Ment Funding Review

Ment Funding Review

Ment Funding is a forex prop firm with an attractive account and pricing. They offer up to $2,000,000 in funding to traders.

Ment Funding is a forex prop firm with an attractive account and pricing. They offer up to $2,000,000 in funding to traders.

  • Diverse Funding Options
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5
  • Available add-ons upon purchase
  • One-step Evaluation
  • No commissions on commodities and indices
  • A wide range of trading instruments
  • No restrictions on trading style
  • No minimum and maximum daily trading requirements
  • EAs, copy traders, scripts, indicators, and hedging allowed
  • News trading permitted
  • 75% profit split
  • Backed by EightCap
  • 5% Trailing Drawdown
  • Monthly Payouts
  • Flexible Leverage: 1:2 to 1:20
  • Recently Established Prop Firm
  • No Weekend Holdings

What is Ment Funding?

Ment Funding, a subsidiary of MentFX, an established Forex educational platform, is an invaluable resource for traders seeking to enhance their skills and achieve success in the financial markets. At its core, MentFX provides a wealth of educational content on YouTube, comprising both free resources and a comprehensive paid mentorship program, catering to traders of various levels of experience and expertise.

The journey of Ment Funding commenced in October 2020, when it was originally founded as an educational platform geared toward assisting traders in honing their skills and knowledge in the world of forex trading. However, the company swiftly evolved and diversified its services, marking a significant milestone in June 2021 when it ventured into the realm of funding forex traders.

With its headquarters nestled in the heart of Texas, USA, Ment Funding extends a generous opportunity to traders by granting them access to an impressive $2,000,000 account balance per account. This is made possible through a strategic partnership with the ASIC-regulated broker Eightcap, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The physical hub of Ment Funding’s operations is conveniently situated at 5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731, reflecting its strong presence in the industry.

What sets Ment Funding apart from the majority of industry-leading proprietary trading firms is its dedication to empowering traders to achieve excellence in their careers. One of the most distinctive features of Ment Funding is the simplicity and transparency of its one-step evaluation program. This unique approach provides traders with a clear pathway to access significant capital and showcase their trading abilities. Furthermore, Ment Funding prides itself on creating a fair trading environment, enabling traders to navigate and participate in the markets with confidence.

Unlike some firms that impose restrictions, Ment Funding allows traders to operate during pivotal news events and even maintain positions overnight, fostering a flexible and accommodating trading experience that aligns with the ever-evolving dynamics of the global financial markets. In sum, Ment Funding stands as a beacon of opportunity and support for traders, offering them the tools and environment they need to thrive in the complex and dynamic world of forex trading.

Logo of Ment Funding

Anton Calmes (Chief Executive Officer) at Ment Funding:

Anton Calmes holds the prominent position of Chief Executive Officer at Ment Funding, where he assumes a pivotal leadership role within the company. In this capacity, he is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of the firm. His role involves making critical decisions, shaping the company’s vision, and overseeing its day-to-day operations.

As the CEO, Anton Calmes plays a crucial role in setting the company’s goals and objectives, as well as establishing the policies and procedures necessary for its successful operation. He is also responsible for fostering a culture of innovation, growth, and excellence within the organization.

Anton’s leadership is instrumental in ensuring that Ment Funding provides a reliable and secure trading environment for its clients, offering them opportunities to showcase their trading skills and access funding. His experience and vision contribute to the firm’s efforts to redefine industry standards and create a supportive community for traders.

In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Anton Calmes is likely involved in forming partnerships, managing client relations, and steering the company towards continued success in the competitive world of proprietary trading and financial services. His leadership and expertise play a significant role in the firm’s mission to empower traders and provide a transparent, educational, and growth-oriented platform.

Ment Funding Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Ment Funding, in its commitment to nurturing and supporting traders, offers a comprehensive one-step evaluation program that paves the way for aspiring traders to achieve their trading goals. This program stands as a bridge to funded accounts, allowing traders to earn significant profits and build their careers. It’s all about the philosophy that “your gains are our gains.”

I. Evaluation Program Accounts:

The cornerstone of Ment Funding’s evaluation program lies in its diverse range of account sizes, each tailored to accommodate traders with varying levels of expertise and ambitions. These accounts serve as a stepping stone toward achieving funding status.

Account Size and Pricing:

  • $25,000 – $250
  • $50,000 – $450
  • $100,000 – $750
  • $200,000 – $1,500
  • $400,000 – $3,000
  • $1,000,000 – $7,500
  • $2,000,000 – $15,000

II. Evaluation Phase Requirements:

The evaluation phase of Ment Funding’s program is a pivotal stage where traders are required to demonstrate their skills. To successfully transition to a funded account, traders must meet the following criteria:

  • Achieve a profit target of 10%
  • Maintain a maximum daily loss of 5%
  • Adhere to a maximum drawdown of 6%

During the evaluation phase, there are no specific minimum or maximum trading day requirements. The primary goal is to reach the profit target to secure a funded account.

