Super Funded Review

Super Funded Review

Super Funded is a forex prop firm with an attractive One-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

Super Funded is a forex prop firm with an attractive One-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

  • Access a capital allocation of up to $600,000 with real accounts
  • Benefit from a 90% profit split
  • Engage in news trading
  • Hold positions over weekends and overnight without minimum trading day requirements
  • All are facilitated through a streamlined one-step evaluation process
  • Absence of community feedback
  • Unverified payment proof
  • Adherence to consistency rules
  • Limited leverage options at 1:30, 1:20, and 1:2

What is Super Funded?

logo of Super Funded 

The Australian company Super Funded gives buyers up to $600,000 in funding in exchange for a 90% share of the profits. They worked together with Eightcap, a broker in Melbourne that is licensed by ASIC, to make dealing better for traders by combining their technology. 

Super Funded is owned and run by an Australian private company called PropTradeTech Pty Ltd (ACN 661 045 950). On February 23, 2023, Super Funded began doing business. The Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia-based Super Funded aims to enable traders around the world by giving them the chance to make big profits. 

The business says that buyers who want to get money must go through a test to show how skilled and responsible they are. Applicants who are accepted get a large 90% share of future earnings.

Super Funded Brokers: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

When looking at prop companies that fit certain forex trading styles, it is important to see how realistic their trading criteria are. If a company offers an attractively high percentage of profit sharing for an account with plenty of money, this arrangement is less likely to work if it needs big percentage raises every month and small percentage drops at the most. These circumstances have a big effect on the chances of success.

If traders need money, Super Funded is a great choice to think about. The evaluation program includes useful trading goals, such as an average profit goal of 10% and strict rules for the biggest losses (a maximum of 4% per day and a total maximum of 8%). 

Taking advantage of these practical factors makes getting cash from Super Funded’s review program a viable and advantageous option. This makes it an important choice for traders seeking funding with manageable terms for payouts.

Super Funded: Use Brokers

The technology that Super Funded made has been added to Eightcap, an Australian exchange based in Melbourne that is licensed by ASIC. Their main goal since they started in 2009 has been to provide excellent banking services to their clients. The company has five offices around the world and follows the rules in many places. This lets clients from all over the world trade in many markets, such as foreign exchange, indices, commodities, and stocks.

The overall Trust Score of 73 out of 99 for Eightcap shows that it is a moderately risky place to do business. Some things about them are:

  1. Copy trading and social trading in forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs
  2. There are 45 Forex Pairs in all.
  3. 326 Symbols can be traded.

There are two types of accounts on Super Funded: Raw and Standard. The costs and fees will change based on the choices traders make. For Regular accounts, the fees are part of the spread. For Raw accounts, the fees are part of the fee. 

It is important to always think about the overnight cost, which is the interest rate that is charged for leaving a trade open overnight. People can use a leverage ratio of 1:30 on the site, but there are limits based on how much trading they do.

Super Funded Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Super Funded gives buyers an easy-to-use evaluation system with five different account sizes.

Evaluation Program Accounts

Finding skilled traders and giving them the tools they need to make a lot of money through trading is the main goal of the Super Funded review program. They get rewards for always doing a good job during the single-phase evaluation time. People with an evaluation program account can trade with a number up to 1:30.

Account Size Prize

During the review phase, traders must meet a 10% profit goal and remain within the rules that say they can’t lose more than 4% per day or 8% in total. 

There are no minimum trading days for the evaluation account, but traders must meet the standards for the assessment within 90 calendar days of opening the account. Once the review is done, the account is funded, and profit goals are no longer necessary. 

The paid account traders must follow the rules that say they can lose no more than 4% per day and no more than 8% total. The first payment is 90% of the profit made on the funded account. Traders can get more payments every two weeks.

Evaluation Program Account Scaling Plan

The review program doesn’t have a plan for how to make it bigger.

