge is a thorough platform designed to help traders improve their skills, understand market complexities, and work towards achieving consistent profitability. This challenge offers a well-rounded combination of freedom, risk management strategies, and profit-sharing systems, making it an attractive opportunity for traders aiming to achieve trading success.
Account Size Price 

The Funded Engineer 2-Step Superior Challenge is a sophisticated platform designed for traders to demonstrate their trading abilities. It comprises multiple essential elements:

1. Traders have the freedom to operate at their preferred speed without time limitations, enabling them to plan and carry out deals according to their judgment.

2. Profit Targets: The challenge is split into two phases, each with distinct profit goals. Traders must first accomplish a 10% profit in Phase 1, followed by securing a 5% profit in Phase 2. This encourages a steady advancement towards achieving achievement.

3. Risk Management: Traders are required to adhere to stringent risk management procedures, which include a maximum total loss limit of 10% and a maximum daily loss threshold of 5%.

4. Leverage and Profit Split: Traders can leverage up to a 1:100 ratio in this challenge, enabling them to strategically increase their positions. Profit sharing ranges from 80/20% to 90/10%, promoting a constructive partnership between trader and platform.

5. Withdrawal Schedule: Traders can withdraw their winnings every 14 days, maintaining a consistent flow of funds.

6. Trading Parameters: Participants are allowed to participate in news trading and use expert advisors (EAs), expanding the range of trading methods they can employ.

The process of the 2-Step Superior Challenge

Funded Engineer provides traders with a set of challenges for evaluation. The challenges are created to evaluate traders’ abilities according to particular criteria and goals, like attaining a balance between acceptable drawdown and profit objectives. The evaluation procedure is not constrained by time constraints and has the potential to be finished within one trading day. After finishing the challenge, traders can proceed to the verification phase.


The Verification Phase is the last stage of the evaluation process. The evaluation assesses traders’ consistency and compliance with the rules set by the Funded Engineer. This phase has a lower profit target than the initial challenge, making it less demanding. After finishing all assessment tasks, traders can begin trading with actual funds provided by the proprietary firm.


Funded Engineer offers traders funding between $10,000 and $500,000 to take part in the 2-Step Challenge. After completing the tasks, the evaluation charge is reimbursed from the initial profit share of a funded account, making participation more appealing.

Account Size Price 

Funded Engineer Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Funded Engineer has established a collaboration with Purple Trading, a prominent broker in the currency market. Purple Trading is authorized by respected authorities supervising forex trading to ensure the security and safety of all funds & trading accounts.

Traders can use either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 while trading with Funded Engineer.

Funded Engineer Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Participating in Funded Engineer involves expenses that depend on the selected account size and financing challenges. Below are the prices for each challenge:

Prices for Turbo Challenge Accounts:

  • An account size of $6,000 incurs a cost of $59.
  • An account size of $10,000 incurs a cost of $109.
  • An account size of $25,000 incurs a fee of $209.
  • An account size of $50,000 incurs a fee of $309.
  • An account size of $100,000 incurs a fee of $499.
  • An account size of $200,000 incurs a fee of $959.
  • An account size of $300,000 incurs a cost of $1,449.

Regular Challenge Account Rates:

  • An account with a size of $6,000 incurs a cost of $69.
  • An account size of $10,000 incurs a cost of $135.
  • An account size of $25,000 incurs a cost of $250.
  • An account size of $50,000 incurs a cost of $375.
  • An account size of $100,000 incurs a fee of $575.
  • An account size of $200,000 incurs a fee of $1,100.
  • An account size of $300,000 incurs a cost of $1,600.

Superior Challenge Account Prices:

  • An account with a size of $6,000 incurs a cost of $59.
  • An account size of $10,000 incurs a cost of $119.
  • An account size of $25,000 incurs a cost of $225.
  • An account size of $50,000 incurs a fee of $329.
  • An account size of $100,000 incurs a fee of $529.
  • An account size of $200,000 incurs a fee of $999.
  • An account size of $300,000 incurs a fee of $1,499.

Superior Challenge Lite Account Prices:

  • An account with a size of $6,000 incurs a cost of $59.
  • An account size of $10,000 incurs a cost of $109.
  • An account size of $25,000 incurs a cost of $199.
  • An account size of $50,000 incurs a cost of $299.
  • An account size of $100,000 incurs a fee of $499.
  • An account size of $200,000 incurs a fee of $949.
  • The fee for an account size of $300,000 is $1,449.

