Stocknet Institute Review

Stocknet Institute Review

Stocknet Institute is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

Stocknet Institute is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

  • High max drawdown of 8%/12% (Standard/Dynamic)
  • Surpassing the 5% standard in most funding models
  • Fast and simple scaling with a 100% boost of capital upon reaching 10% profit
  • Consistently praised excellent trader support in reviews
  • Trustpilot rating is high with 4.7/5
  • Stocknet provides a downloadable course on their Discord platform
  • There’s a need for more educational content to enhance traders’ learning experiences in the future

What is Stocknet Institute?

Stocknet Institute was founded in 2021 by Nicholas Hall and Aaron Robert Wright and is based in Newcastle, UK. The institute provides financial opportunities to traders globally, focusing on building strong and long-lasting connections with traders rather than just increasing recruitment numbers. This method is in line with the institute’s mission statement and highlights its dedication to building trust and loyalty among traders by prioritizing quality over quantity.

Stocknet Institute strives to move beyond typical transactional finance models by focusing on creating relationships to foster mutual progress and success. This method improves trader satisfaction and retention while also promoting a feeling of community and cooperation within the institute’s ecosystem.

Stocknet Institute’s worldwide presence highlights its commitment to making trading possibilities accessible to prospective traders globally by providing essential information and support for their success. The institute’s inclusive strategy demonstrates its dedication to creating equal opportunities in the trading sector, irrespective of geographical location or background.

Stocknet Institute’s founding principles focus on relationship-centric funding and worldwide accessibility, representing a forward-thinking approach in the proprietary trading business. Stocknet Institute redefines industry norms and empowers traders to reach financial goals through dedication and creative funding approaches.

logo of Stocknet Institute.

Stocknet Institute Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Becoming a funded trader with Stocknet Institute requires passing their prop firm challenge. It is a one-stage evaluation that tests trading skills and discipline in real-world markets. To participate in the challenge, traders must pay a one-time charge that varies depending on the size of their account. The charge is between GBP 80 for a $1,250 account and £5,120 for a $80,000 account. However, the price is refunded if the challenge is completed.

  • The Maximum Loss Limit is 8% for basic accounts and 12% for dynamic accounts; exceeding this limit results in failure and fee loss.
  • The profit target is 10% for conventional accounts and 15% for dynamic accounts, to be met within 30 calendar days.
  • Minimum Trading Days: 10 days for both basic and dynamic accounts, with at least one new position added every day.
  • Maximum Position Size: 5 to 40 contracts, depending on account size.

Traders have complete freedom to employ any instrument supplied by Stocknet Institute, as well as a wide range of trading methods and tactics such as expert advisers, hedging, scalping, news trading, weekend trading, and overnight trading.

Passing the Stocknet Institute Challenge: Strategies for Success

To successfully pass the Stocknet Institute challenge, one must possess a combination of skill, discipline, patience, and consistency. Here are tips to improve your likelihood of success:

  • Choose an account size that matches your trading approach and risk tolerance, while avoiding excessive leverage or insufficient leverage.
  • Plan each trade carefully, including precise entry, exit, & stop-loss strategies, and follow trading rules scrupulously to avoid making emotional or impulsive judgments.
  • Practice careful risk and money management by restricting the risk of each trade to 1% or 2% of your account balance. Use suitable position sizing and leverage, and avoid chasing losses or excessive trading.
  • Consistently evaluate your performance and growth by tracking earnings, losses, drawdowns, win rate, risk-reward ratio, and other metrics. Learn from mistakes and capitalize on strengths.
  • Stay flexible and adaptable by modifying trading methods according to market conditions and volatility, and decisively limiting losses or letting profits grow when appropriate.
  • Develop patience and consistency by prioritizing the process over results, aiming for gradual and lasting progress rather than quick and risky profits, and understanding that achieving profit goals may take time and include several transactions.

Stocknet Institute: Achieving a Funded Account

Stocknet Institute’s sponsored account includes three primary features:

  1. Profit Split: This feature calculates the monthly percentage of profits allocated to traders. Both conventional and dynamic accounts begin with a profit split of 50%. However, this percentage can rise to 75% based on performance and scaling strategy.
  1. Scaling Plan: Traders can boost their funded account balances by reaching certain milestones. The scaling plan starts at 10% for ordinary accounts and 15% for dynamic accounts. However, it can increase up to 100% based on performance and profit sharing.
  1. Trading Rules: This feature is akin to challenge rules, with a lower maximum loss limit of 4% for normal accounts and 6% for dynamic accounts. Traders must follow these rules when utilizing identical instruments and tactics as in the challenge.

Traders have the option to withdraw gains every month, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of $500. Upon completing the task, they can also retrieve their initial fee. Accepted payment methods are bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin.

Trading with the funded account is ongoing, dependent on being active and profitable, and necessitates at least one trade every 30 days to prevent inactivity charges. Traders are required to adhere to the KYC verification process and submit personal and banking information.

Stocknet Institute provides a selection of brokers including Blueberry Markets, IC Markets, and Global Prime, as well as platforms such as MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. Access can be obtained via their online platform or mobile application.