III. Funded Account Advancement:

Upon completing the evaluation phase, traders earn a funded account, and here the dynamics change:

  • There are no profit targets in the funded account
  • The maximum daily loss remains at 5%
  • The maximum drawdown requirement of 6% still applies

Notably, traders have the flexibility to request profit splits from 75% to 90% at any time, with any subsequent payouts scheduled every month.

IV. Evaluation Program Account Scaling Plan:

Ment Funding recognizes the importance of traders’ continuous growth. While account balance scaling is not available, traders have the opportunity to increase their lot size limitations by compounding profits. The scaling plan is as follows:

  • For each $10,000 in profit, traders can increase their lot size limit by 1 lot

V. Evaluation Program Account Rules:

Ment Funding has established specific rules to ensure a fair and transparent trading environment. These rules guide the behavior and practices of traders in the program:

  • Profit target: A 10% profit target in the evaluation phase; no profit targets in funded accounts
  • Maximum daily loss: A daily loss limit of 5% for all account sizes
  • Maximum drawdown: A maximum drawdown limit of 6% for all account sizes
  • Stop-loss required: Traders must set stop-loss orders on all positions (unless an upgrade is selected)
  • Lot size limit: Traders must adhere to specified lot sizes, with the option to increase the lot size limit with account growth
  • No weekend holding: Traders are not allowed to hold open positions over the weekends (unless an upgrade is chosen)

Ment Funding’s evaluation program is structured to support traders at every stage, providing them with a clear path to success and growth in the world of trading.

Ment Funding Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Ment Funding is committed to providing traders with a fair and supportive trading environment, and it has strategically partnered with Eightcap, a well-respected broker with a strong reputation. This partnership has been formed to offer traders a seamless and dependable platform for their trading activities. Eightcap, known for its reliability and services, aligns perfectly with Ment Funding’s mission.

I. Diverse Trading Options-

Eightcap recognizes the unique needs and preferences of traders supported by Ment Funding. To cater to this diversity, Eightcap offers two distinct account types:

1. Raw Accounts:

These accounts are tailored for traders who prefer a direct and transparent pricing structure. A commission-based cost structure characterizes raw accounts. This means that traders pay a commission on their trades in exchange for tight spreads, ensuring pricing transparency.

2. Standard Accounts:

On the other hand, standard accounts cater to traders who prefer simplicity and convenience. Costs in standard accounts are embedded within the spread, making it a straightforward choice for those who want an all-inclusive trading experience. This approach is designed to provide ease of use and reduce the need for complex fee calculations.

II. Tailored Cost Structures-

Eightcap’s approach to offering raw and standard accounts with distinct cost structures allows traders supported by Ment Funding to choose the option that best aligns with their trading strategies and preferences.

  • For standard accounts, the cost is wrapped into the spread, which simplifies the trading process. Traders can focus on executing their strategies without the need to account for additional fees.
  • Raw accounts, on the other hand, follow a commission-based model. Traders in these accounts pay a clear and separate commission, ensuring transparency in trading costs. Traders who value accuracy in cost tracking may favor this strategy.

By providing these account types with different cost structures, Ment Funding and Eightcap empower traders to make informed choices that suit their trading styles and objectives.

Ment Funding’s partnership with Eightcap, combined with the diverse account options, reflects a commitment to delivering a fair and adaptable trading environment that caters to the unique needs of traders. This collaboration serves as a testament to the dedication of both organizations to support and nurture traders as they pursue success in the financial markets.

Ment Funding Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Trading fees are a critical aspect of any trader’s consideration, and at Ment Funding, they’ve been structured with transparency and flexibility in mind. Traders will find that the fees are categorized based on the type of assets being traded, ensuring that the cost structure aligns with the nature of the trading instrument. For Forex trading, there is a clear and straightforward trading commission of 6 USD per lot, allowing traders to easily calculate their costs. When it comes to trading commodities and indices, Ment Funding takes a customer-centric approach by offering a trading commission of 0 USD per lot, helping traders maximize their returns. For share trading, there is a distinction between US and UK stocks.

Traders dealing in US stocks are charged a commission of 4 USD per lot, while those trading UK stocks incur a competitive fee of 0.01% per lot. Finally, in the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrencies, Ment Funding provides traders with a cost advantage, offering a trading commission of 0 USD per lot, enabling traders to harness the potential of digital assets without incurring substantial fees. This structured fee system is designed to provide clarity and adaptability, ensuring that traders can select the most cost-effective approach for their trading strategies across various asset classes.

