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Earn2Trade Challenge Programs: Rules and Requirements 

Earn2Trade offers an initial assessment to evaluate the trading abilities of candidates and set a basis for efficient risk control. After being successful, candidates are incorporated into the proprietary trading firm and given funded accounts that match their requirements and trading goals. This career path is designed to develop traders from beginners to advanced levels, with the funded accounts growing in proportion.

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Earn2Trade offers the Gauntlet Mini for beginner traders to showcase their intraday trading abilities in a 15-day competition. Upon successful completion, participants receive funding and authorization to trade on real markets. 

The Gauntlet Mini is designed to accommodate novice traders, offering a basic crash course as part of the assessment. Earn2Trade’s Gauntlet Mini, like other funded account challenges, allows traders to assess their success using advanced journaling and trading data.

Participants in the Gauntlet Mini can customize the content to suit their preferences. Traders choose their preferred account size between $25,000 and $150,000 when they sign up. Irrespective of the size of the account, candidates must show steady profitability for at least a 15-day trading period. 

Account restrictions are contingent upon the original capital amount, with criteria including profit targets, end-of-day drawdown limitations, and daily loss caps, including monthly subscription costs escalating as the trading capital increases.

Earn2Trade provides traders with increased flexibility through an additional evaluation option called the Gauntlet. This assessment offers traders the highest level of flexibility with few regulations and a 60-day trial period. Participants can select stop losses, daily loss limits, and weekly restrictions, and use their favorite trading techniques. 

The goal is to reach a 10% profit target and uphold a maximum drawdown of 10% within the 60-day timeframe. Traders who wish to participate in the Gauntlet must pay a single entry fee of $429 and are given 72 hours to establish their account.

OptionAccount sizeDaily Loss LimitDrawdownContract Size
Gauntlet Mini$50K$1100$20006 Contracts
Gauntlet Mini$100K$2200$350012 Contracts
Gauntlet Mini$150K$3300$450015 Contracts
Gauntlet Mini$200K$4400$600016 Contracts
Trader Career Path$50K scaling to $400K$550$15003 Contracts
Trader Career Path$50K scaling to $400K$1100$20006 Contracts

Tips to Choose the Right Program From Earn2Trade Challenge Programs:

Earn2Trade challenge rules

Choosing the right challenge from a prop firm like Earn2Trade involves a thorough evaluation of your own trading style, experience, and risk tolerance. Each challenge may have different rules, targets, and restrictions that could either complement or hinder your trading strategy. Here are steps and considerations to help you determine which Earn2Trade challenge is best suited for you:

1. Assess Your Trading Style and Strategy

First off, you should understand whether your strategy focuses on day trading, swing trading, or longer-term positions. Different challenges may have time limits or trading style restrictions that better suit one approach over another. Choosing the right strategy can make or break your trades.

After determining your trading strategy, evaluate how your risk management strategy aligns with the drawdown limits and other risk parameters set by each challenge. Choosing a challenge that matches your risk tolerance will increase your chances of success. We have always emphasized on the importance of risk management. Without effective risk management, you cannot expect to sustain your strategy.

2. Understand the Challenge Requirements

After you’ve charted out a strategy, check the FXIFY challenge requirements, Look for profit targets that are achievable with your trading strategy. Some challenges may require higher percentage gains, which could necessitate more aggressive trading. Keep in mind that Earn2Trade offers multiple challenges.

For example, a beginner might benefit from trying out the Gauntlet mini challenge because of its easy rules.

Then, check the maximum drawdown allowed in the challenge. Ensure that your trading strategy can operate within these limits without being overly restrictive.

Finally, consider the duration of the challenge. Make sure you have enough time to trade effectively, considering your availability and trading frequency.

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3. Evaluate the Costs and Rewards

Compare the costs of entering different challenges. Higher costs might offer higher potential capital or more favorable profit splits, but they also increase your initial risk.

Understand how profits are shared between you and the prop firm. Earn2Trade challenge programs have different splits based on your tier.

4. Consider Your Experience and Confidence Level

For Beginners: If you’re relatively new to trading, you might consider starting with a challenge that has lower risk and entry fees. This can provide a valuable learning experience with less financial pressure.

For Experienced Traders: If you have a proven track record and high confidence in your strategy, you might opt for challenges with higher profit targets and potential capital, assuming you’re comfortable with the associated risks.

5. Review the Tools and Resources Provided

Some challenges might offer additional tools, resources, or educational support that can help you trade more effectively. Consider whether these additions can benefit your trading approach.

Earn2Trade offers a great Beginner Crash Course for those who are new to proprietary trading. It consists of several webinars as well and teaches you the fundamentals needed for trading.

6. Seek Feedback from the Trading Community

Look for forums, reviews, or social media groups where current or past participants of Earn2Trade challenges share their experiences. This can provide insights into which challenges are more manageable or rewarding based on different trading styles.

Consequently, you can head to Trustpilot and find the various Earn2Trade reviews posted.

Earn2Trade Challenge Conclusion

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