Stocknet Institute Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Traders can choose between Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 as their trading platform when signing up for an account. Stocknet suggests utilizing Metatrader 4 for traders who are concentrating on indices because of the varying degrees of liquidity. Using an expert advisor created in mql4 requires MT4, whereas Metatrader 5 is generally the best choice for other situations.

Spreads and Commissions 

Forex charges are $6 per lot, with no commissions charged for other instruments. FX pairs have narrow spreads, usually between 0.0 and 0.5 pips.

Stocknet Institute Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Extensive research is essential while looking for an online prop firm to collaborate with. It is advisable to confirm details like the company’s location, information regarding the CEO, and feedback from past customers.

Additionally, a common way to verify the authenticity of a company is by examining proof of payments. Traders frequently post pictures of their payouts, typically on platforms such as Discord or other social media.

Stocknet Institute Proof of Payment:

When looking for an online prop firm to collaborate with, it is essential to carry out thorough research. It is advisable to confirm details such as the company’s location, CEO’s background, and feedback from past customers.

Moreover, a common way to verify the authenticity of a company is by examining proof of payments. Traders frequently post photographs of their payouts, typically on platforms such as Discord or other social media.

Stocknet Institute Customer Support: 

Stocknet Institute recognizes the importance of offering strong customer support services to immediately handle its partner traders’ complaints and requests. The company provides two primary avenues for clients to reach their technical support team: either email or the official mailing address.

Contact Information 

Email I.D.-

Address- Stocknet FX Limited, Ground Floor J33, The AvenuesTeam Valley Trading Estate, Tyne and Wear NE110NJ, United Kingdom.

What Makes Stocknet Institute Unique? 

Stocknet Institute is committed to empowering traders from various backgrounds by offering them top-notch tools and opportunities to enter the trading industry. They have introduced a novel fundraising method that removes conventional obstacles and laborious verifications, showcasing their dedication to diversity. 

Stocknet Institute’s flagship programs, Evolution and Quickstart, demonstrate this dedication. The Evolution program, initiated in March 2022, offers traders immediate, unrestricted capital without traditional review procedures. This enables traders to concentrate exclusively on trading without facing any artificial obstacles. 

Quickstart, initiated in September 2022, is an innovative program in proprietary trading. It provides access to greater amounts of capital without the usual obstacles, eliminating restrictions that frequently deter potential traders. This program encourages a wider variety of trading styles and strategies.

Stocknet Institute Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?

The Stocknet Institute has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. They are on the grand stage near the platform. A total of 640 reviews have been left by customers on Trustpilot. 

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#1. Based on Jonatan Linares’s recommendation, SI has been fantastic for me throughout the six months that he has used it.

More specifically, he was able to collect multiple profit splits from them. And with its help, he was able to get certain subjective matters settled fairly.

It appears like they put a lot of thought into new programs and goods so that they may have a strong launch. The reason is that, unlike competing businesses, they do not abruptly alter program conditions.

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#2. According to Ahmed Hassan, Stocknet is an excellent firm. He has been with them since the start of 2023 and has not had any problems. He experienced a technical issue with his account and reached out to Lars from the support service team. Lars provided excellent support and resolved the issue promptly on the same day. Prompt reply and outstanding service. Thank you Stocknet and Lars!

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#3. DR warned by stating that to be cautious about the 5-second rule. The broker Blueberry provides nice feed and has strong support. As a scalper, the primary drawback for him is their 5-second rule, which is highly unfavorable. His account was breached before he realized it.

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#4. Andra Sadikin asserts that everything is excellent, except the 5-second rule.

She conducted 88 trades, but just 2 of them violated the 5-second threshold and resulted in a breach.

She places a limited order for each trade with great caution. However, occasionally the price is beyond her control and triggers my stop-loss. The SL is intended for her safety, however the 5-second rule led to her account being breached.

Everyone is required to adhere to this 5-second guideline. Perhaps they should consider amending the existing 5-second rule. 1 breach occurs with every 30 trades. People will consider rejoining if someone can address the issue of the 5-second rule.

Stocknet Institute review

#5. According to GV, he expressed a lack of trust in this company, stating that they are not interested in successful traders since they only deal with demo accounts. Do profitable traders provide any tangible benefits to their company? Is there evidence of traders with substantial funded accounts? The figures are inaccurate. Do not be enticed by their marketing; it is all misleading. While they may pay out small amounts, they are unlikely to pay significant sums. They are fraudulent individuals.

Stocknet Institute complaints


Stocknet Institute is a significant platform in the realm of proprietary trading. They are transforming an industry perceived as elite by implementing a new funding model, emphasizing diversity, and maintaining transparent processes. They provide two programs, Evolution and Quickstart, that embody their vision. These programs assist traders of various backgrounds in pursuing their trading interests without additional obstacles.

It is crucial to acknowledge that trading does not ensure immediate riches. Success requires dedicated effort, persistent dedication, and ongoing learning due to the genuine hazards involved. Stocknet Institute’s seminars provide a valuable foundation for budding traders, who should approach the markets with caution and a realistic view of the potential hurdles.

Stocknet Institute’s objective to democratize trading and offer opportunities globally is praiseworthy. They promote a more accessible and fair trading environment by adopting inclusivity, sustainability, and transparency. Although the path to successful trading may have challenges, ambitious traders may overcome them and advance toward their goals with the appropriate mindset and approach.

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Stocknet Institute Review
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