TopTier Trader 

TopTier Trader 

TopTier Trading is a forex prop firm with an attractive Two-step challenge. They offer up to $300,000 in funding to traders.

Is TopTier trading a reliable forex prop firm? What is their discount code? What are their evaluation programs? Find out here.

  • 2,000+ excellent Trustpilot reviews
  • Funding up to $600,000
  • A scaling plan up to $2,000,000
  • 80% to 90% profit split
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Trader-friendly experience
  • Equity-based drawdown is applied to TopTier Plus accounts
  •  Regular TopTier accounts do not allow weekend holding

What is TopTier Trader?

TopTier Trader is a privately owned trading company that commenced operations on October 18, 2021, in Delaware, USA. Their objective is to offer financial opportunities to traders with restricted capital. 

The investment provided ranges from $600,000, with a profit split that varies between 80% and 90%. Highly accomplished traders can achieve a balance of up to $2,000,000 by following a scaling plan. 

Their selected broker is ThinkMarkets. TopTier Trader promotes autonomous trading and advocates for holding positions for as long as necessary. Nevertheless, EAs and copy trade are prohibited. 

The company places strong emphasis on implementing loss limitations to attract and retain traders who consistently perform well, and in turn, reward them with a highly favorable profit split ranging from 80% to 90%. TopTier Trader has established a nurturing atmosphere for traders, enabling them to flourish and enhance their trading abilities.

TopTier Trader Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

TopTier Trader provides traders with a selection of two distinct programs to select from

  1. TopTier Challenge evaluation program accounts
  • Regular TopTier Challenge evaluation program accounts
  • Swing TopTier Challenge evaluation program accounts
  1. TopTier Challenge Plus evaluation program accounts

TopTier Challenge evaluation program accounts

  • Regular TopTier Challenge evaluation program accounts
Tier 1 Challenge Tier 3 Challenge Tier 3 Challenge 
Trading Days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Minimum Trading Days 4 Days 4 Days None 
Challenge Leverage 1:1001:1001:100
Max Loss $10,000(10%)$10,000(10%)$10,000(10%)
Max Daily Loss$5000(5%)$5000(5%)$5000(5%)
Profit Target $10,000(10%)$5000(5%)None 
Weekend Holding No No No 
EA’ Enabled No No No 
Refundable Fees560 Free Refund 

The purpose of the Regular TopTier Challenge evaluation program account is to recognize proficient and committed traders who exhibit unwavering performance throughout the two-phase evaluation period. These dealers are subsequently compensated commensurately. The evaluation program account provides people with the opportunity to participate in trading with a leverage ratio of 1:100.

Account Size Price 

During the evaluation phase one, traders are required to reach a profit target of 10% while ensuring that their highest daily loss does not exceed 5% or their maximum loss within 40 calendar days does not exceed 10% from the time they enter their first position. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a minimum of four trading days to progress to phase two.

During phase two of the assessment, traders are required to achieve a profit target of 5% within 60 calendar days from their initial position on the evaluation account. They must also adhere to the same daily and maximum loss limits. An initial period of four trading days is required to advance to a funded account.

Upon completing all evaluation rounds, the account will be funded. The funded account is exempt from profit targets, but it is subject to a maximum daily loss of 5% and a maximum loss of 10%. 

The initial payout is made 14 calendar days after the first position is placed on the funded consideration, without any minimum trading day requirements or other limitations. Traders are entitled to an 80% profit division, which is determined by the profits generated in the funded account.

Regular TopTier Challenge Evaluation Program Account Scaling Plan

Standard TopTier Challenge evaluation program accounts include a scaling strategy. To qualify for the account expansion, an individual must attain a profit threshold of 6% or higher over three months, with a requirement of at least two out of the three months being profitable. If anyone satisfies these conditions, their account balance will be augmented by 25% of the initial account balance, with a cap of $2,000,000.

