In the world of proprietary trading, Bespoke Funding stands out as a leading prop firm that offers unique funding opportunities for traders worldwide. With their range of challenge programs, Bespoke Funding has created an exclusive arena for traders to showcase their skills and receive significant funding upon successful performance. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of Bespoke Funding’s challenge programs, exploring their structure, benefits, and what sets them apart from other prop firms.

About Bespoke Funding Program Challenge

Proprietary trading firms play a crucial role in the financial markets, providing talented traders with the opportunity to manage significant capital and earn substantial profits. Bespoke Funding, a London-based prop firm, has gained recognition for its commitment to identifying hidden talent in the prop trading industry and creating unique funding opportunities. With a range of challenge programs tailored to different trading styles and skill levels, Bespoke Funding has become a top choice for day traders, swing traders, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Bespoke Funding Challenge Programs: A Brief Overview

Bespoke Funding is a proprietary trading firm that collaborates with Eightcap, their exclusive broker, to offer traders access to forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The firm provides traders with the chance to manage significant capital remotely, with potential allocations reaching up to $4,000,000. Successful traders can earn a profit share of up to 80% and enjoy flexible trading conditions, including high leverage of up to 1:100.

The Classic Challenge

The Classic Challenge is a popular program offered by Bespoke Funding, designed to evaluate the skills and performance of traders over two phases. This challenge provides attractive trading conditions and rewards for consistent performance. Let’s explore the details of each phase:

Phase One: Evaluation and Profit Targets

In the first phase of the Classic Challenge, traders aim to reach an 8% profit target while adhering to a 5% daily drawdown and a 10% maximum loss limit. This phase allows traders to showcase their ability to generate profits while effectively managing risk. It requires traders to trade for at least three days, with no maximum trading day requirements, promoting calm decision-making and reducing stress.

Phase Two: Achieving Consistency

Once traders successfully complete the first phase, they move on to the second phase of the Classic Challenge. Here, the profit target is lowered to 5%, while the drawdown and loss limits remain the same. Traders must continue to respect the 5% daily drawdown and 10% maximum loss rules. By demonstrating consistency in generating profits and managing risk, traders earn a funded account with no profit targets. However, they must still adhere to the basic rules of a 5% daily drawdown and a 10% maximum loss.

Bespoke Funding Classic challenge

The Rapid Challenge

The Rapid Challenge offered by Bespoke Funding is designed for traders who prefer a faster and more dynamic trading style. This challenge features relaxed trading rules and no minimum trading day requirements, allowing traders to adapt their strategies to a brisk pace. Let’s explore the evaluation process and key features of the Rapid Challenge:

Bespoke Funding rapid challenge

Fast-Paced Evaluation and Flexible Trading Rules

In the Rapid Challenge, traders undergo a two-phase evaluation, similar to the Classic Challenge. The first phase requires traders to achieve an 8% profit target without exceeding a 5% daily drawdown or an 8% maximum loss. The second phase lowers the profit target to 5%, while the drawdown and loss limits remain the same. Traders who successfully complete both phases earn a funded account, where they must maintain a 5% daily drawdown and an 8% maximum loss.

One notable advantage of the Rapid Challenge is the absence of minimum trading day requirements. This flexibility allows traders to tailor their trading activities to their preferred style and take advantage of short-term trading opportunities.

5. The 1-Step Challenge

The 1-Step Challenge offered by Bespoke Funding is a unique addition to the prop trading industry. Unlike the two-phase evaluation process seen in the Classic and Rapid Challenges, the 1-Step Challenge consists of a single phase. Let’s delve into the details of this challenging program:

Bespoke Funding challenge rules

A Single-Phase Evaluation for Seasoned Traders

The 1-Step Challenge requires traders to achieve a profit target of 10% without exceeding a 4% maximum daily loss or a 5% overall maximum loss. Unlike other challenges, the 1-Step Challenge does not impose any trading day limitations. Traders have the flexibility to trade at their own pace and demonstrate their trading acumen in a single, intense phase. Upon successfully completing the 1-Step Challenge, traders earn a funded account with no profit targets. They need only comply with the 4% maximum daily loss and the 5% maximum loss rules.

