Looking into the Skilled Funded Traders Expert challenge? This is the perfect post for you.

Skilled Funded Traders is a popular forex prop firm and their challenge program is quite an attractive one. This guide will help you understand the Skilled Funded Traders Expert challenge and figure out how to win.

Terms of the Skilled Funded Traders Expert Challenge:

Skilled Funded Traders expert challenge

The Expert Challenge is designed to assess a trader’s ability to manage funds under specific conditions, structured across three phases. In Phase 1 and Phase 2, traders are given the objective of reaching a profit target of 8% and 5%, respectively, with no profit target set for the Funded Phase.

Throughout all phases, a daily drawdown limit of 4% (equity-based) and a maximum drawdown limit of either 8% or 10% (fixed) apply. There are no minimum trading days required, and traders have unlimited days to achieve their targets. The leverage provided varies by asset class: 1:50 for Forex, 1:10 for Indices, 1:20 for Commodities, and 1:1 for Crypto, consistently across all phases. Weekend holding and news trading are permitted in the first two phases, but news trading is not allowed in the Funded Phase.

Expert Advisors are not permitted in any phase. Once traders reach the Funded Phase, the first payout occurs 7 days after the first trade, with ongoing payouts every 7 days. Payouts are generous, starting at 85% and potentially increasing to 90% with scaling. Additionally, a refund challenge fee bonus of 125% is offered in the Funded Phase.

CriteriaPhase 1Phase 2Funded Phase
Profit Target8%5%None
Daily Drawdown4% (Equity based)4% (Equity based)4% (Equity based)
Max Drawdown8% or 10% (Fixed)8% or 10% (Fixed)8% or 10% (Fixed)
Minimum Days0 Days0 Days0 Days
Maximum DaysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
LeverageForex 1:50Indices 1:10Commodities 1:20Crypto 1:1Forex 1:50Indices 1:10Commodities 1:20Crypto 1:1Forex 1:50Indices 1:10Commodities 1:20Crypto 1:1
Weekend HoldingAllowedAllowedAllowed
News TradingAllowedAllowedNot Allowed
Expert AdvisorsNot AllowedNot AllowedNot Allowed
First Payout7 Days (from the first trade)
Ongoing Payouts7 Days
Payout85% (up to 90% with Scaling)
Refund (Challenge Fee Bonus)125%

What are the prices for the Smart Funded Traders Expert Challenge?

The cost to participate in the SFT Expert Challenge varies depending on the account size and the chosen maximum drawdown option. For a $5K account, the fee is $33 with an 8% max DD option and $43 for the 10% max DD option. For a $10K account, it’s $69 or $87; for a $25K account, $113 or $140; for a $50K account, the fees are $201 or $253; and for a $100K account, it’s $359 or $449, corresponding to the 8% and 10% max drawdown options, respectively. This structured approach allows traders to select the challenge level that best matches their risk tolerance and trading strategy.

Account Size5K10K25K50K100K
8% Max DD Option$33$69$113$201$359
10% Max DD Option$43$87$140$253$449

Skilled Funded Traders provides exceptional service to traders who are:

  • Traders aiming to increase their trading capital as well as advance their professional lives will be drawn to the platform’s progressive scaling strategy.
  • Individuals who appreciate the recognition of skills and respect a system that examines and acknowledges trading expertise & discipline will find an immediate connection with the challenge-based technique used by the trading platform.
  • Traders who value flexible withdrawal methods, such as the ability to withdraw in Bitcoin, may find the platform’s payout structure convenient.

Skilled Funded Traders Expert Challenge: Conclusion

We hope you found this guide on Skilled Funded Trader expert challenge helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts to share, feel free to drop a comment below.

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