Traderseed Review

Traderseed Review

Traderseed is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $200,000 in funding to traders.

Is Traderseed a reliable prop firm? Do they offer a discount code? Find out in this detailed Traderseed review.

  • $75 to $250 upfront; there are no recurring costs
  • Brokers were compensated according to fulfilling profit requirements
  • There are three possible plan options
  • Diverse trading strategies while taking drawdown
  • specialized remedies such as unique trading copies
  • Access to assets via MetaTrader 4 is unlimited
  • Leverage up to 1:100; trade immediately without additional checks
  • The corporation keeps all profits; traders do not receive a portion of the profits
  • There is a hard 30-day deadline for earning money in each stage
  • Anyone who goes over a predetermined drawdown has to start over at the initial cost

What is Traderseed?

Traderseed is a trading firm established by Kieran in 2019. The company’s primary objective is to offer cutting-edge trading programs to assist aspiring traders in honing their abilities and achieving success in proprietary trading. 

Traderseed stands apart due to its fixed-payout methodology, providing traders with a transparent view of their prospective earnings for every challenge they accept. The challenges are organized into various levels, with each higher tier requiring more effort but offering more rewards.

Traderseed operates on a unique basis, unlike traditional proprietary trading organizations. Traders can utilize the firm’s capital, but the earnings they make do not result in portion ownership for the trader. Traderseed keeps all earnings, and traders get set rewards when they hit certain profit levels.

Logo of Traderseed

Traderseed Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Overcoming the Difficulties of Achieving Rigorous Profit Goals: Traders participating in the Brokers Challenge face the challenging goal of achieving high-profit targets in a limited 30-day period. This pressure may lead traders to make impulsive decisions or engage in excessive trading in an attempt to quickly achieve their aims.

Strategies to Conquer the Challenge: To overcome this obstacle, it is essential to follow a disciplined trading strategy and avoid deviating from it when faced with challenges. It is recommended to establish practical daily or weekly goals and focus on carrying out steady, carefully planned trades, rather than obsessing over reaching the total profit goal quickly.

Managing the Challenge of Following Drawdown Limits: Adhering to predetermined drawdown limitations is a common issue in the Brokers issue. Exceeding these boundaries leads to disqualification from the current try and requires starting the challenge again, usually with extra charges.

Strategies to Conquer Challenges: Efficient risk management is crucial in this situation. Traders should use stop-loss orders wisely, closely monitor their trades, and avoid high-risk positions that may result in significant losses. Consistently evaluating and adjusting trading methods according to their success can help to remain within drawdown limitations.

Adjusting to the predetermined payout system: The set payout system in the Brokers Challenge differs from conventional profit-sharing models, offering a unique experience for traders. This deviation may not meet the expectations of individuals used to earning a share of profits.

Strategies to Overcome the Challenge: Traders should adjust their perspective to see setbacks as chances to improve their trading skills, rather than only concentrating on making a profit. Setting personal performance objectives and using fixed payouts as incentives for improving skills might enhance the trading experience.

Introducing the 20x Challenge: Unleash the Trading Skills and Reap Rewards

Participate in the 20x Challenge to assess your trading skills, where achievements in each stage are acknowledged. Participants are compensated after finishing each of the four stages. If traders complete all four stages, traders’ initial investment will increase by a factor of twenty. Payouts start at the first level, and completing all four levels is optional, providing flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Accounts beginning at $100
  • Immediate financing
  • A full refund was issued after the first Challenge was completed.
  • Get rewards that are 20 times the charge.
  • Experience limitless free restarts and receive instant credentials.
  • Use MetaTrader 4

The 20x Challenge was designed as a cost-efficient substitute for prop trading, guaranteeing immediate funding by using the starting account as the payment method. Completing the initial job entitles traders to a complete return of the money. The program replicates proprietary trading by utilizing a specified account size, set profit goals, and established risk limits.

Presenting the 30x Quest: Enhance the Trading Experience

Begin a unique trading adventure with the 30x Quest, which includes five stages of increasing difficulty. Every level offers distinct account sizes and objectives, ensuring significant profits. Completing the level 5 challenge leads to a significant thirtyfold rise in their initial investment. Payment initiation starts at level 2, providing benefits before finishing the program.

Main characteristics:

  • Accounts with balances between 100,000 and 500,000 Diverse Account Sizes and Goals
  • Receive a payout that is 30 times the amount of the fee.
  • Infinite Complimentary restarts
  • Immediate Authentication

Integration of MetaTrader 4 Introducing the 20x Challenge Aggressive: Unlimited Trading Opportunities

Traderseed acknowledges the limitations of lot size restrictions, particularly for experienced traders skilled in utilizing methods. Join the Aggressive 20x Challenge designed for traders who want to use any trading methods and lot sizes.

Key Features:

Designed for seasoned traders proficient in leveraging strategies

Unlimited trading method and lot sizes

Designed for traders who are skilled in cautious risk management

The Aggressive 20x Challenge provides exceptional chances for experienced traders who are skilled in leveraging tactics and confident in their risk management abilities to maximize their trading capabilities.

Traderseed Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

Traderseed’s challenges are conducted on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, a popular and highly regarded forex trading platform. Millions of retail and professional traders globally utilize MT4, with a customizable and user-friendly interface. The software provides a variety of robust trading tools that allow for market analysis across several chart kinds and timeframes. 

Traders have the option to utilize numerous free and paid add-ons to improve the platform’s functionalities, enabling them to make informed trading decisions. MT4 streamlines the process of executing and overseeing deals, whether traders are using manual or automated trading tactics.