Evaluation Program Account Rules

  1. The word “profit target” refers to a set percentage of profit that traders must reach to finish an evaluation phase, get their money, or make their accounts bigger. For review programs, a 10% profit goal is needed, but for funded accounts, there are no profit goals.
  1. Maximum Daily Loss: The most money that can be lost in a day before the account is thought to be in violation. This is true for all account sizes. The biggest drop that can happen in a single day has been set at 4%.
  1. Maximum Loss: The biggest amount of money that can be lost before the account is thought to be in violation. 
  1. Relevant for Accounts of Any Size: The biggest loss that could happen is 8%.
  1. Maximum Trading Days: This is the biggest amount of time that a certain profit or withdrawal goal can be met. Not allowed to last longer than 90 days in a row.
  1. The Consistency Rule says that position sizes, risk management, losses, wins, and other account features must all stay the same. The best deal has been made for Profit Restriction, which should not make more than 50% of the complete profit goal.
  1. Third-Party EA Risk: This section talks about the possible risk of using a third-party EA because other people may be using the same trade strategy. If traders go over the highest capital allocation limit, their funded account or withdrawal could be turned down.
  1. Copy trading is not allowed. Traders can’t use any kind of copy trading tool.

Super Funded Proof of Payment:

Super Funded is a selling company that was founded on February 23, 2023 and is privately owned.

Traders who use Super Funded can start their first exit 30 calendar days after the first trade they made with their funded account. Once the first payment is made, traders can ask for another payout every two weeks. People who trade have the right to get 90% of their income.

Since the service just started in February 2023, there isn’t a lot of information available yet about proof of payouts. On the other hand, below is an example of how Super Funded paid one of its successful and profitable customers.

Super Funded Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Trading commission:

Assets Fee Terms 
Forex 7 USD/LOT 
Commodities 7 USD/LOT 
Indices 7 USD/LOT 
Crypto 7 USD/LOT 

Education & Support for Traders: 

The Super Funded page doesn’t have any learning materials. However, it does offer traders a very well-organized dashboard that shows information in real time and helps them control risk.

What Makes Super Funded Unique? 

As a proprietary trading company, Super Funded gives traders the freedom to trade in the way that works best for them. They are different from other businesses because they don’t have minimum trade day requirements. 

This feature lets people trade during the time that news comes out and keep their options open overnight along on weekends.

Their evaluation process is very easy; it only has one step. Traders must hit a profit goal of 10% while making sure that their biggest daily loss does not go over 4% and their biggest overall loss does not go over 8% to get paid. 

During the review phase, there is no minimum number of trading days that must be met, and there are no plans to change the size of the evaluation program accounts.

In conclusion, Super Funded is different from other private trading firms because it lets traders use any trading method they want without any restrictions. 

People can choose how fast they want to go through the review process. They are not required to trade on certain days, and they can trade for up to 90 days in a row. The company gives them the chance to carefully look at the market situation and make smart trading decisions.

Super Funded Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?


On Trustpilot, 2.8 stars out of 5 are given to Super Funded for good customer service based on 5 reviews. Super Funded has been proven to be a trustworthy business in the market, and its members have always had a good opinion of it.

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#1. Любенoвa was very happy with this proprietary trading company and emphasized how much they cared about their traders and how quickly they fixed any problems that came up.

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#2. Atiq Ul Rehman said that this company just got some money. But the website should have a few important things on it, like a Discord group, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The website doesn’t have an address or phone number, and it doesn’t say anything about the people or teams who started this business. Some people think that this site needs a lot of work to be done on it. Thanks!

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#3. Emilio Trevino said he officially asked to be withdrawn, but the Super Funded team found that he had broken the rules and kicked him out. They claimed that he broke the rules about copy dealing, but he said that their claim was false and that they hadn’t shown any proof to back up their claim. Even though he has been trying to get his money, they say he broke the law. They are making up reasons not to pay because they are making a lot of money from it. Thinking that the Secure Funded is a scam.

Not being polite and giving bad customer service.

There are many mistakes on the page.

He said that he planned to keep everyone up to date daily.

As of September 27, 2009, several writing mistakes in their emails showed that they were not professional in how they handled the case. To make matters worse, they kept saying there was a break without giving any proof to back up their claims.

Stop the silliness and give the project all the money it needs.

