Glow Node Review

Glow Node Review

Glow Node Firm is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

Glow Node Firm is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

  • Evaluation Options: One-Step, Two-Step, Instant Funding
  • Trustpilot Rating: Excellent 4.7/5
  • Funding Cap: Up to $1,000,000
  • Withdrawals: Bi-Weekly for All Programs
  • Profit Split: Scalable Up to 90%
  • Trading Period: Unlimited
  • Flexible Holdings and Trading
  • Features: News Trading, Weekend Crypto Trading
  • Additional Features: Copy Trading and Multiple Accounts
  •  Large Community
  •  Back Testing Tools
  •  24/7 Cryptocurrency Trading
  •  Diverse Asset Availability
  •  Valid SSL Certificate
  •  Safe per DNS filter
  • Limited 1:30 Leverage
  • Costly Instant Funding Fee
  • Extended Withdrawal Time
  • Scaling Timeframe
  • Challenge Fee Refund Requirement
  • High Funding Fee
  • WHOIS Anonymity
  • Low Website Traffic
  • HYIP Site Characteristics detected
  • Game Downloads Possible
  • Limited Technical Support
  • No Referral Program
  • Exclusive TradingView Indicators

What is Glow Node?

Since it started in April 2021, Glow Node has become a well-known proprietary trading company with a big goal: to give traders around the world more power through its premium funding plan. The idea behind this business came from a desire to fill a gap in the market that would help traders make more money and allow them to work with bigger amounts of cash.

At Glow Node’s core is the idea that traders can form successful partnerships by being given both money and knowledge. This will eventually lead to success for everyone. Glow Node gives traders the chance to handle big amounts of money—up to $1,000,000 and get huge profit splits up to 90%. This huge package includes a lot of different trade assets, such as cryptocurrencies, forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

When Glow Node started, they were very aware of a big need in the business market. So, the company made a special trading program just for proprietary traders in reaction. Traders get the tools, money, and training they need to do their jobs well through this program. It also helps traders feel like they are part of a group, which promotes growth and success for everyone.

Ryan Beasley, who selflessly took on the roles of founder and CEO, is the main force behind the creation of Glow Node. Together with Sam Bradbury, co-founder and steady partner in running the platform, this project came to life. They started Glow Node Prop Firm together as a complete answer for forex traders.

Glow Node offers a wide range of services, such as a paid trade program, forex training, and access to indicators. These indicators were mostly made to work with the TradingView app, and traders can easily get them by subscribing every month. With this wide range of services, traders can do their trading in indices, forex, metals, and other asset types.

With its many different approaches, Glow Node shows that it is dedicated to promoting growth and success in the business world. The platform’s main focus on education and offering premium tools makes it stand out as a useful resource for traders at all times of their careers. Whether traders are beginners looking to learn or experienced traders looking to improve their skills, Glow Node has everything they need to be successful in trading.

Logo of Glow Node

Glow Node Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Eightcap is a trusted dealer for Glow Node and works with it. It is a good company called Eightcap that is based in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) oversees its business. Since it began in 2009, Eightcap has worked hard to fulfill its goal of providing its clients with excellent financial services. Because the company wants to be the best, it has grown its global reach and now has five offices in five different countries.

The fact that Eightcap is regulated in more than one place is one of its main benefits. This lets the broker serve clients all over the world, giving buyers all over the world access to its services. Customers can trade on many different types of financial markets, such as foreign exchange (FX), indices, commodities, and stocks. This gives them a lot of chances to spread out their investments and learn more about different assets.

When it comes to trading systems, Eightcap lets traders choose between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These platforms are standard in the industry and are known for having strong features and easy-to-use interfaces. They give traders the tools they need to make smart trades and choices.

Because Eightcap has a good name and a lot of experience in the financial services industry, the relationship between Glow Node and Eightcap gives traders a safe and reliable place to trade. This partnership makes sure that Glow Node traders can use a trustworthy and controlled broker, which improves the trading experience even more.