Ment Funding Proof of Payment:

Ment Funding is a reputable proprietary trading firm that has carved its path in the industry since its establishment in October 2020. In June 2021, it further diversified its operations by venturing into the world of proprietary trading, solidifying its status as a trusted partner for traders. One of the remarkable aspects of Ment Funding’s program is its payout structure, designed with traders’ convenience and success in mind.

I. Payout Flexibility:

Upon achieving funded status and generating profits on your trading account, Ment Funding grants you the flexibility to request your first payout at your convenience. This initial payout is a testament to the success of your trading endeavors, and the firm ensures that you have the autonomy to access your earnings promptly. This provision sets the stage for traders to enjoy the fruits of their labor without undue restrictions.

II. Monthly Payouts:

Following the initial payout, Ment Funding maintains its commitment to ensuring that traders can easily access their earnings. Subsequent payouts are available every month, creating a predictable and consistent flow of funds for traders. This approach reflects Ment Funding’s dedication to nurturing traders and facilitating their financial growth within the program.

III. Community-Driven Validation:

Ment Funding’s commitment to transparency and trust extends to its vibrant community of traders. The firm has cultivated a supportive environment where traders come together on platforms like Discord to share their experiences and achievements. A striking feature of this community is the sharing of payment proof, which serves as tangible evidence of the success stories within the Ment Funding program.

IV. Real-World Examples:

As an illustration of this community-driven validation, two instances of payment proof from the Discord channel are presented. These examples showcase actual traders who have reaped the rewards of their efforts and skills within the Ment Funding program. Such real-world evidence serves as a source of inspiration and assurance for new and aspiring traders, reinforcing the firm’s commitment to empowering individuals in their trading journeys.

Ment Funding’s consistent and transparent approach to payouts, coupled with the community-driven validation, reflects a commitment to building trust and fostering success in the world of trading. Through its proven track record and supportive community, Ment Funding continues to be a reliable partner for traders seeking to excel in their trading careers.

Ment Funding Customer Support: 

Ment Funding recognizes the importance of accessibility and engagement in the world of trading, and this ethos is reflected in its extensive presence on social media platforms.

Here’s where you can find and interact with Ment Funding across various channels:

I. YouTube Channel:

Ment Funding boasts an informative and engaging YouTube channel with 651 subscribers. This channel hosts seven uploaded videos, serving as a valuable resource for traders of all levels. From educational content to insights into the trading world, the YouTube channel provides a visual dimension to Ment Funding’s offerings.

II. Twitter:

On Twitter, Ment Funding has fostered a community of 5,499 followers. This platform serves as a dynamic space for real-time updates, news, and interactions with the trading community. By following their Twitter account, traders can stay informed about the latest developments and engage in discussions with like-minded individuals.

III. Instagram:

Ment Funding’s Instagram presence is thriving, with 9,836 followers. This platform offers a visual journey into the world of trading, providing a unique perspective on the firm’s activities and achievements. It’s a source of inspiration for traders and an avenue for staying connected with the community.

IV. Discord Channel:

The Ment Funding community finds a vibrant home on Discord, where the firm’s Discord channel welcomes 9,482 members. This space serves as an interactive hub for discussions, sharing experiences, and seeking guidance. It’s a testament to Ment Funding’s commitment to fostering a supportive trading environment.

V. FAQ Page and Support:

For those seeking information and assistance, Ment Funding has established a comprehensive FAQ page where you can find answers to your questions about the firm, its services, and the trading program. 

Additionally, their support team is readily available across their social media channels, ensuring that queries are addressed promptly. Alternatively, you can contact them directly on their website, where you will be seamlessly redirected to their bustling Discord channel, a central hub for communication and collaboration within the Ment Funding community.

Ment Funding’s multichannel presence on social media, coupled with a wealth of resources and support options, ensures that traders can connect, learn, and grow within the firm’s supportive and thriving trading community.

Ment Funding Twitter

What makes Ment Funding unique?

Ment Funding stands out as a unique entity among the leading firms in the industry, primarily because of its distinctive one-step evaluation program. In contrast to other proprietary trading firms, the Ment Funding evaluation process is streamlined into a single step, making it efficient and straightforward for aspiring traders. Under this program, traders are required to meet a specific profit target before becoming eligible for payouts.

The key criteria for success in the evaluation program involve achieving a profit of 10% while maintaining a daily loss limit of 5%. Additionally, traders must adhere to a maximum drawdown limit of 6% and implement stop-loss orders, unless they have opted for a premium upgrade that grants them exceptions to this rule. There are also strict limitations on lot sizes, further ensuring risk management and responsible trading.