Traderseed Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

To start, I’ll rewrite the original content in a clearer manner and fix any typos in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Traderseed has provided me with excellent experiences. Their fee schedule and withdrawal procedure are clear and intended to help traders. Upon choosing a program and finishing the first set of challenge levels, a trader can claim their first payout. This reward happens either after the first or second level, depending on the program.

Payouts to traders rise as they advance through successive challenge levels, providing a motivation for sustained participation and achievement. Traders can choose to resume the challenge without having to pay back the initial charge after they reach the ultimate payout. This cyclical structure promotes continuous profits and trading possibilities.

At Traderseed, withdrawal requests are handled on an individual basis and can be started by traders who have finished at least one challenge level. A variety of withdrawal options are offered to traders, such as bank transfers, credit card purchases, cryptocurrency wallets, and other means. The varying preferences of traders are accommodated by this diversified choices.

Traderseed Proof of Payment:

At every program level, members can expect to receive a completion incentive. Our prop program provides a direct reward for each level achieved, unlike conventional profit-sharing programs.

Traders will receive the reward for finishing a level and the credentials to start the following challenge immediately. This process proceeds smoothly and without interruption throughout the program.

For instance, let’s examine the “20x Challenge 200” program. After finishing Level 1, trader will be given a $200 payment. Upon completing Level 2, they will receive a $600 prize. As they progress, the pattern continues: Level 3 results in a $1200 payout, and Level 4 ends with a $2000 payoff. Completing Level 4 of the “20x Challenge 200” would increase their initial $200 charge to $4000. Furthermore, they can choose to restart the same program without incurring any extra charges.

Traders who complete Level 4 will receive a significant twentyfold return on their initial investment, which is the most lucrative prize in the program. Nevertheless, individuals can restart the program at no cost and enjoy the benefits again.

Traderseed Customer Support: 

Traderseed predominantly use email contact for customer assistance. Users can locate the support email address in the communication part of the website for assistance. While this method may not offer instant responses like live chat or phone assistance, it guarantees that inquiries are dealt with directly and recorded for future use.

Traderseed actively interacts with its audience on multiple social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. These channels are used to distribute company news and updates and also offer a platform for users to stay updated about the newest developments. Traderseed’s official social media channels can be easily accessed in the website bottom.

This multi-channel approach, combining direct email support with social media interaction, offers users diverse avenues to connect with Traderseed and stay informed.

What Makes Traderseed Unique? 

Traderseed is a distinct proprietary trading company that sets itself apart from competitors by providing traders with a fixed-payout model. At every stage of the trading challenge, Traderseed gives traders a transparent picture of their results, in contrast to most companies that offer profit-sharing setups. For traders looking for steadiness in their finances, this transparency helps them generate steady and predictable revenue.

In addition, Traderseed has lower leverage limits than industry norms and takes a careful approach to risk management and leverage. By proactively lowering the likelihood of large losses, this proactive strategy protects traders’ capital and encourages the disciplined trading methods necessary for sustained success.

Traderseed’s methodology is noteworthy in allowing traders to relaunch the challenge at no additional cost after completion. By encouraging constant learning and development, this cyclical challenge system gives traders regular chances to hone their tactics and abilities. Traderseed stands apart from the competition among proprietary trading organizations due to its emphasis on talent development & sustainable trading practices.

Traderseed  Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?

Traderseed has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. They are on the grand stage next to the platform. A total of 153 reviews have been left by customers on Trustpilot. 

Traderseed Trustpilot

#1. Shohjahon Hakimjonov stated that Traderseed is an excellent platform for testing trading methods and attempting to profit. Kieran is a remarkable and empathetic individual. Very prompt in responding and always willing to assist regardless of the situation. He is delighted to have found such an excellent platform and such an exceptional individual. Thank you, Traderseed!

Traderseed reviews on Trustpilot

#2. Adil Dean has been on for only one week. He has not yet advanced to the point of making withdrawals or progress. However, he had some issues that needed answers, and the solutions he received were prompt and useful. The responses were individualized and did not resemble interactions with an automated system or a generic customer profile. He would describe the client service received as outstanding thus far.

The trading platform & the variety of assets accessible for trade are vast and meet my needs. He will update his review once he completes the challenges and advances to the next stage.

Traderseed reviews

#3. Donycia Williams noted that while the platform’s concept is commendable, the spread or commission is excessive. Although his trades are profitable, he is still experiencing a downside when using lot sizes ranging from $1 to $3. It can be very disheartening when the profits amount to hundreds, which is his primary concern at the moment. He will acknowledge that this partially improved his trading psyche, but he may have also been able to earn actual profits. He is uncertain if it is worthwhile to acquire if there is a profitable trader.

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Traderseed offers traders a distinctive chance within the trading sector. It provides a cost-free option compared to conventional proprietary trading companies, while still offering the opportunity for profits at a reasonable price. Most traders do not succeed in assessments and often wind up investing significant amounts of money in unsuccessful efforts to secure funding from proprietary trading firms.

Traderseed is cost-effective and appealing for traders seeking to enhance their trading abilities in proprietary challenges. It is a feasible choice for individuals who have not achieved steady profitability, although rewards for successful traders could be less than those offered by conventional proprietary trading organizations.

Upon finishing the initial challenge level, Traderseed offers traders a risk-free environment. If unsuccessful, a trader can utilize the original investment to make another attempt, with the possibility of receiving a complete return later. Traderseed aspires to provide a unique offering in the trading industry instead of engaging in direct competition with proprietary trading organizations. 

Account size up to:
Leverage Up to 1:100
*Choose your account type and start trading

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Traderseed Review
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