Glow Node Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements

There are different plans for traders to choose from at Glow Node, each one designed to fit their trading style and goals.

Let’s take a closer look at these programs:

Program TypeDescription
Two-Phase Evaluation Program AccountsIdentify skilled traders through a two-phase evaluation process. Trade with 1:30 leverage. Choose from various account sizes with corresponding prices.
One-Phase Evaluation Program AccountsComplete evaluation requirements at their own pace with unlimited time. Trade with 1:30 leverage and select an account size based on their preference.
Instant Funding Program AccountsSkip the evaluation and start earning immediately. Trade with 1:30 leverage, with no time limitations. Choose an account size that suits their trading needs.

Two-Phase Evaluation Program Accounts:

  1. Glow Node’s two-phase review program is meant to find and reward traders who are reliable and skilled. Here is a summary:
  1. Account Sizes: There are different account sizes, and each has a price.
  1. The first part of the evaluation is to make an 8% profit goal without losing more than 5% per day or 10% overall. In phase one, there are no rules about the shortest or longest business day.
  1. Phase Two of the Evaluation: Make a 5% profit goal without going over their highest loss limits. In phase two, there are no set trading day conditions.
  1. Funded Account: If traders successfully finish both stages, they will have a funded account with no profit goals, a daily loss limit of 5%, and a loss limit of 10%.
  1. Payout: 14 calendar days after the first deal, the first payout is made. After that, payouts happen every two weeks.
  1. Scaling Plan: There is a plan for scaling up. If traders can make a 10% profit in three months and still have money in their account at the end of the third month, they will get a 30% account raise.

One-Phase Evaluation Program Accounts:

Traders can meet the standards for evaluation at their speed with this program. Here is a summary:

  1. Account Sizes: Pick an account size based on their trading capital and personal tastes.
  2. In the evaluation phase, traders need to make a 10% profit goal without losing more than 4% per day or 8% total. There are no set rules for trade days.
  3. Account With Money: After passing the evaluation process, they will have an account with money that has no profit goals, a daily loss limit of 4%, and an overall loss limit of 8%.
  4. Payout: 14 calendar days after the first deal, the first payout is made. After that, payouts happen every two weeks.
  5. As with two-phase evaluation accounts, the goal is to make a 10% profit within three months and have a positive account value at the end of the third month. If traders do this, their accounts will grow by 30%.

Instant Funding Program Accounts:

Traders can skip the review step and start making money right away. Here are the specifics:

  1. Account Sizes: Traders can choose from different account sizes, each with its price.
  1. Account Features: Traders can trade with 1:30 leverage and for as long as they want.
  1. Profit Split: Depending on how well traders trade, they can get a profit split of 80% to 90%.
  1. Growth plan: Make a 15% profit in three months and have a positive account amount at the end of the third month to get a 30% account increase.

Common Program Rules:

Profit Goal: The goal is to make a certain amount of money before they can finish the evaluation, cash out their winnings, or make their account grow.

Every day, any size of account can lose up to 5% of its value.

Max. Loss: Any account can lose no more than 10%.

No Martingale Allowed: When traders buy, they can’t use the Martingale method.

Third-Party Risks: If traders use third-party copy trading or EAs, they might copy someone else’s trade plan or spend too much money.

The trader plans from Glow Node are designed to help many traders reach their goals by giving them many options and rules to follow. Traders can do well in the world of trading with Glow Node, whether they want to be judged or get money right away.

Glow Node Proof of Payment:

Glow Node should be at the top of their list if they want a complete trading tool that does everything. This new service has gotten a lot of praise, as shown by its impressive 4.6-star review on Trustpilot.

People love Glow Node because it has great customer service, an easy way to fill their accounts, good trading conditions, and a lively Discord community. Glow Node has the tools and chances to help them get better at trading, whether a short-term swing trader, day trader, scalper, or aspiring trader looking for money and learning materials.