For instance, if anyone possesses a $200,000 account and successfully reaches the profit objective during the initial three months, their account balance would elevate to $250,000. If any individual consistently achieves the profit target for the next three months, their balance will grow to $300,000, and so forth.

The assessment program accounts provide the opportunity to engage in trading activities involving forex pairings, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

TopTier Challenge Plus evaluation program account rules

Please review the revised text below for clarity and accuracy: 

  • Profit Target: A specific percentage of profit must be achieved before completing an evaluation phase, withdrawing profits, or scaling an account. In Phase 1, the profit target is 8%, while in Phase 2 it is 5%. Funded accounts do not have any profit targets. 
  • Maximum Daily Loss: The maximum amount of money that can be lost in a single trading day before breaching the account’s rules. All account sizes have a maximum daily loss limit of 5%. 
  • Maximum Loss: The maximum amount of money that can be lost overall before breaching the account’s rules. All account sizes have a maximum loss limit of 8%. 
  • Minimum Trading Days: The minimum number of trading days required before completing an evaluation phase or requesting a withdrawal. Both evaluation phases require a minimum of 4 trading days, while funded accounts do not have any minimum trading day requirements. 
  • No Martingale Allowed: The use of martingale strategies while trading is strictly prohibited.

TopTier Trader Broker: Do They Use a Reliable Platform? 

To evaluate the feasibility of prop trading organizations that match particular forex trading styles, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze their trading prerequisites. Although the prospect of a corporation providing a substantial profit share on a well-financed account may appear appealing, it is essential to assess the feasibility of their expectations. If the firm requires high monthly percentage gains while also expecting modest maximum drawdown percentages, the likelihood of being successful may decrease.

Choosing to obtain funding through the TopTier Challenge evaluation program is a practical decision, mainly since it follows industry-standard profit goals (10% in phase one and 5% in phase two) and sensible limits on maximum losses (5% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss).

Likewise, pursuing funding from the TopTier Challenge Plus evaluation program is a practical choice. The reason for this is mostly due to its adherence to profit targets that are lower than the industry norm, specifically 8% in phase one including 5% in phase two. Additionally, it follows prudent maximum loss regulations, with a maximum daily loss of 5% as well as a maximum overall loss of 8%.

Given these facts, TopTier Trader stands out as a superb funding option. The presence of two separate financing programs with practical trading goals and reward conditions increases its attractiveness as a viable choice for traders seeking to obtain money.

TopTier Trader has selected ThinkMarkets as its preferred broker for partnership.

ThinkMarkets is a reputable online brokerage that offers a wide range of assets and has its main offices located in London & Melbourne. The organization enables efficient and convenient access to a wide range of markets, providing users with recognized trading solutions such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and their own ThinkTrader platform. 

ThinkMarkets offers the versatility to participate in trading operations utilizing each MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5, making it a reliable choice for trading platforms.

TopTier Trader Fees: How Much Do They Charge? 

Trading commission:

Assets Fee Terms 
Forex 7 USD/LOT 
Commodities 7 USD/LOT 
Indices 0 USD/LOT 
Crypto 0 USD/LOT 

Education & Support for Traders

The website of TopTier Trader does not provide any instructional materials for its visitors. Nevertheless, they provide their clients with a user-friendly interface that enables effective risk management and unbiased monitoring. The dashboard features a statistics tab that exhibits closed positions.

TopTier Trader Proof of Payment:

TopTier Trader, founded on October 18, 2021, allows traders to request profit split withdrawals by submitting an invoice. The invoice is then reviewed and processed for payout. Traders must keep their account active for either 14 or 30 consecutive days, depending on their account type, to get their initial reward. After this initial term, traders qualify for bi-weekly payments. The processing of payments usually requires a period of 24 to 48 hours, taking into account the subtraction of profit divisions.

TopTier Trader Customer Support: 

TopTier Trader recognizes the importance of being easily accessible and actively engaged in the trading sector, which is demonstrated by its substantial presence on many social media sites.

