My Flash Funding offers a unique 10k challenge for new traders. Once you qualify their one-step challenge, you can move up and sign up for their 100k challenge.

The terms of this challenge are quite reasonable. Any trader with some experience can get funded with My Flash Funding easily.

Account Size10k
Phase 1 Profit Target10%
Drawdown MethodTrailing
Trading Days LimitNo Limit
Max. Leverage1:100
Max Total DrawdownYes
Copy TradingYes
Profit to Drawdown Ratio1:067
Weekend HoldingYes

MyFlashFunding offers two distinct programs for merchants to select from:

  • Two-Step Account Evaluation
  • One-Step Account Evaluation

The two-step evaluation account process of MyFlashFunding is intended to identify disciplined and steadfast merchants while providing leverage of up to 1:100. Let us proceed to examine the intricacies of each phase:

Phase One:

During the initial assessment stage, traders are assigned the objective of attaining a profit milestone of 6%. It is critical that they accomplish this while strictly adhering to either a daily loss limit of 4% or an overarching loss threshold of 8%. This stage is distinguished by its adaptability; neither minimum nor maximum trading day requirements are mandatory. Progress to the next stage is exclusively guaranteed by meeting the profit target of 6% while adhering to the prescribed daily loss limits.

Phase Two:

During the subsequent evaluation phase, traders encounter a comparable obstacle: attaining a profit objective of 6% while simultaneously adhering rigorously to the daily loss limit of 4% and the overarching loss threshold of 8%. Similar to the initial phase, there are no minimal or maximum restrictions on the number of trading days. The process of transitioning to fund accounts involves meeting the 6% profit milestone while maintaining strict adherence to the maximum daily loss and maximum loss thresholds.

Upon the successful completion of both evaluation phases, a funded account devoid of profit targets is granted. Traders are presently required to comply with a daily loss limit of 4% and an overall loss threshold of 8%. The initial compensation is deposited into the funded account 30 calendar days subsequent to the entry of the first position. All subsequent reimbursements adhere to a weekly timetable.

What are Forex Prop Challenges?

Forex prop challenges are a type of evaluation process used by proprietary trading firms to assess traders’ ability to generate profits while managing risks effectively. These challenges are designed to test traders under real-market conditions without the firm having to risk its own capital upfront. Here’s how they generally work:

  1. Registration and Fee: Traders sign up for a challenge by selecting a specific trading account size and pay a registration fee to participate. The account size determines the maximum drawdown limit and profit target the trader must achieve.
  2. Trading Rules: Each prop firm sets its own set of trading rules, which may include restrictions on trading hours, maximum position sizes, prohibited trading strategies (like scalping or hedging), and a required trading period (often 30 days).
  3. Profit Target: Traders are given a profit target to achieve within a certain period without violating the drawdown limit or any of the firm’s trading rules.
  4. Drawdown Limit: This is the maximum allowable percentage loss from the initial balance of the trading account. If a trader hits this limit, they fail the challenge.
  5. Evaluation Period: During the evaluation, traders must demonstrate their trading skills and risk management by following the firm’s rules. The evaluation period typically lasts a month but can vary.
  6. Reward: Successful traders who meet the profit target without violating any rules or limits are offered a funded trading account. This means the firm provides capital for the trader to trade, and profits are shared between the trader and the firm according to a predetermined split.
  7. Continued Evaluation: Even after passing the initial challenge and receiving a funded account, traders are often subject to ongoing evaluations to ensure they continue to trade effectively and within the firm’s risk parameters.

Forex prop challenges have become popular as they offer a win-win situation: traders get access to substantial trading capital without needing to risk their own funds (beyond the initial fee), and firms can find talented traders with a proven ability to generate profits under defined risk parameters. However, it’s important for traders to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of these challenges, as they can vary widely between different proprietary trading firms.

My Flash Funding 10k Challenge: Conclusion

Starting with the 10k challenge of My Flash Funding is quite easy. Furthermore, if you pass the evaluation program, you can join the 100k challenge and get more funding for your trading endeavors.

What are your thoughts on My Flash Funding? Let us know in the comments!

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