Comparison of Bespoke Funding Program Challenges

To better understand the differences and similarities between Bespoke Funding’s challenge programs, let’s compare their key features in the table below:

Challenge TypeEvaluation PhasesProfit TargetsDrawdown LimitsMaximum Loss LimitsTrading Day Requirements
Classic ChallengeTwo8%, 5%5% daily, 10%5% daily, 10%No minimum
Rapid ChallengeTwo8%, 5%5% daily, 8%5% daily, 8%No minimum
1-Step ChallengeOne10%4% daily, 5%4% daily, 5%No minimum
image 36

Pros and Cons of Bespoke Funding Program Challenges

As with any trading program, Bespoke Funding’s challenges come with their own set of advantages and considerations. Let’s explore the pros and cons of participating in Bespoke Funding challenges:


  • Active community: Bespoke Funding provides a supportive community of traders, allowing participants to connect with like-minded individuals and share insights and experiences.
  • Different challenge types: Bespoke Funding offers a range of challenge programs to cater to various trading styles and skill levels, ensuring that traders can find a program that suits their needs.
  • Competitive prices: The pricing structure of Bespoke Funding challenges is designed to be affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of traders.
  • Scaling account option: Bespoke Funding offers the opportunity to scale the trading account once profit targets are achieved, allowing traders to increase their allocation and potential profits.
  • Leverage up to 1:100: The high leverage provided by Bespoke Funding enables traders to amplify their trading positions and potentially increase their returns.
  • Trading instruments: Bespoke Funding allows trading in a diverse range of instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.
  • No minimum trading day requirements (Rapid challenge): The Rapid Challenge does not impose any minimum trading day requirements, providing flexibility for traders to adapt their trading activities to their preferred style.
  • Bi-weekly payouts (Classic & Rapid challenge): Bespoke Funding offers bi-weekly payouts for traders who successfully complete the Classic and Rapid challenges, ensuring a regular income stream.
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed: Traders participating in Bespoke Funding challenges can hold their positions overnight and over the weekends, taking advantage of longer-term trading opportunities.
  • News trading allowed: Unlike some prop firms, Bespoke Funding allows traders to engage in news trading, which can be a lucrative strategy during times of market volatility.


  • No Free Trial: Bespoke Funding does not offer a free trial for their challenge programs, which may deter traders who prefer to try out a program before committing.
  • Lot size limitations: Bespoke Funding imposes lot size limits based on the trader’s account balance, which may restrict the trading strategies of some traders.

Bespoke Funding Program Challenge: Customer Support and User Experience

Bespoke Funding places a strong emphasis on customer support and user experience, recognizing the importance of providing quality service to traders. Let’s explore the key aspects of their customer support and user experience:

Highly Responsive Customer Care

The customer support team at Bespoke Funding is known for being highly responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. They are readily available to address any inquiries, provide assistance, and resolve any concerns or technical issues that traders may encounter. The team’s efficiency in responding to queries contributes to a smooth and hassle-free trading experience.

Intuitive Trading Platform

Bespoke Funding is committed to providing an intuitive and user-friendly trading platform. They have partnered with ThinkMarkets and are one of the few prop firms which offer access to MetaTrader4.

MT4 is among the most popular trading platforms due to its easy-to-understand interface and various indicators.

Bespoke Funding Program Challenge Summary

Bespoke Funding stands out as a leading prop firm, offering a range of challenge programs that cater to traders of different skill levels and trading styles. With attractive trading conditions, flexible rules, and the opportunity for significant funding, Bespoke Funding provides a platform for traders to showcase their talent and achieve financial growth.

Through their Classic Challenge, Rapid Challenge, and 1-Step Challenge, Bespoke Funding has created a supportive community of traders and fostered an environment conducive to learning and success. With their commitment to customer support, intuitive trading platform, and positive user feedback, Bespoke Funding has established itself as a reputable prop firm in the industry.

In conclusion, if you are a trader looking for a prop firm that offers unique funding opportunities and a supportive trading community, Bespoke Funding could be the right choice for you.

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