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Crypto Fund Trader Funding Programs and Challenges: Rules and Requirements 

Crypto Fund Trader offers traders two distinct funding scheme choices.

  1. Two-phase Evaluation 
  2. One-phase Evaluation 

Two-phase Evaluation 

Crypto Fund Trader provides traders with the opportunity to take part in its Two-phase Evaluation, allowing them to manage account amounts from $5,000 to $200,000. The major objective is to identify proficient traders who can sustain profitability and adeptly handle risk in the two-stage assessment procedure. Traders can use 1:100 leverage and get account funding in USD through the Two-phase Evaluation.

Account SizePrice

During phase one of the evaluation, traders must achieve an 8% profit goal while maintaining a maximum daily loss of 5% and a maximum overall loss of 10%. During this phase, traders are required to complete a minimum of five trading days to go to phase two, with no maximum limit on the number of trading days.

Crypto Fund Trader challenge rules

During phase two, traders are required to reach a 4% profit goal while adhering to the same maximum daily loss and maximum loss limits. As in phase one, there is no limit on the maximum number of trading days, but traders need to trade for at least five days to be eligible for a funded account.

Traders who complete both evaluation steps are granted a funded account without any minimum withdrawal stipulations. The sole requirements are to adhere to the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss regulations. The initial payment is made either 15 or 30 days after opening the first position on the funded account, followed by the option to withdraw funds every 15 trading days or 30 calendar days. Traders are entitled to an 80% profit split from the earnings earned in their funded account.

Crypto Fund Trader challenge

Two-phase Evaluation Trading Rules & Objectives

  • Profit Target: Traders must reach a designated profit % to finish an assessment period, extract profits, or expand their trading account. Phase 1 necessitates achieving an 8% profit goal, whilst Phase 2 requires a 4% profit target. Funded accounts do not have predetermined profit goals.
  • Maximum Daily Loss: Traders have a maximum daily loss limit of 5% in a single trading day to stay within their account balance. This daily loss limit applies to accounts of all sizes.
  • Maximum Loss: There is a 10% overall maximum loss limit that applies to all account sizes without exceeding the account balance.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Traders must participate in trading for a specified minimum period before moving on to the evaluation phase. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 require a minimum of 5 trading days.
  • Stop-loss Required: Traders must establish a stop-loss for each position before starting a trade to qualify for a reset on their funded account.
  • Stop-loss Position Risk: Traders must establish a predetermined percentage-based stop-loss for each trade before initiating it. Each position must adhere to a maximum stop-loss threshold of 2%.

One-phase evaluation 

The Crypto Fund Trader’s One-phase Evaluation method allows traders to handle account amounts between $5,000 and $200,000. The program’s goal is to find traders who are both successful and efficient in managing risks during the evaluation period. 

Account SizePrice

Traders need to reach a 10% profit goal while maintaining a maximum daily loss of 4% and a maximum trailing loss of 6%. They must operate with a 1:100 leverage and use USD for funding. Traders are required to trade for a minimum of five days to advance to a funded account, while there is no minimum trading day requirement. 

Traders are given a funded account without any minimum withdrawal requirements after the evaluation period, with only the 4% maximum daily loss and 6% maximum trailing loss regulations to adhere to. Payouts are issued either 15 or 30 calendar days after opening the initial position, and additional withdrawals can be made every 15 trading days or 30 calendar days. Traders are entitled to an 80% profit split derived from the profits of the funded account.

One-phase Evaluation Trading Rules & Objectives

  • Profit Target: Traders need to reach a specified profit margin of 10% to complete the evaluation phase, withdraw profits, or expand their trading account. Funded accounts do not have predetermined profit objectives.
  • Maximum Trailing Loss: The restriction for all account sizes is 4% to avoid exceeding the account’s threshold. The maximum trailing loss allowed without exceeding the account is 6% for all account sizes, calculated as the difference between the highest account balance and the lowest drawdown point.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Traders are required to trade for at least 5 days before completing the evaluation process.
  • Stop-loss Required: Traders must establish a stop-loss on every position before starting a trade to qualify for a reset on their funded account.
  • Stop-loss Risk Per Position: Traders must establish a percentage-based stop-loss for each position before initiating a trade, with a maximum limit of 2% for each position.