Therefore, these payments are one-time fees, and the platform does not levy any extra charges.

Funded Engineer Proof of Payment:

Deel efficiently handles all payment transactions and supports numerous platforms such as PayPal, Revolut, Wise, Binance, Coinbase, bank transfers, and the Deel Card.

Traders who have funded accounts can receive payments after 14 days. To be eligible, their account balance must be higher than the initial amount received. The following criteria must be met to submit a payout request:

  • There are currently no active vacancies or orders.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.
  • When submitted, the trader’s account becomes read-only, preventing additional trades until the withdrawal process is reviewed and completed.

Funded Engineer Customer Support: 

The Funded Engineer website lists the official address: Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contrary to common practice, Funded Engineer chooses to provide detailed corporate information on its privacy policy page rather than on its “about us” page.

Funded Engineer offers less contact and corporate information than its competitors.

What Makes Funded Engineer Unique? 

Funded Engineer provides a unique trading challenge that sets it apart from FTMO and Apex. This challenge is for traders who like basic index trading on the widely used MT4 platform and do not wish to participate in futures trading. It is also suitable for those looking for a more cost-effective alternative to Apex.

Funded Engineer Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?

Funded Engineer Trustpilot

#1. MG reported that he received funding from FE shortly before they had to stop operations owing to broker issues. They vowed to rectify any issues and resume operations promptly, which they did. They proclaimed their return on February 14th but started making payouts on February 13th (which he received on the 13th). Appreciation for their diligent efforts in a brief timeframe to restore operations and maintain efficiency.

Funded Engineer reviews

#2. Rasheed Watson stated that he can only be responsible for his actions since he started a challenge and subsequently engaged in trading. He did not notice any of his actions on his Dashboard. He reached out to customer care to describe his situation. He was told to relax by the shore while his business transactions were being calculated. 

Despite achieving his goal, he did not receive any message signaling his advancement to the next level. Upon contacting customer service to address the problem, he realized  He had been utilizing the incorrect demo account. 

Two separate brokers offer the Purple Trading platform. Choosing properly is crucial to save time wastage. Although the trades were not documented in his situation, the customer service maintained professionalism and handled all his questions and concerns. He is entirely accountable for this.

Funded Engineer review 1

#3. Lionel Lee asserts that all aspects are satisfactory except for the poor performance of their broker partners despite the speedy customer support. Every time the news is on, the entire brokerage stops working for approximately 5 minutes. Experiencing downtime with broker partner Blueberry Markets for almost 30 minutes.

Funded Engineer complaint

#4. According to Dogen, he has been engaging in account management and trading for around 2-3 months without any issues, but today he encountered a peculiar situation.

My transaction was stopped due to rollover and slippage of 33 pips. They stated that experiencing rollover and slippage of 30-50 pips is considered usual. In my other proprietary trading business account, there was no rollover or slippage.

He has had an open trade at rollover time before, but this is the first time it has happened, making it appear engineered on their part.

They are unable or unwilling to remove my deal, resulting in a loss of 0.6% instead of a gain of 1.8% due to the trade hitting its Take Profit level.

When he encountered an issue with another proprietary trading firm, they removed the trade due to their error.

Funded Engineer complaints on Trustpilot

#5. Jian Yang Chew stated that he was denied access to his account and refused a reimbursement. Consistently providing justifications. Customer support frequently fails to respond to his emails. An unreliable corporation fails to fulfill its commitments and so lacks credibility.

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Funded Engineer is a recently established, yet fiercely competitive proprietary trading company headed by a prosperous trader named “Trader Tristian.” The company provides a distinctive 2-Phase Challenge with no time constraints, distinguishing it from other companies in the sector.

The challenge aims to offer traders opportunities with above-average maximum drawdowns to let them test and improve their skills. The scaling plan offered by Funded Engineer is advantageous for seasoned traders, permitting a maximum drawdown of 25%.

Funded Engineer is dedicated to equipping traders with the resources, capital, and tools required for success in the trading industry. The organization is well-run and has a strong base, establishing it as a respected institution that enables traders to succeed in the sector.

Account size up to:
Profit Split Up to 90%
*Choose your account type and start trading

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3.3 Overall Rating

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Funded Engineer Review
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