Signing up for the TopTier Trader challenge is easy. However, is this challenge suitable for your investing needs? How do you pass the challenge and get funded?

This guide will help you get started.

TopTier Trader Challenge Explained

Here are the conditions of the TopTier Trader challenge:

ConditionTier 1Tier 2
Account Size25k-300k25k-300k
Profit Target10%5%
Refundable Fees$255Free
Trading Days LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Max. Leverage1:1001:100
Daily Loss Limit5% ($1,250)5% ($1,250)
Copy TradingYesYes
Weekend HoldingNoNo

TopTier Trader offers cryptocurrency trading, bi-weekly payments, and Vital Markets collaboration.

Tier 1 is the initial phase of the evaluation procedure. You must achieve success at this level to advance to Tier 2. Exhibit your trading prowess and self-control through the observance of the trading objectives. Tier 1 advancement requires the achievement of the profit target within a thirty-day period, without any drawdown violations. The objective for Tier 1 of the Evaluation is a 10% profit margin over a thirty-day period. A minimum of seven business days is required. There is no obligation to await the residual number of days if the trading objective is achieved earlier. A daily maximum loss (drawdown) of 5% of the initial daily balance will be permitted.

At 5:00 PM Eastern Time each day, the utmost quantity of weight loss that is possible in a single day will be determined once more. A “drawdown,” or maximum cumulative loss, is restricted to ten percent of the account’s initial value. In the process of determining the drawdown, all profits and losses arising from floating assets are duly considered. Should a drawdown violation prevent you from passing the evaluation, you will be obligated to establish a new account. To advance to Tier 2, your account must be in good standing and have a balance that exceeds the minimum requirement.

Two and final in rank, Tier 2 represents the process of acquiring a TopTier Funded account. After passing Tier 2 and having your results verified, the firm may invite you to trade on its behalf. The 60-day duration of Tier 2 of the Challenge is accompanied by a profit target of 5%. In addition, a seven-day minimum transaction period applies. 5% of your daily starting quantity is the utmost daily loss (drawdown). The regulations are essentially identical to those of Tier 1, except for profit targets and trading days.

Regular TopTier Challenge accounts are not, however, authorized to trade on weekends. All holdings in TopTier Challenge Regular accounts will be liquidated on Friday at 4:00 PM EST. Additionally, the use of EA on a TopTier Challenge Regular account is prohibited.

What are Forex Prop Challenges?

Forex prop challenges are a type of evaluation process used by proprietary trading firms to assess traders’ ability to generate profits while managing risks effectively. These challenges are designed to test traders under real-market conditions without the firm having to risk its own capital upfront. Here’s how they generally work:

  1. Registration and Fee: Traders sign up for a challenge by selecting a specific trading account size and pay a registration fee to participate. The account size determines the maximum drawdown limit and profit target the trader must achieve.
  2. Trading Rules: Each prop firm sets its own set of trading rules, which may include restrictions on trading hours, maximum position sizes, prohibited trading strategies (like scalping or hedging), and a required trading period (often 30 days).
  3. Profit Target: Traders are given a profit target to achieve within a certain period without violating the drawdown limit or any of the firm’s trading rules.
  4. Drawdown Limit: This is the maximum allowable percentage loss from the initial balance of the trading account. If a trader hits this limit, they fail the challenge.
  5. Evaluation Period: During the evaluation, traders must demonstrate their trading skills and risk management by following the firm’s rules. The evaluation period typically lasts a month but can vary.
  6. Reward: Successful traders who meet the profit target without violating any rules or limits are offered a funded trading account. This means the firm provides capital for the trader to trade, and profits are shared between the trader and the firm according to a predetermined split.
  7. Continued Evaluation: Even after passing the initial challenge and receiving a funded account, traders are often subject to ongoing evaluations to ensure they continue to trade effectively and within the firm’s risk parameters.

Forex prop challenges have become popular as they offer a win-win situation: traders get access to substantial trading capital without needing to risk their own funds (beyond the initial fee), and firms can find talented traders with a proven ability to generate profits under defined risk parameters.

Companies that offer similar challenges include FTMO and SurgeTrader.

How to Beat the TopTier Trader Challenge?

Successfully completing forex prop challenges demands a blend of discipline, strategic planning, and risk management. First and foremost, understanding the specific rules and objectives set forth by the prop firm is crucial. Before you begin trading, ensure you are fully aware of the profit targets, maximum drawdown limits, and any other constraints, such as minimum trading days. This foundational knowledge allows you to tailor your trading strategy to meet these criteria without violating any rules that could disqualify you from the challenge.

Developing a solid trading plan is your next step. This plan should not only aim to achieve the profit targets but also incorporate strict risk management rules to avoid hitting the drawdown limit. Consider factors like your risk-to-reward ratio, the size of your positions, and the markets you will trade. Sticking to currency pairs you are familiar with can enhance your ability to predict market movements and manage risks effectively. It’s also beneficial to schedule your trading times around major market events or releases that can impact currency volatility, thereby maximizing your trading opportunities.

Risk management cannot be overstated in its importance. Apply consistent risk management techniques to protect your capital. This might include setting stop-loss orders for every trade, managing the size of your positions, and not risking more than a small percentage of the account on a single trade. Remember, the goal is not just to make profits but to do so in a way that carefully manages potential losses.

Psychological preparedness is also key to navigating the ups and downs of trading. Maintaining discipline and emotional control can help you stick to your trading plan, especially during periods of market volatility or after experiencing losses. Avoid the temptation to overtrade or chase losses to hit your profit targets. Sometimes, taking a step back and reassessing your strategy is necessary to ensure you are aligned with the challenge’s goals and within risk management parameters.

Lastly, consider using the challenge as a learning opportunity, regardless of the outcome. Reflect on your trading decisions, strategies employed, and how you managed risk. Successful completion often requires continuous learning and adjustment of your approaches based on experience and performance analysis. Engaging with a community of traders, either within the prop firm or online, can provide additional insights and support to enhance your trading skills and strategies.

By focusing on these key areas—understanding the challenge rules, planning and executing a disciplined trading strategy, employing rigorous risk management, maintaining psychological resilience, and learning from the experience—you’ll be well-positioned to successfully complete the TopTier Trader challenge and advance your trading career.

TopTier Trader Challenge Review: Conclusion

Qualifying the TopTier Trader challenge is easy. All you need is a little preparation and familiarity with the fundamentals of forex prop trading.

What are your thoughts on this TopTier challenge guide? Let us know in the comments.

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