No matter if traders are experts in futures, forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, or forex, Glow Node is for busy traders of all skill levels, making sure they have a great trading experience. Are trading ready to get better at trading?

Click here to open an account and unlock their trading potential with Glow Node.

Glow Node Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

The cost to join the Glow Node Prop Firm changes based on the size of their account.

Here is a list of the account sizes that are offered and how much they cost:

  • The smallest account, the $5,000 one, has a $50 assessment fee.
  • If traders choose a $10,000 account, they will have to pay a $99.00 review fee.
  • That cost is $199 if they pick the $25,000 account.
  • The review fee is $349 for an account worth $50,000.
  • There is a $499 review fee for the $100,000 account.
  • The largest account amount is $200,000, and the evaluation fee is $999.

It’s important to keep in mind that these fees are the review costs for each funded account size. To put it another way, they will need to pay the appropriate evaluation fee for their chosen account size before they can start their evaluation in the program.

What Makes Glow Node Unique?

Glow Node stands out in the trading world because it takes a different approach by giving three different funding programs that are made to fit a wide range of trading styles. What makes Glow Node stand out is that it gives traders a lot of freedom. They can trade during big news events, keep options open overnight, and even trade on the weekends.

Let’s look more closely at each of their programs:

Program for Two-Phase Evaluation: To be qualified for bi-weekly payouts through Glow Node’s two-phase evaluation program, traders must complete two separate stages. In Phase 1, the goal is to make 8% in profit, and in Phase 2, it’s 5%. There are also less strict rules, with a daily loss limit of 5% and a loss limit of 10%. It’s important to note that there are no limits on how many trading days can happen during each step. The scaling plan is part of the two-phase review program, which sets it apart from other top prop companies.

One-Phase Evaluation Program: Traders can choose from different account amounts in Glow Node’s one-phase evaluation program, but not in the two-phase program. Traders must meet a 10% profit goal and stick to a 4% daily loss and an 8% maximum loss cap to get paid every two weeks. Like with the two-phase program, there are no limits on the shortest or longest trade day. This program is different from others because it has a growth plan.

Instant Funding Program: Glow Node’s fast funding program is a simple way for traders to start making money right away. Its main condition is that traders stick to daily and maximum loss limits of 5%. Just like the other programs, quick funding accounts have a scaling plan that lets them make more money. The fact that there are no minimum or maximum trading days fits with Glow Node’s focus on giving traders freedom.

Glow Node stands out from other companies in the same field by offering a variety of funding plans that are designed to fit the needs of different traders. Its commitment to loosening trading rules, which lets people trade during big events and on weekends, makes it even more appealing. The only important thing to think about is that martingale tactics are not allowed, because Glow Node wants to promote responsible trading.

Glow Node Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


One hundred and fourteen buyers have given Glow Node 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. They have been checked out by Trustpilot. On this site, the business is in great shape.

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Positive Customer Responses on Trustpilot:

#1. According to Dossa N’sanigna, he had a good experience and Glow Node’s customer service answered his questions. He talks about how excited he is to become a funded trader on the site.

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#2. Thirstyyguy is excited about the free gaming tournaments that the prop company is holding on Discord. He just won an account, and now this great company is giving him money. His thanks are expressed by saying, “God bless y’all.”

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#3. Harsh Pasi says that Glow Node Forex Prop Firm is great and highly advises it. He says that they have great knowledge and advice about the FX market and stresses how open, helpful, and knowledgeable they are. He said it was the best option for traders who wanted to be successful at prop trading. 

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#4. Although Ebbe Dal Søndergaard says she broke a basic rule by accident, she is thankful for being given a second chance. He praises the fact that there aren’t many prop companies that treat their employees with kindness, recognizing their kind approach.

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#5. Ned Kelly gives Glow Node good marks for how quickly they responded to his questions and how well they helped him during his experience. He thought it was easy to set up with them and gave them a perfect score of 100% happiness. His praise for this funded account service is overwhelming.