Below are the several platforms where individuals may find and interact with TopTier Trader:

  1. YouTube:

TopTier Trader has a flourishing YouTube presence, boasting 10.9k followers. This platform delivers a visually immersive experience into the realm of trade, offering a distinct viewpoint on the company’s operations and accomplishments. It serves as a catalyst for traders’ creativity and a means of maintaining connectivity with the community.

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  1. Facebook 

TopTier Trader has cultivated a community of 2.5k followers & 1.9k likes on Facebook. This platform functions as a dynamic environment for instantaneous updates, news, and engagements with the trading community. Traders can acquire up-to-date information and participate in conversations with those who share similar interests by monitoring their Facebook profiles.

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  1. Twitter Account 

TopTier Trader has cultivated a community of 7,228 followers on Twitter. This platform functions as a dynamic environment for immediate updates, news, and engagements with the trading community. Traders can remain updated on the latest developments and participate in discussions with individuals who share similar interests by subscribing to their Twitter accounts.

  1. FAQs Page and Support 

TopTier Trader offers a FAQ page that may include the information people are looking for.

The support team can be reached either through their social media channels or by directly contacting them using the live chat feature on their website.

Their customer care service is accessible round the clock to address inquiries from their clients.

In addition, they have a Discord channel dedicated to offering assistance with 16,585 members. 

What Makes TopTier Trader Unique? 

TopTier Trader distinguishes itself from other proprietary enterprises by providing two exclusive two-step evaluation financing programs: TopTier Challenge & TopTier Challenge Plus. What distinguishes them is their ability to accommodate traders’ preferred trading styles without imposing any limitations, such as news trading, overnight position holding, including weekend trading.

The TopTier Trader evaluation program consists of two distinct steps, both of which must be completed by traders to qualify for payments. In phase one, the desired profit level is established at 10%, however in phase two, a profit target of 5% is required. In addition, traders must adhere to a 5% limit on daily losses and a 10% limit on overall losses. A trader must wait for a minimum of four trading days in each phase before becoming funded.

TopTier Trader’s evaluation methods incorporate a scaling plan that ensures adherence to average profit targets as well as minimum trading day prerequisites. This distinguishes them from other prominent proprietary trading firms.

To gain a deeper understanding of TopTier Trader and its relative merits compared to True Forex Funds, according to the reports everyone has to examine the following comparison.

Trading Objectives TopTier Trader True Forex Funds (Limitless)
Phase 1 Profit Target10%8%
Phase 1 Profit Target5%5%
Maximum Daily Loss5%5%
Maximum Loss10%10%
Minimum Trading Days4 Calendar Days5 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading PeriodPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: UnlimitedPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split80%80%

For instance: A comparison between TopTier Trader and E8 Funding:

Trading Objectives TopTier Trader E8 Funding (Normal)
Phase 1 Profit Target10%8%
Phase 2 Profit Target5%5%
Maximum Daily Loss5%5%
Maximum Loss10%8% (Scaleable up to 14%)
Minimum Trading Days4 Calendar DaysNo Minimum Trading Days
Maximum Trading PeriodPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: UnlimitedPhase 1: UnlimitedPhase 2: Unlimited
Profit Split80%80%

Traders must complete two TopTier Challenge Plus evaluation program phases to qualify for awards. The profit target in phase one is set at 8%, whereas in phase two, it is reduced to 5%. Additionally, there are specific regulations in place, such as a cap on daily losses at 5% and a limit on overall losses at 8%. 

Thus, to be eligible for funding, traders must engage in trading activities for at least seven days throughout each phase. The software additionally includes a scaling strategy. TopTier’s profit projections are subpar compared to other prop businesses, however, its minimum trading day criteria are on line with the average.

TopTier Trader Reviews: What Do Their Customers Say?

Ment Funding has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on reviews from 2,836 clients. They have been verified as a company on Trustpilot. The company is thriving on this platform.