One significant advantage of Ment Funding is that it imposes no minimum or maximum trading day requirements on its traders. This means that traders do not face the added pressure of time constraints, allowing for a more flexible and stress-free trading experience. Without rigid daily quotas or limitations on trading frequency, traders are free to choose their trading schedule.

Furthermore, Ment Funding permits traders to engage in trading activities during news events and even hold positions overnight. This flexibility is a departure from some other prop trading firms that impose restrictions on trading during news releases or holding positions overnight. The ability to trade during significant market-moving events and maintain positions outside of regular trading hours can be a valuable asset for traders seeking to seize opportunities and manage their strategies effectively.

One distinctive aspect of Ment Funding’s scaling plan sets it apart from other firms. While most firms allow traders to scale their account balance as they compound their profits, Ment Funding’s approach is different. Instead of scaling the account balance, traders are permitted to adjust their lot size limitations as they grow their funded accounts. This unique scaling approach empowers traders to make proportional adjustments to their trading positions, aligning them with their growing capital while maintaining risk management principles.

Ment Funding is different from most of the top proprietary trading firms in the industry because it has a clear evaluation process, no minimum or maximum trading day requirements, and traders can trade during news events and hold positions overnight. This distinctive approach provides traders with a unique and flexible trading environment while maintaining a strong focus on risk management and responsible trading practices.

Ment Funding Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


On Trustpilot, Ment Funding has 4.8 stars out of 5 stars, and a total of 118 customers reviewed them there. They are a verified company on Trustpilot. The company is in an excellent state on this platform.

Ment Funding Trustpilot

Customer Responses on Various Rating Websites:

#1. Gouci’s assessment highlights that the exorbitantly high pricing and excessively stringent regulations at this proprietary trading firm set it apart from its peers in the industry. While Anton may have valid reasons for making this particular choice, it’s undeniable that these factors can be a major source of frustration for many traders, myself included. It’s important to note that we’re not referring to those with a gambling mindset, but rather traders who are seeking a more balanced and conducive trading environment.

ARQ8OzFCVCvIVcTSqDazZVY4pkn52Mi60bIPMEkaRDsv31me56Z26Z2WK7dsP7QdafoOWGrg3q0WWkqfovJtOjWDlvlZRxL7HwtdhXhjhsihL4Rcq8HW0B71ySi qgLsj3f56fOV3tUKTPugbI2wPzY

#2. According to Blessings Makwinja, the conditions on paper appear to be quite favorable, with a 1:10 leverage ratio being well-suited for a $20,000 trading account. However, his primary concern revolves around the legitimacy of this particular trading group and whether it will remain stable, as many proprietary firms have abruptly closed in the past.

He has taken the precaution of testing a demo account with their affiliated broker, which has yielded satisfactory results, particularly in terms of spreads. Nonetheless, Blessings’ trust remains firmly placed in, a well-established platform with a long-standing track record in the industry.

Ment Funding reviews on Trustpilot

#3. Damelin Aobakwe Tlaletsi is curious about the rationale behind implementing a trailing 5% drawdown as opposed to simply having an absolute drawdown limit. He believes that a 5% drawdown is already a set limit, and he has attempted to find videos or resources explaining this concept. Furthermore, he is wondering whether the 5% trailing drawdown means that he will be continuously monitored on both the assessment and the live trading account until he successfully meets this limit.

Ment Funding review on Trustpilot

#4. Ethan Marrs commends the prompt and dependable response of the support staff at Ment Funding. He points out that in the industry, there are only a few firms as dedicated to their clients as Ment Funding, which he finds truly impressive.

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Wrapping it up:

Ment Funding seamlessly blends the roles of an educational platform and a proprietary trading firm into one comprehensive entity. While some novice traders may be initially hesitant due to the relatively higher costs, and experienced traders might miss the presence of a scaling plan, these are the only notable drawbacks. Beyond these aspects, there is very little not to appreciate about this particular proprietary firm.

What truly sets Ment Funding apart is its unwavering commitment to education, unwavering support, and fostering a spirit of collaboration among its diverse community of traders. This commitment is a testament to its dedication to reshaping industry norms. Ment Funding is more than just a proprietary trading firm; it serves as a thriving community of dedicated traders who all share a common vision of success.

For traders seeking a platform that not only recognizes their skills but also offers a clearly defined path toward growth and securing funding, Ment Funding emerges as a compelling choice. In a world where trading education and opportunities have often been elusive or mired in complexity, Ment Funding stands as a guiding light, epitomizing simplicity, transparency, and empowerment for traders.

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