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Negative Customer Responses on Trustpilot:

#1. Dwayne Brown had trouble with a $25,500 task. The site closed his account because he broke the daily draw-down limit, even though he hadn’t made any trades. He sent Ryan proof through Discord, but they didn’t agree. Following talks, Dwayne gave up. Because the task was so small, he thinks the platform could have reset the account. Dwayne’s experience with the prop company was bad because they didn’t treat him well as a customer.

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#2. Vibhu Ruhela has said that he was unhappy with his time on Glow Node. He said that for the $10,000 dare, he bought two accounts, but he can only trade in one of them at a time. His second challenge account is still not being used.

He found that Discord FAQs were written on February 12, but his account was only made on February 9, and he hadn’t gotten any email or notice that the account was about to expire. When he asked Glow Node for more information, they didn’t give him a very good answer. This means that Vibhu’s general experience with Glow Node has not been good.


#3. Noureddine Elachab has made his feelings known by saying that he is unhappy with not getting an answer. He tried to ask a question two days ago, but to his disappointment, he hadn’t heard anything yet. This lack of response makes the support staff look bad. His first question was put on the Glow Node Twitter account, but he still hasn’t heard back. Also, the chatbot didn’t offer an instant solution; it just told him to wait for more responses.

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#4. He doesn’t like a rule that the trading site makes him follow, so Masum Hasan criticizes it. Traders are not allowed to risk more than 3% of their capital on any one trade or trade involving the same exchange pair. He thinks that this rule has made things worse because it makes it harder for traders to finish their tasks. 

In his case, he passed the challenge even though he lost a maximum of USD 29, but the platform failed him by putting in a stop loss that was higher than the 3% limit, even though his daily loss limit was set at 5%.

When Masum encountered this problem, he tried to get it fixed through Discord contact but failed to find a good answer. Because of this, he is unhappy with the platform’s rules and customer service.

#5. Someone with the ID 20118931 who goes by the name “Nobody TPM” has claimed that the platform is not paying them and has not given a good reason. They’ve called the CEO a con artist. 

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Glow Node Customer Support: 

What makes Glow Node stand out is that its website is easy to use and well-organized. The platform’s simple layout makes it easy to navigate, giving users smooth access to all of its services. The funded trading program has an easy signup process, so traders can start their trip right away as long as they meet the requirements. Also, Glow Node’s free indicators and forex training programs come with clear directions that make it easy for traders to get the most out of them.

Glow Node is very active on several social media sites. Traders can get in touch with them through their Twitter account, which has 3,935 followers, or their Facebook page, which has 372 fans. Traders can join their Discord channel, which has 3,886 members, for a more interactive experience and to get updates, help, and community talks on trading strategies.

On Glow Node’s FAQ page, traders can find a lot of useful information that will answer any general questions they might have.

Traders can easily get in touch with the Glow Node help team through their social media pages. On the other hand, they can email them directly at If traders need help right away, they can use their live chat support to send them a message and get an answer via email. For their convenience, their Discord channel also has a support channel for specific help or technical problems.

One thing that sets Glow Node apart is its excellent customer service. The company has a helpful and knowledgeable customer service team that answers questions and addresses issues right away. Glow Node’s customer service is committed to making sure its clients have a great experience, whether they’re having to troubleshoot technical problems or asking questions about the platform’s services. It is important to know that Glow Node’s website does not have any extra teaching materials.

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Wrapping it up:

Glow Node is a complete tool for traders that focuses on teaching traders and has a lot of different funding programs. Even though it has clear benefits, it’s important to think about the pros and cons and personal tastes before making a choice.

Customers have given the site great reviews on Trustpilot, with many saying they are happy with Glow Node’s services, customer support, and features. Reviews that are positive show that the platform can be successful for prop trading. But some bad experiences have been recorded, mostly with certain rules and interactions with customer service.

Glow Node Review Details

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Account size up to:
Profit Split Up to 90%
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