OwPlthXlK24 eDgjBfKHPRAbiQ PIUlMYCGWtWJlS6Ays47Zn27guKBCmzKagsrkJP 9KULhQdt0E3GBFjdOm2VCMcCj3w8j5L5NiyetKFV43WaHLYHuAG3ankpdG6SVCMuDnIkYqjG8gRomL5p48qY

#4. Vjay Yadav says that is not good enough. This company is the worst in its full field. Xaus’s margin level was changed during a live trade, which caused his open contract to be sold automatically. Because of the changes in XAU, the margin requirement suddenly went up from 6000k to 16,000. This meant that he had to close his accounts. He was the one who never stopped after them. and fought for his strategic benefits and profit margins. They didn’t seem scared at all.

They are having big problems with technology and IT. A big problem is that there are not enough people. It has been going on for a while now. A lot of people say that everything is planned and set up correctly.

At the moment, they are making plans to cut his earnings by a large amount, which is around 50,000k or more. He is asking for help from anyone who can stop them from committing scams against people in the UK. He said that he was writing this message after sending them several emails, but they didn’t seem to care at all.

He finished all three of their tasks, but they are having a lot of trouble getting paid right now. They haven’t paid more than half of his friends, even though they made them wait for three weeks. All of them joined. Finally, using either of the reasons to dismiss, they make their case.

1. The company claims that it will give traders back the money they spent on their task.

2. The firm asserted that they’ll give traders a free, harder job to do again.

Please forgive me!

In what do the earnings lie? A lot of people have been scammed by them.

He is going through a battle inside. He will encourage his other friends to give their opinions too.

At this point, they have decided not to commit theft against other people.

He has all the proof, including photos, emails, dashboard records, and other things.

Think about the idea of profit and leverage that he brought up first. He believes that they are not worried because they know that they will take all $25,000 from his account and never lose any money.

Please keep the space. This plan is a very bad scam. Whenever anyone deals with them, they face big problems and hurdles in every way. There is not enough education and understanding in many areas, such as IT, dashboard management, live trading, and professional staffing. 

When presented with proof, the staff members simply type something and say sorry for their mistakes. Furthermore, we were looking at old records and made a mistake by accident. When dealing with people who have a live account, they use many different methods. Up until that point, they had even been given a serious certificate for a certain type of degree.

Be careful, because anyone can call me and show proof that they are committed to FTMO, which proves their legitimacy and payment reliability. He gave them a chance because he thought they were new. However, this turned out to be a stressful and unpleasant experience in the end.

Many thanks!

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Super Funded Customer Support:

Super Funded knows how important it is for traders to be able to reach and interact with each other, and this is clear from the fact that it is present on many social media sites. The following outlets make it easy for anyone to find and interact with Super Funded:

I. Instagram Account: 

The Instagram group for Super Funded is doing very well. There are 1,451 followers, and 25 accounts are being followed. With 27 visually beautiful posts, the site gives an interesting look into the world of trading and gives a unique view of how the company works and what it has accomplished. It gives traders ideas and also acts as a living space for people in the community to meet with each other.

7kKg0RrpM5QvRCpTN kC0MOzhTocnWDWbqPE2vNaCn XWvoCZsD4k9kpmseZfmKOJ8iJCUqmARGiA0gtq2 pTOLt5o8S774u2FqXs45zFaXVb2HLvvzdhZCvK8tt8uME5IZiC2cjg2 HeQP3IfCOMRc

II. FAQs Page and Support:

Their lengthy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has all the information traders need about Super Funded. For quick help, they can easily get in touch with the support team through social media or by emailing


Super Funded is a real proprietary trading company that gives traders five different account sizes for their evaluation programs. It is necessary to finish the one-phase evaluation challenge before traders can get funding and profit sharing. 

Super Funded to reach its trade goals, which include a realistic profit goal of 10%, a maximum daily loss of 4%, and an overall loss limit of 8%. Even if a trader’s evaluation program account doesn’t have a scale plan, they can still get 90% of the profits. 

Super Funded is a great choice for anyone who wants to work with a proprietary trading business whose rules are clear and easy to understand. Even though the platform is fairly new, it works well for a lot of different people with different trading styles, making it a possible rival in the proprietary trading sector.

Super Funded Review Details

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Account size up to:
Profit Split Up to 90%
*Choose your account type and start trading

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Super Funded Review
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