What are Forex Prop Challenges?

Forex prop challenges are an assessment method implemented by proprietary trading firms (prop firms) in order to identify outstanding traders and grant them access to the firm’s capital for trading purposes. The purpose of these challenges is to assess a trader’s ability to generate profits while effectively mitigating risk. Participants are required to follow a predetermined set of trading rules and objectives for a designated duration.

Typically, a forex prop challenge consists of two main phases:

  1. The challenge phase: In this preliminary stage, participants are provided with a demo account that has a predetermined balance. They are tasked with achieving a specific profit target within a designated period of time, typically one to two months, while strictly adhering to trading guidelines including maximum drawdown restrictions. During this stage, the trader’s ability to generate profits while adhering to predetermined risk limits is assessed.
  2. The Verification Phase: Traders who have effectively adhered to the regulations and achieved their profit targets throughout the challenge phase progress to the verification phase. This phase bears resemblance to the challenge phase, albeit frequently exceeding in duration and potentially incorporating profit objectives or criteria that differ slightly. This phase aims to validate the trader’s expertise and consistency over an extended period of time.

When both requirements are met, merchants are frequently granted a funded account. This means that a fraction of the funds allocated by the prop business is delegated to the trader for management. The profit generated from the trading of this capital is divided in a predetermined proportion between the trader and the collateral business.

The expense associated with forex prop challenges differs among prop businesses. This fee serves to offset the costs associated with the review process and ensures that merchants are fully invested in the offer.

The specific criteria, objectives, and framework of prop challenges may vary substantially among organizations. Traders are required to adhere to the subsequent standard parameters:

Profit targets are predetermined percentages of the account balance that merchants are obligated to achieve.

Drawdown limits: The utmost allowable percentage loss, both daily and cumulative, from the account’s maximum balance.

Minimum trading days: The quantity of trading days that must be active during the duration of the challenge.

Trade style restrictions: Certain corporations may enforce policies that prohibit overnight positions or high-frequency arbitrage, among other trading strategies.

Established on May 14, 2021, Crypto Fund Trader is a proprietary trading company supporting a community of funded traders who are qualified to participate in profit sharing. Traders who have successfully obtained funded status and completed either the One-phase or Two-phase Evaluation with Crypto Fund Trader are eligible to receive the initial reward within 30 calendar days or 15 trading days. In the event that the account balance exceeds the initial amount, payouts are processed every 15 trading days or 30 calendar days. Being entitled to an 80% profit margin on the revenues generated through the financed account.

Forex prop challenges, in addition to the initial challenge fee, grant traders access to substantial trading capital without exposing their cash to risk. Nevertheless, it is imperative for participants to thoroughly assess the conditions and stipulations of these challenges, as the criteria set forth by prop businesses are final.

Tips for Passing the Crypto Fund Trader Challenge:

Now that you know the conditions of the Crypto Fund Trader challenge, here are some beginner tips:

  • Understand Prop Firm Rules and Objectives:
  • Know profit targets, maximum drawdown limits, and any trading constraints (e.g., minimum trading days).
  • Develop a Trading Plan:
  • Aim for profit targets while incorporating strict risk management to avoid drawdown limits.
  • Focus on familiar currency pairs for better market movement predictions.
  • Trade around major market events to capitalize on currency volatility.
  • Strict Risk Management:
  • Use consistent techniques like setting stop-loss orders on every trade.
  • Manage position sizes carefully and risk only a small percentage of the account on a single trade.
  • Psychological Preparedness:
  • Maintain discipline and emotional control, especially during market volatility or after losses.
  • Avoid overtrading or chasing losses.
  • Continuous Learning:
  • Use the challenge as a learning opportunity, reflecting on trading decisions and risk management.
  • Engage with trader communities for insights and support.
  • Adjust strategies based on experience and analysis.

By focusing on these key areas, traders can enhance their chances of successfully completing forex prop challenges and advancing their trading careers.

Crypto Fund Trader Challenge: Conclusion

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