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#1. According to Tiiraan Tire, he lacked familiarity with the procedures for opening a new account, but he proceeded to open one anyhow. When he wants to commence trading, our country is subject to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

He declared that he reached out to Trevor Zuze and his colleagues via live chat, and they provided him with sincere assistance, resulting in the successful refund of his money.

TopTier is very reputable and has a dedicated crew that is consistently available to assist individuals. 

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#2. According to Javier Polo, he affirmed that the responses were prompt and the resolution was delivered within the specified timeframe by the support team. Despite the need for persistent follow-up, Waqar was the one who ultimately assisted me and informed me that his account’s password had been successfully reset by the right staff.

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#3. Anirudh has reported a recurring problem where he does not receive his credentials for stage 1 after successfully purchasing a challenge. He has also mentioned that the backend team has not been actively addressing this issue. 

Every time he contacts customer support, he only sees a few invoices added to his billing tab at that moment. Otherwise, there is no activity. The support representative named ‘Talha’ is particularly unsatisfactory in terms of communication skills. He consistently responds late and fails to provide any relevant information. 

Furthermore, he does not allow me to speak with anyone else. Senior, The Toptier dashboard is commendable, however, the customer assistance leaves much to be desired. Previously, it took a frustratingly long 5 days to address the same issue. Despite purchasing the product on October 11th, the issue remains unresolved.

On October 15th, 2023, he received a genuine response explaining the legitimate reason for the delay, which none of their support staff mentioned. The delay was due to a load-related issue. It may be helpful to send emails to those experiencing this issue, as he did not join the Discord platform before and was unaware of the situation.

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#4. Black Diamond stated that he purchased a sponsored competition but has not yet received the login credentials. He has been waiting for approximately 48 hours since making the purchase. Despite contacting customer service, they have only informed him that they are currently addressing the issue and anticipate it will be resolved within a few hours.

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#5. As per BB BB, he affirmed his intention to test them out but ultimately found them to be a fraudulent scheme. Their dashboard is unreliable, misleading, & deliberately designed to deceive users to cause them to fail the competition & therefore earn their money. 

Despite the evident error displayed on their dashboard, they refused to rectify it. Despite adhering to their trading regulations, they alleged that his account’s equity fell below the minimum requirement. However, the dashboard indicated that there was still enough room for maximum daily drawdown. 

Despite their inability to explain the discrepancy and refusal to remedy the error, they persisted in their decision not to reset the trading contest or provide a refund.



TopTier Trader is a well-regarded proprietary trading service that offers traders the choice between two different funding programs: the TopTier Challenge and the TopTier Challenge Plus evaluation program accounts.

The TopTier Challenge assessment programs comprise a conventional two-phase evaluation challenge, requiring the successful completion of both phases to secure funding and qualify for profit sharing. Traders at TopTier Trader are required to meet attainable profit goals of 10% in phase one plus 5% in phase two, in keeping with reasonable trading objectives. 

By following strict guidelines that limit daily losses to a maximum of 5% and overall losses to a maximum of 10%, participants in the TopTier Challenge evaluation programs have the potential to earn 80% of the profits generated, while also having the chance to increase the size of their accounts.

The TopTier Challenge Plus evaluation programs adhere to a standardized two-phase evaluation method, which necessitates the completion of both phases to be eligible for funding and profit sharing. Participants in this program must achieve profit targets of 8% during phase one and 5% during phase two, by realistic trading goals. 

The TopTier Challenge Plus evaluation programs offer participants the opportunity to earn profit splits ranging from 80% to 90% while adhering to a maximum daily loss limit of 5% and a maximum loss limit of 8%. Additionally, participants can scale their accounts.

If people are looking for a proprietary trading organization that has well-defined and uncomplicated trading regulations, TopTier Trader comes highly suggested. They offer advantageous terms for an extensive range of individuals with distinct trading approaches, positioning themselves as a well-established presence in the proprietary trading industry. TopTier Trader is recognized as a leading proprietary trading organization in the industry due to its extensive range of services. 

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